Citizens in UK visit Jab Centres to Close them Down Lawfully

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3 thoughts on “Citizens in UK visit Jab Centres to Close them Down Lawfully”

  1. Great talk.we need to stand up and
    say the truth.
    I call it a bio weapon to De populate
    Humanity.its not a vaccine
    It needs to be stopped
    Fauci gates bigpharma and more need to be brought to justice

    1. Yes, I believe the same. My reasons include the fact that even the manufacturers of these injections have never claimed they confer immunity or prevent transmission of any alleged “virus”. Even Bill Gates has sneeringly said it and of course very few have noticed. The point being, if the injections don’t do anything beneficial against a “virus”, then what are they for? Why is there such a big emergency about the shots? Likely, there are several agendas rolled into one. Depopulation is a top agenda, Gates has always called for massive population reduction. The other globalists likewise. Then there’s the control agenda. The shots appear to contain “complex microtechnology”, artificial substances that “self-assemble” into microchips and nano-things. The shots do contain a massive amount of toxic graphene oxide that facilitates linking people up to the 5G wireless system. The scamdemic is also being used as a cover for all the Big Pharma companies to carry out “lethal dose” trials on humans, which are supposed to be done on animals. In these trials, the Covid vials are really super-toxic batches of lethal doses of other substances, which the Pharma companies have identified for their statistics with secret code numbers. The super-toxic batches, that run into at least a million injections, are designed to maim and kill. We have an evil international elite who are criminally assaulting the general public, using a fake pandemic and an imaginary virus as their alibi especially for the deaths.

  2. It appears this officer is turning his audio and or camera off deliberately just as the statement is read to him.

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