Maria Zeee:  Dangerous New Laws to Be Enacted in Western Australia! (4 October 2022)

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Legislated Murder

This is what the camps are for.

This is why people are being disarmed.

“Covid” isn’t over, it hasn’t begun yet.

The injections are a deliberate criminal policy of extermination to depopulate the world while injecting the survivors with “complex microtechnology” for permanent surveillance and control.

The biggest array of Covid Concentration Camps has been built in Australia. They are not just for Australians, they are intended to receive victims from around the world for incarceration in Australia.  These are what UK undertaker John O’Looney has long warned about, the Covid “death camps”.

We have already seen people dropping dead all around the world for no “apparent” reason, but they took the Covid injections.

Embalmers have found bizarre white obstructions like rubber tubing clogging the veins and arteries of many of the dead who had taken the injections.

Doctors worldwide are calling for a halt to the injections, claiming they haven’t “worked” (been effective) to fight “Covid”.  But they weren’t intended to fight Covid, and in fact they have been a big success to date, with massive “excess death” spikes ever since the shots rolled out.

They want to keep jabbing people in order to keep on killing people to get world population numbers down, because, unless you forgot, the real cause (alleged) of “climate change” is human beings.  But, of course, it’s not really climate change.  It’s greed.  The greed of the oligarchs of the New World Order, who want it all for themselves.  Who view the rest of us as “useless eaters“, a term coined by Henry Kissinger.

Legal weapons are being confiscated and draconian powers are being granted by tyrannical statutes precisely because the death toll from the jab is going to rapidly mount.  As more and more people drop in the streets, and the mass deaths become truly visible, and the public starts to freak out, they will have to be forcibly dealt with.

They will have to be terrorized yet again, this time into believing that the walking dead are dying from a new “variant” of the imaginary virus.  The illnesses allegedly caused by “variants” of the imaginary virus are in fact caused by the injections.


Homes will be broken into, and their occupants will be dragged off and injected, to “save” them from Covid, but in reality to KILL them before they can organize themselves to physically fight off their criminal attackers.

This is not a “pandemic”.  This is World War Three.  It has been underway for some time.  And the enemy being targeted is the PEOPLE.


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