Is the Fake Pandemic a Front for the Transhumanist Project of the World Economic Forum?

“The Fourth Industrial Revolution:


KLAUS SCHWAB:  One of the features of this Fourth Industrial Revolution is that it doesn’t change what we are doing, but it changes us.

NITA FARAHANY:  The very idea of human being some sort of natural concept is really gonna change.

KLAUS SCHWAB:  What the Fourth Industrial Revolution wlil lead to is the FUSION of our PHYSICAL, our DIGITAL and our BIOLOGICAL IDENTITIES.

NITA FARAHANY:  Our bodies will be so high-tech, we won’t be able to really distinguish between what’s natural and what’s artificial.

KLAUS SCHWAB:  And, this Revolution will come at breathtaking speed.  It will be like a tsunami.

NITA FARAHANY:  One of the things I think is so essential to free and open societies is freedom of thought.  Um, and, up until now, the conversation we’ve been having is around freedom of speech.  Once we can access people’s thoughts, access people’s emotions, um, we have to create a space that enables people to think freely, to think divergent thoughts, to think creative thoughts.

And, in a society where people fear having those thoughts, uh, the likelihood of being able to enjoy progress:  significantly diminished.



In the latest post at THEREISNOPANDEMIC.NET, Poornima Wagh, PhD, says there are particles in the injection fluid that act as nano-antennas.  Dr. Wahg’s 18-person research team also found aluminum and tin, and other metallic substances in the injection fluid of thousands of samples of the so-called “Covid” “vaccines”.  See:  The Jab – 18 Scientists Reveal the Truth – It’s Poison and Will Kill You.

I am wondering if the perpetrators of the scamdemic might be expecting their poison injections —loaded with antennas and complex microtechnology, and metals and graphene oxide —to transform a small number of “survivors” of the injections into transhumans biodigitally converged with complex forms of micro- and nano-technology.

Evidence of Self Assembling Nano Circuitry
in the Pfizer Vaxxine

Let me start here.

Are you aware that Mike Adams, in his lab, found that the white rubbery clots filling the veins and arteries of deceased vaxxed people, are aluminum-based?  And are moreover “self-assembling circuits”?  Keep in mind that Dr. Wagh says her research team found particles in the injection fluid equivalent to nano-antennas.

Other researchers found a “synthetic” “aluminum-based” “life form” in the injection fluid for the “Covid” shots.  That “life form” is described by Dr. Franc Zalewski:

Aluminium-Based Lifeforms Found In Vaccines Under Microscope – Dr. Franc Zalewski (English Subtitles) (8 October 2021)

Could the shape of that “synthetic” “life form” “thing” possibly suggest that it was designed to “swim” in the blood stream?  Could that “thing” be an early “immature” form of the white synthetic clots revealed by Mike Adams as “self-assembling circuits” based on aluminum?

Based on aluminum: ZalewskiBased on aluminum: Adams

Dr. Carrie Madej witnessed something “alive” in the fluid that had several tentacles and seemed to be “self-aware” and lifted itself up off the slide. These “things” appeared to have grown from buds or eggs in the injection fluid, and some have suggested they were “parasites”. Perhaps their activity and “self-awareness” was caused by reaction to waves in the air, to the proximity of graphene oxide?

Dr. Carrie Madej:  First U.S. Lab Examines “Vaccine” Vials, HORRIFIC Findings Revealed (29 September 2021)

Dr. Sevillano found strange new “life forms”
in the Pfizer fluid

Don’t they look like tangled “embalmer’s clots”?  We need to know what they’re made of.  Are they also aluminum-based?

Dr. José Luis Sevillano on strange tentacle-like “life form” found in Pfizer vaccine

Here’s a Rumble channel with English subtitles on a few of the videos by La Quinta Columna:

Is it possible that this so-called “aluminum-based life form”, and other “life forms” appearing in the injection fluid, are the nano-scale or micro-scale early perhaps “hatched” or “budded” version of the rubbery white ropes found clogging blood vessels, and that Mike Adams says are aluminum-based and are “self-assembling circuits”?

Were these white, rubbery “circuits” as Mike Adams and Dr. Jane Ruby call them, intended by their inventors to grow in the veins and arteries, or are they out of place?  Has the experiment gone wrong?  Where were these “circuits” supposed to go?

You must be aware of the work of Ricardo Delgado and his research team, La Quinta Columna (The Fifth Column); and then the work of others in other countries, exposing the fact that objects that clearly are “microchips” at nano or micro-scale are “evolving” in the injection fluid of the “Covid” shots?

La Quinta Columna: Complex Microtechnology
in Pfizer vaccine vial (January 3, 2022)

And, again, this “complex microtechnology” also appears to be “self-assembling” and moreover is said to be somehow feeding upon the graphene oxide said to comprise 90+% of the content of the injection fluid.

The “COVID-19” Shots are Injecting Electrical
Circuits & Components

In other words, it’s all electrical circuitry being injected together with a — could we call it a “culturing agent” — the grapheme oxide?  And that’s possibly one reason for all the booster shots, aside from killing people, to keep the culturing agent going into the body so that the “transhumanist” process of transformation continues?

In his short 10-minute video summarizing the findings of his research group, Delgado seems to say that the natural nervous system is being gradually replaced by an artificial one, via these injections:

Ricardo Delgado, La Quinta Columna: Vital Info on the “Human 2.0 Project” — 20,000 Hours of Scientific Research

Others, from around the world, and not at all limited to the examples at this web site, have found the nano-tech in the injection vials:

Dr. Matt Shelton: Undeclared Nanotech Components Found in COVID-19 Vaccines, 18.02.22

Undeclared Nanotech in the Pfizer Shots, Have New Zealand Scientists Also Found It? (29 January 2022)

“Transhumanism”  “Human Augmentation”
“Biodigital convergence”

All three are the same thing.  They are the ideology that seeks immortality by replacing the human body with artificial components while retaining the contents of the “brain” or “mind” or “personality”.  Patrick Wood at Technocracy.News has pointed out that Technocracy and Transhumanism are “evil twins”.  Wood is tracking the rapid unfolding of Technocracy (the “Great Reset”), on the pretext of the “Covid” “pandemic” and is planning a new book soon on Transhumanism as it links with Technocracy.

The Evil Twins Of Transhumanism And Technocracy

A Grand Master Freemason Says the Injections
are for Transhumanism

In the so-called “pandemic period”, a freemason, a Grand Master of the Grand Orient Lodge, is alleged to have made the following horrific statement about the “Covid” injections:

“Pandemics will be the rule and not the exception; they must be controlled without democracy, which is a system full of weaknesses.  The whole world will have to be ruled by “a god” who can do everything, like the president of China.  To create the new man, embryonic cells will have to be used, and Catholics will have to accept this (…) and transhumanism cannot be controlled with the consent of the masses.”

The freemason could be delirious; but on the other hand, with all that nano-tech and circuitry in the shots, maybe he knows something.  This recent expose by Maria Zeee says:  “WARNING: “Global Pandemic Centres” INCOMING: Blueprint for Endless Pandemics RELEASED” (Sep 13 2022).  Future pandemics are already planned, Zeee alleges.

Dr. Astrid Stukelberger has warned us that the tyrants seem to be planning “a perpetual pandemic”:

In other words, if the Grand Master Freemason is right, these injections are not for a virus; the “pandemic” is a front for a global transhumanist project.  They are trying to create a “new man” linked to the “Internet of Things” and the “Internet of Bodies” run on 5G and then on 6G; the “new man” converted to a “biodigital” immortal cyborg based on graphene (oxide) would be impervious to the 5 & 6G emissions, and would likely “run” on them, as part of a network.

Are the perpetrators hoping that something like that might happen to “survivors” of these injections?  Meanwhile, humanity is denied any right of consent or dissent against this apparent project to convert human beings to cyborgs by means of injections that are not for “Covid”.  The victims have, in fact, been denied “informed consent” in defiance of The Nuremberg Code and national Criminal Codes.  If someone says to you, come here, and you step up voluntarily and they punch you in the face, does that make it any the less a criminal assault because you “volunteered” while unsuspecting?

Could it be that the perpetrators of the scamdemic are injecting their brew world-wide for the purpose of transhumanism, while fully aware and glad that the shots will kill the majority of humanity.

Could it be that they expect there will be survivors who have absorbed enough of the poisons to convert their bodies on the way to becoming cyborgs?

And that these survivors will be equipped with new “neural networks” thanks to the graphene oxide, and new “circuitry” thanks to the aluminum-based “life forms” growing in their veins, and the other metals, tin, etc.

Reese Report:  5G-Powered Graphene Based
Nano-Tech in the Pfizer Vaccine

And might they hope that these “survivors” of their shots, being imbued with graphene oxide, would begin to acquire some of its properties, i.e., it’s virtually indestructible, and the transhumanists are seeking immortality.

While saying this, I have in mind the pictures and videos of the “black-eyed” babies born of two vaxxed parents. The entire eyeball is black, like graphene, with no clear iris.  Is that an early sign that the human body can merge with and be reshaped by graphene oxide?  And other components of these frightening injections?  Is that what the perpetrators are after?  Experiment on the whole of humanity to see what they can breed?

Dr. Viviane Brunet on Black-eyed Babies
(Vaxx-mutated babies)


Black-eyed “Pandemic Babies”: Children of Vaxxed Parents are Especially Different (Quinta Columna Reacts #01) (September 2021)


More on Black-Eyed Pandemic Babies (Quinta Columna Reacts #02) (September 2021)

What is happening to those babies now?  I haven’t seen any updates on their development.

Dr. Wagh notes that the Delgado team documented Mac Addresses being emitted by some injected persons.  Would that suggest that these people have become “devices”, or are in the early stages of being transformed into transhuman “devices”?


Did you know that in March 2020, just before the WHO “announced” the so-called “pandemic”, the Justin Trudeau regime launched a federal “government” web site called “Policy Horizons” on the topic of “biodigital convergence”.  Biodigital convergence is transhumanism, the merger of human beings with non-living and non-human “entities”, including “digital” entities:

Exploring Biodigital Convergence
Exploring Biodigital Convergence

The opening titie of that first page says:

“What happens when biology and
digital technology merge?”

Then we have the bizarre opening paragraph where the “government” denies that the contents of its policy are its own viewpoints:

“Policy Horizons Canada (Policy Horizons) is a strategic foresight organization within the Government of Canada with a mandate to help the Government develop future-oriented policy and programs that are more robust and resilient in the face of disruptive change on the horizon. The content of this document does not necessarily represent the views of the Government of Canada, or participating departments and agencies.”

“Participating”.  This Trudeau-regime “government” web site says that the government and its departments don’t necessarily share the views of the document it is presenting and the program in which it is “participating”.  What the hell is going on, then?

How does a government have a policy and manage to preface it with a disclaimer to the effect that this might not really be its own policy and the government may not even agree with the policy, but nonetheless it is participating?  Perhaps when the government is schizophrenic?  Or perhaps because it has been “penetrated” and is being controlled by the World Economic Forum and biodigital convergence is the policy of Klaus Schwab and the WEF?

Further down, that page says:  “What is biodigital convergence?”  And it answers:

“Biodigital convergence is the interactive combination, sometimes to the point of merging, of digital and biological technologies and systems.  Policy Horizons is examining three ways in which this convergence is happening.”

Note the present tense:  “this convergence is happening”.  That entitles us to question how it is happening, and to what, and to whom it is happening.

We first take note that a human being is “a biological system“.

The page goes on to explain the first kind of biodigital convergence:

1 Full physical integration of biological and digital entities

“Digital technology can be embedded in organisms, and biological components can exist as parts of digital technologies.  The physical meshing, manipulating, and merging of the biological and digital are creating new hybrid forms of life and technology, each functioning in the tangible world, often with heightened capabilities.”

Researchers have seen “hybrid forms of life and technology” in the “vaxxine” injection fluid.  “Synthetic life forms” have been discovered in the Pfizer injection vials.  The first “synthetic life form” was created in 2010 by Craig Venter and his team who built the genome of a bacterium from scratch and incorporated it into a cell to make what they call the world’s first synthetic life form, says The Guardian.

The World Economic Forum, in its “Brief introduction to biotech” includes Venter on a timeline of “Milestones in our understanding of the microbiome”:

“1995 – Craig Venter and a team of researchers sequence the genome of bacterium Haemophilus influenza, making it the first organism to have its genome completely sequenced.”

Venter’s “first synthetic life form” therefore was based on an INFLUENZA bacterium!  Well, what are the Covid-19 shots if not (allegedly) against a form of INFLUENZA?  Any connection here?  The question is valid.

The J. Craig Venter Institute is sponsored by The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.  Which begs the question, did Venter have anything to do with the components and “synthetic life form(s)” found in the Covid shots?  This Foundation got $3,500,051 from Gates in 2011, the year after Venter perfected the “first synthetic life form”.

At its home page, the Venter Institute announces “The Institute for Genomic Research (TIGR), J. Craig Venter Institute, J. Craig Venter Science Foundation“.

“Digital technology” is obviously “being embedded” in human beings, human organisms, using the so-called “Covid-19” injections.

Biodigital convergence is happening NOW, to human beings, who have never consented to it, who have not been asked to sacrifice their lives and the lives of their children for a worldwide experiment in transhumanismBiodigital convergence of humans and “complex microtechnology” began when the first pandemic scare was well underway in 2020.

Further down the page on Justin Trudeau’s “government” “policy” page, “Exploring Biodigital Convergence” we have a photo of a female representative of the Government of Canada, perhaps she’s a Minister, but there’s no caption.  The page says:

“In the coming years, biodigital technologies could be woven into our lives in the way that digital technologies are now. Biological and digital systems are converging, and could change the way we work, live, and even evolve as a species. More than a technological change, this biodigital convergence may transform the way we understand ourselves and cause us to redefine what we consider human or natural.”

That is not the policy of the Government of Canada.  That is the policy of the World Economic Forum that co-hosted Event 201 to “predict” a “pandemic” and rehearse for “pandemic preparedness” shortly before China went full Spielberg and the WHO merely “announced” a pandemic.

That is the outcome expected and intended by the World Economic Forum and its talking head promoters of transhumanism, including Nita Farahany in the Borg spoof first above:

NITA FARAHANY:  Our bodies will be so high-tech, we won’t be able to really distinguish between what’s natural and what’s artificial.

State-sponsored terror and social chaos followed, on the model of The Rockefeller Foundation’s “Lock-Step” Scenario of 2010, with lockdowns, plastic footprints glued six-feet apart on shop floors, and people cringing in clear plastic visors pulled over surgical masks.

Fortunes were spent on plastic shielding for bus drivers and cash registers.  Restaurants closed their doors.  Hand sanitizer became a stock investment and pharmacies tripled their gross annual revenues and expanded on the taxpayer-funded “free” injections they administered in shopping malls.

The end of normal life was announced, unless everyone on Earth could be “vaccinated”.  But life did not return to “normal” for those who took the shots and died.  Or for those permanently maimed and crippled by neurological diseases, uncontrolable convulsions and life-shortening myocarditis.  Lockdowns, quarantines, and ever more and more injections are predicted as the fictional “Covid-19” INFLUENZA becomes a “seasonal” institution.

Lives, homes, families, jobs, educations, personal affairs were ruined.  The super-rich got super-richer as their puppet governments forced small business to go bankrupt, transferring generations of market share to the Big Box international club.  Children were emotionally assaulted in their formative years, the institutions of society turned against society, police violently attacking citizens for ice-skating alone without a mask on… and all for one reason.  To get the injections rolling, and keep them coming.  Transhumanism will undoubtedly be a long-term project, perhaps just one reason the elites are alleged (by Maria Zeee) to have planned numerous upcoming “pandemics”.

Biodigital Convergence on the Pandemic Timeline

Exploring Biodigital Convergence” came out in early 2020, just when the “pandemic” was going to be announced.  Here it is in the Wayback:

Trudeau launches transhumanism on 3 March 2020 or thereabouts.  The blip in February is only a loader.
Trudeau launches transhumanism on 3 March 2020 or thereabouts.  The blip in February is only a loader.


That’s the earliest post on the topic that I can find at that site; which doesn’t mean it is the earliest, maybe someone else could find an earlier one.  But it coincides with the pandemic announcement, the beginning of the terror campaign required to coerce people to take the injections.

A couple more pages at the Policy Horizons web site:

That is Trudeau’s official “government” “policy”, transhumanism, the merging of human beings with non-living entities, including digital entities… of the kind found in the injection fluid and in veins and arteries of the deceased who had been “vaxxinated”.

KLAUS SCHWAB:  What the Fourth Industrial Revolution wlil lead to is the FUSION of our PHYSICAL, our DIGITAL and our BIOLOGICAL IDENTITIES.

Transhumanism is the policy of the World Economic Forum that is also behind the fake “pandemic” that is being used to impose Technocracy in lieu of self-government.

In the downloadble report called “Foresight on Covid-19” at the same Policy Horizons web site, we find again “bio-digital convergence”, and quickly, here’s an extract linking the “pandemic” with biodigital convergence, showing that the two things are in their minds on this topic of Trudeau’s policy of transhumanism:

Foresight on COVID-19: Possible shifts and implications

“During the convergence of biological and digital technologies, bio-resilience might be a new specific focus of policy.  For example, what could this naturally evolved pandemic teach us about the large-scale risks and opportunities of engineered biological agents?”

Calling this global war on humanity a “naturally evolved pandemic” would be an alibi to hide the fact that the scamdemic is a front for the global launch of the transhumanist project.

Dr. David Martin, the patent expert, has told us in videos that Sars-CoV-2 is not “natural”.  It is a laboratory development designed as a computer model.  The synthetic pathogen is not “naturally evolved“, so any pandemic based on it could not be called “naturally evolved“.

TINP would observe that there is a basic question being blurred over by far too many people, including Nobel Prize winners, willing to merely “assume” without proper evidence, that Sars-CoV-2 was leaked, or released, or somehow was ever in general circulation.

There can be no such assumptions in a context where doctors and pharmacies have been financially incentivized to do the injections, hospitals have been financially incentivized to “diagnosse” Covid-19 with even bigger payoffs per intubation, a procedure normally resulting in death; and where government-controlled medical labs have been ordered NOT to conduct autopsies but to declare people dead from “Covid-19”; as if alleged isolations of Sars-CoV-2 after the pandemic rolled out could not also be “incentivized” and falsified to produce the desired results.

Precisely because the WHO and friends utterly ignored required procedure her the iHR and simply “announced” the pandemic, without proof as required by the IHR, we have grounds to be extremely suspicious.

Transhumanism, bio-digital convergence, may explain the mere “announcment”.  They may explain the presence of aluminum and tin and other metallic pollutants in the injection fluid and that Mike Adams found in the synthetic white rubbery “clots” removed from the veins and arteries of deceased vaxxed individuals.

TINP hypothesizes that transhumanism is being imposed through the injections coerced by terror and forced by draconian “mandates”, and that the scamdemic is a front for the World Economic Forum’s goal of transhumanism.

And they are NOT “vaccines”

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