Life in Total-Surveillance Red China Whose “Social Credit” System Is Planned for the World

When you support “digital ID” that links your entire life to your cell phone, including your banking, your health, work, and social media posts, you are helping to build this Red Chinese utopia in your own homeland.

It all started with the “Vaxx Pass” on your cell phone, and your acceptance of surveillance of your personal health information as a condition of access to bars, clubs, gyms, shopping malls and even grocery stores.  You accepted the loss of your freedom out of terror.  You allowed your government to arrange to have you injected… repeatedly… with trillions of dollars worth of pharmaceuticals… that don’t stop any kind of virus.

George Orwell:  "Fucking hell!" 2022
George Orwell:  “Fucking hell!” 2022.  Artwork:

You sacrificed your human dignity and your privacy.  You did not bother to even think about it before you accepted it.  Your brain froze, and you surrendered civilization to global tyranny.  You are one of millions, hundreds of millions, who did it.  Are you happy now?  Are you feeling more “normal” yet?

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