[Excerpt] Catherine Austin Fitts: The Going Direct Reset (05.02.2021 Corona-Committee #38)

3 thoughts on “[Excerpt] Catherine Austin Fitts: The Going Direct Reset (05.02.2021 Corona-Committee #38)”

  1. I love your information, but of course, wonder how it can ever be changed. I heard you say that Klaus Schaub does not play a big part. A journalist was thinking the money was coming from him. Who is Klaus Schaub and how did he come on the scene as he seems to be controlling his puppet Trudeau very well. The bills coming out that we can’t think for ourselves or say anything we think, etc. Stealing our land out from under us. Is going to Mexico a safe option if someone who hasn’t taken part in the plandemic or is it just going to be the same. Their president doesn’t want this to happen. karenjh@eastlink.ca Thank-you.

    1. Hi. Thanks for commenting. I’ll start with Mexico. The fellow behind this blog calls himself “Perilous Times”: https://onceuponatimeinthewest1.wordpress.com/ He sold up, packed up his family and they took off for Mexico just before Trudeau banned travel without the vaxx. So, Mexico seems a valid option for some people in the circumstances. As for Schwab, I’m not sure how he came on the scene. He’s been out there for a long while. However, nobody gets that kind of power and influence without backing from others. I want to know who his backers are, they are the real power, not old Klaus.

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