Texas Senate Committee Confirms mRNA Animal Trials Abandoned Due To Deaths (May 18th, 2021)

Let’s shuffle the deck.  They realized the mRNA injections were KILLING the animals.  They therefore directly imposed these KILLER injections on the world to KILL PEOPLE.  The intention to KILL PEOPLE is clear, because in “real” “vaccine” development programs that take 10-15 years to develop a product, if it’s released and causes even a few deaths, it is REMOVED from the market.

The mRNA shots, dressed up in a totally imaginary “virus” scenario created by State-sponsored terrorism and a global psyop, are being used deliberately to KILL PEOPLE to achieve the long-standing goal of the globalist psychopaths of DEPOPULATION. And these tax-payers are financing their own executions.

This is not a “vaccine”, it is not legally, medically or scientifically a “vaccine”, it’s a different technology.  It’s no more a “vaccine” than the freezing injected into your gum by a dentist.

It is a new technology being used deliberately to KILL people after lying to them that there is a deadly virus.  Why else would they SKIP THE HUMAN TRIALS?  Because it would have KILLED the trial subjects, and then they could not have RELEASED it.  So, to hide the fact it KILLS ITS VICTIMS sooner or later, they RELEASED it pretending it was on an “emergency use authorization” for a deadly virus WHICH DOES NOT EXIST.

How to we know it doesn’t exist?  EASY.  No matter how many death certificates were falsified to say the party died of “Covid-19”, the total excess deaths were THE SAME AS ALWAYS.  After the mRNA shots rolled out, THEN THE EXCESS DEATHS begin to escalate.

It’s the mRNA shots that are DEADLY.  IT’S DELIBERATE.

And corrupt governments everywhere are simultaneously disarming their citizens on every pretext, to bring in the big guns, the little guns, all LAWFUL guns.  They want their victims HELPLESS when the survivors begin to realize they have been POISONED TO DEATH by their GOVERNMENTS.

There is no deadly virus, the injections are KILLING PEOPLE.  This is calculated, cold-blooded MASS MURDER.

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