REBEL NEWS: FULL FOOTAGE – Police crackdown on peaceful protesters in Ottawa last weekend (Published 26 February 2022)

4 thoughts on “REBEL NEWS: FULL FOOTAGE – Police crackdown on peaceful protesters in Ottawa last weekend (Published 26 February 2022)”

  1. I wish I would never, ever see another of those black flags some people have no shame to display openly in the U. S. and now Canada. What a blot on an otherwise upstanding protest. Why people feel compelled to force that filth on everyone else, I will never understand. If they want to say something to Trudeau or Biden, I wish they would do it directly to them instead of flaunting their degrading statements to all who are unfortunate enough to look in the wrong direction. This is what our children are being surrounded with. Is this really what people today want for their children and grandchildren?
    It is for this exact reason that I find myself more and more reluctant to attend local protests and align myself with people of unknown decency. I am ashamed to be seen in such company or to be identified with such shameful statements.

    1. Well, Pam, I think that you have jumped the gun here. You have assumed that Trudeau didn’t plant a nazi flag in among the protesters. As he also perhaps arranged to plant stolen weapons to “justify” his Bolshevik attack on unarmed protesters. Or the CIA and Biden could have done it, as they are alleged to have done in Ukraine. Moreover, you have assumed that the hundreds of thousands of protesters and millions of their supporters who never even saw the alleged flag, approve of any pejorative meaning imposed by others on any particular “flag”. You are tarring all the wonderful protesters and all patriotic Canadians with a negative brush on spurious allegations. As for “filth”, it’s in the mind of the beholder, especially those brainwashed to respond to push-buttons like certain kinds of “flags”. Conditioning of Pavlov’s dogs has been applied to humans ever since Brezhnev decided to sponsor Pavlov and feed his dogs even while the Russian people starved. Try to be a bit more broad-minded and rational about your reactions, you’re starting to sound like a reverberation of the left-wing “legacy” media.

      1. This appears to be a reply to me, although my name isn’t “Pam.” (?)

        I’m referring to the black flags (I decline to reprint the message) that, unfortunately, appear in nearly every video I have seen. I am not talking about the elusive nazi and “confederate” flags that were supposedly present… somewhere… but which seem to have only appeared in the “legacy media” reports and nowhere else.

        I absolutely don’t mean to tar all the protesters. I have been keeping up with this event since it began, through Laura Lynn’s broadcasts. I only mean that I wish the people flying those black flags had more consideration for people who are God-fearing and/or don’t want to have obscenities forced on them and their children or to be associated with promoting language and messaging that were absolutely not okay when I was a child and which degrade society.

        Words have meanings. I feel sorry for people trying to raise children in a world where obscenities are becoming more and more common, pervasive, impossible to avoid, and now flying openly on flags and printed in the open.

        I am extremely thankful for the vast majority of the protesters who seem to be decent, clean people. They are standing up for all of us – even those of us who are not Canadians. This, as you know, is a threat to liberty everywhere and Canadians have taken it on, for which I am grateful.

        1. P. S. I should add that the reason I addressed this here is because I started to watch the above video, but right off the bat, the cameraman focused on one of these flags to which I am referring – not just happening to catch it in a pan of the crowd, but intentionally drawing attention to it. That did not bode well for what I could anticipate for the remainder of the video, so I turned it off immediately and didn’t finish watching.

          I apologize for the misunderstanding. I tried to be specific and clear about which flag I was protesting, without repeating (and thus perpetuating) what I find disturbing, degrading, and hurtful to see or hear.

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