Dr. David E. Martin: “The Vaccine Is Not A Vaccine” “This Is A Bio-Weapon Designed To Kill Us” (May 2021)

David Martin, PhD – May 2021
Excerpt, Plandemic 2, Indoctornation Q&A Post Screening


What I think is important to understand is that the vaccine is not a vaccine, and we need to be precise about what this is.


Our definition — and by the way, our definition is a legal definition — up until this round, vaccines had to do one of two things.

They had to confer some form of immunity, which means that you could be exposed to a pathogen and the pathogen didn’t actually do something in your body. So, that’s option one.

Option two is it had to stop transmission. Okay.

Zak Tal, the guy who runs Moderna, made it abundantly clear in his written and oral statements that this was a treatment for symptom control, not a vaccine.

The illusion of herd immunity coming from this thing could not be more of an illusion, because you cannot create an immunity when you’ve built a thing that is supposed to, number one, inside of the human body create a pathogen.

You’re not creating an immunity. What the injection does is it turns your cell on to create a pathogen.

And then, we’re rolling the dice to hope that the pathogen that we put in you, somehow mysteriously triggers an immune response in your body.

This is the first time we’ve been that lunatic.

The vaccine itself is yet another bio-weapon.

And it meets the legal definition of bio-weapon, and one day we will actually see that it will have been adjudicated as a bio-weapon.

We are killing people to allegedly lessen symptoms for a set of conditions for which we don’t know the cause.

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