Dr. Mike Yeadon Unlocked: Why Lockdown Was A Mistake

2 thoughts on “Dr. Mike Yeadon Unlocked: Why Lockdown Was A Mistake”

  1. I watched and listened to your video, done in what appears to be your garage. It was very interesting and informative, I appreciated it extremely; however, what I have been trying to find is the one that Dr Sam Bailey apparently had on Odesy. If this was it then thank you very much for your efforts and information, if not would you please direct me to that video as well.
    Wishing you well and a world of exposure

    1. I guess you’re talking to Yeadon about his video done in his garage. I’m not sure which video of Sam Bailey you might be referring to, but if you can give me more details, I’ll keep an eye open for it. Thanks for your comment. Much appreciate it.

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