ITS TIME – VIDEO!! Banned everywhere – PLEASE WATCH – last hope video!!

You haven’t already forgotten, have you?  You haven’t been numbed to it?  You haven’t gotten used to it yet?  Well, just in case, here’s a reminder.  This is what the cabal plans for our long-term future, by making it permanent in a Pandemic Treaty

6 thoughts on “ITS TIME – VIDEO!! Banned everywhere – PLEASE WATCH – last hope video!!”

  1. Wow, beautifully put together, very passionate, direct and yet some will still remain ignorant. I think some of the ones who have been jabbed arent having any more but at the same time resenting non jabbers for giving them the truth that they still want us to be wrong about. I wish we were wrong, i wish we were a bunch of paranoid psycho’s but alas we are not!😥

  2. I appreciate the warning at the beginning of the video, and thus didn’t watch/listen, but I wanted to say that the person behind this website is one of the very few who is addressing this whole scenario at the root – where is the isolated virus? No virus – no pandemic. No virus, no pandemic – no masks, anti-social distancing, or toxic pharmaceuticals needed.

    There are many passionate, intelligent, educated, caring, well-intentioned people speaking out about how masks, shots, etc. are not needed, but they also spout how “early intervention” helps, how ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine have saved lives, how “the virus” came about…. Hardly ANY are getting to the root of the issue – where is the scientific evidence of the existence of this “virus”? Hardly ANY are addressing the basis of modern medicine: the germ THEORY.

    I appreciate having this spot where the very name of the website cuts right to the chase. Thank you.

    For your information… over the past few days, I listened to an interview that Dawn Lester did with a scientist named Jerneja Tomsik. She was phenomenal and totally GETS what is going on. She has lots of lab experience and a thorough understanding of the subject matter. Really, really good. You may like to follow up or search her out. The interview is here:

    1. Actually, the fundamental question, “show us the virus”, applies with or without germ theory. According to Dr. Astrid Stukelberger, if I understood her correctly, the International Health Regulations (IHR) require proof of the disease-causing agent before declaring a pandemic. If the IHR’s method of proof is virus isolation, well, apparently, that wasn’t done. Nor were chemical poisoning, food-borne poisoning, radiation poisoning tested and eliminated as the cause. So, if that’s the case, no pandemic could legally have been declared because the IHR procedures were never followed.

      1. Yes, true, and a point well taken. But … when people find out that not only has SARS-CoV-2 not been shown to cause illness and that it, in fact, has never been isolated/purified and the supposed “genome” is an in silico genome produced by a computer program using a conglomeration of RNA from a variety of sources including monkey kidney cells, bacteria, bovine calf serum and who knows what else, it may lead some people down the rabbit hole to discover that NO virus has ever been isolated/purified, which may in turn lead to… what else does the modern medical establishment have wrong…? Leading to the Flexner Report, germ theory…. for people who are interested and curious and willing to go down the rabbit hole and follow the evidence, at least…

        But I do understand what you’re saying. Showing that the supposed “virus” doesn’t cause illness does not inherently or automatically bring into question germ theory as a whole.

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