Doctor: Hydras and Parasites in Vaxx, Transfecting Humans Into New Species

UPDATE:  12 November 2021.  The Stew Peters Show on Rumble has provided the following web site for background on the claims made by Dr. Adriana Love on his show (below).  Stew Peters Show says:  “All the official docs are links in the report” at that web site.

Stew Peters Show Published October 27, 2021

I knew something was up with transhumanism and “the Thing” in the Vaxx.  Here’s Stew Peters and Dr. Ariyana Love on the function of these nano-parasites contained in the jab.

From the Stew Peters Show description:

Rumble — Dr. Ariyana Love joined “The Stew Peters Show”, and made the case that the COVID “vaccines” contain hydras and parasites, and that they’re being used to “transfect” humans into a “new species”. During the interview, Dr. Love begged inoculated people to NOT have children.

verb: transfect; 3rd person present: transfects; past tense: transfected; past participle: transfected; gerund or present participle: transfecting

infect (a cell) with free nucleic acid.
“cells were transfected by electroporation”
introduce (genetic material) by transfection.

4 thoughts on “Doctor: Hydras and Parasites in Vaxx, Transfecting Humans Into New Species”

  1. Where are the open source documents to back this up? I’d like to share it with many but would like to see where the information is coming from so, if true, that it is not discounted as crazy talk. Thank you.

    1. I agree. You’ll notice in the video that Stew Peters asked her for the documents, and she said she would provide them so he can link them online. Just have to keep track of Peters.

      I wonder about her story because although the “thing” seen on the microscope slides by Dr. Carrie Madej sort of looks like a hydra, it also sort of doesn’t. And the “thing” seen in the similar investigation by Dr. Zalewski doesn’t look anything like a hydra; it has 3 super-long “legs” or tentacles and a pinhead. Dr. Zalewski said he noticed rainbow colors; so did Dr. Madej, so those two things are similar. Which makes me thing of Zalewski’s test finding that the “thing” is aluminum-based. If every “particle” (or whatever the “thing” is made of, presumably something like a cell) has aluminum in it, it might reflect light like a mirror, causing rainbows.

      Dr. Love says hydras “and” parasites, as if there were two things found in the vaxx; I think there was just one “thing” found, in different stages, described as an “egg” (I think it might be a “bud”) and a fully “hatched” “parasite” with tentacles or legs, and that has been labeled the “creature” and the “thing”.

      Dr. Love says she found documents proving that researchers in Russia had done something to hydra to make them non-natural. We need those documents.

      More testing is needed. Because there is no obvious medical purpose in putting “eggs” or “buds” into a vaxx that hatch or grow into “things” with legs or tentacles. So we need to know their purpose. Transfection is a suggestion; but how would that work?

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