MP calls for complete suspension of mRNA jab in extraordinary British Parliamentary speech

Conservative MP Andrew Bridgen (UK) calls for a complete suspension of mRNA jab stating unprecedented harms and close to ‘nonexistent’ benefit.


2 thoughts on “MP calls for complete suspension of mRNA jab in extraordinary British Parliamentary speech”

  1. Thank God, we have an honest and decent MP in the House who is prepared to tell the truth about this horrific crime being carried out against everybody in our country, indeed in the world, by the insistence that we have these dangerous and catastrophically unsafe so-called vaccines. At last, and not before time, a good man has the courage to rise in Parliament and list the terrible dangers and horrific statistics of death and dire disorders of the heart, blood, and neurological afflictions which are a torture caused by these so-called vaccines.
    Nobody can possibly support these injections in the name of health. It is obvious they are the opposite of good for health. The dangers were known to the health bodies and Makers before they were given. This leads me to ask, why are governments across the world so desperately keen that everybody has these injections? Never was a health practice so earnestly pursued. We have been forced and bullied to have them. Why? What is in them that Governments are so determined must be put into every one of us? Because it certainly is not to do with our health, that is for sure.

    1. Thanks for your comment. Yes, Andrew Bridgen is an excellent MP. We could use a few hundred more like him, generously distributed in UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and I’m sure many Americans would want the same for themselves.

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