Macron FAKED Vax:  French Politician of 20 Years Announces Vaxx Wrecked His Heart & Exposes French Government Fakery (10 October 2022)

(Video) Jean Lassalle’s bombshell:  “I did not know that Macron was not vaccinated as well as members of the government and deputies were not either”

by PMPro Test October 10, 2022

The former and emblematic deputy Jean Lassalle, unsuccessful presidential candidate, made stunning statements during an interview for NTD.

Devastated by very serious heart problems since the beginning of the year, he admitted having been vaccinated to set an example.  Following these injections, he experienced serious health problems.

“I got vaccinated because I didn’t want to leave the feeling that I was not doing my job as an MP.  I did not know that Emmanuel Macron was not vaccinated as well as most members of the government.  And I did not know that a significant number of my colleagues were not either (…) And when I said that I was sick after vaccination during the election campaign, nobody listened to me and they wanted to silence me.”

Jean Lassalle’s statements have at least the merit of raising questions about an explosive situation, for which some are now asking for a parliamentary inquiry.


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