What COVID Injections Do To Your Blood! Doctor Releases Horrific Findings! by Stew Peters Show

ABOVE LEFT: healthy blood.  ABOVE RIGHT: blood of “vaccinated” person.

Coordinator of the Spanish team that found highly toxix graphene oxide is the main component of “Covid” “injections”.  View that video:

For more on Dr. Ruby’s interview above, visit Europe Reloaded:
However, I do not share the opinion of that site’s editor that there are unknown pathogens floating about released as bio-weapons. I think that’s completely unnecessary, and would endanger those who are running the pandemic scam. The scamdemic is working perfectly well for the Corona Criminals using their control over governments, the media, and very effective terrorizing of the public. An imaginary virus and an imaginary disease whose symptoms correspond to the common cold or flu, and conveniently also to the sickness caused by graphene oxide and spike proteins, is quite sufficient to pull it off without releasing pathogenic bio-weapons.

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