The Great Reset – Vaccines & New Currency Working Together – Catherine Austin Fitts

3 thoughts on “The Great Reset – Vaccines & New Currency Working Together – Catherine Austin Fitts”

  1. No Indeed not!! And neither is Coronavirus all it appears to be either if Greg Hunter or Ms Catherine A Fitts have come across and watched the discussion between Dr David E Martin and Reiner Fuellmich in the : A Manufactured Illusion Odysee video which really covers or I should say exposes the many dubiously filed Patents with the U.S Patent Office on aspects and modification on Coronavirus and its Sub Clade of Sars-CoV-2!!! This apart from violating Patent codes there is also the aspects of collusion & corruption ( A RICO case ) and of course genocide!!

  2. How about an Interview featuring both Ms Catherine Austin Fitts and Dr David E Martin now that would be an Unmissable MUST SEE interview to watch and get a hold of to download!! And Watch again 100 times over!! Both are experts in their field TOP experts and their combined knowledge and experience would be essential viewing!! We need to get these two into the same conference Or online chat room to give us their views on the overall aspects of the last two years under the HORRID COVID rules we have been subjected too!! That is for sure……

    Michael A

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