Ricardo Maarman: 14 February 2022 Update on the “Show us the Virus” court case, CCT-299/21

TINP:  Of all the pandemic court cases out there that I am aware of, including the “mock” Grand Jury of Reiner Fuellmich, the “Show us the Virus Court Case” of Ricardo Maarman is the only one asking the right question.

Maarman says “Show us the virus”.  Of course!  If there’s no virus, there’s no pandemic, period.  You cannot adopt policies based on fantasies.

Even if the PCR is not diagnostic, and its use to declare “cases” and “infections” is fraudulent, if there’s no virus, who cares!  Throw out the whole pandemic.  Goodbye brain-swabs!

While Fuellmich whines about the German courts’ lack of independence, which disinclines him to sue because it wouldn’t turn out well, Maarman is in there tackling lack of independence head-on in a real-life law suit, not a mock trial.  Let’s hope Maarman kicks their pants.  I’m certainly rooting for him.

I enjoyed listening to Maarman’s update.  All the best to you, Ricardo!


I have hesitated to say it till now because I didn’t want to be mean, and I didn’t want to seem mean, but I’m fed up.  I have to let this out.  It’s time.

I am very disappointed by the lack of appropriate legal response in Canada to the alleged pandemic.  We have Charter lawyers defending victims of police brutality or discrimination on pretext of the alleged pandemic.  We have nobody defending against the pandemic as an alleged fact.  By that I mean that no law firm, no lawyer, has critiqued the allegation that there was or is in fact a pandemic.

Lawyers are supposed to deal with facts.  But the basic fact of whether a virus was or is on the loose has never been proved by the WHO or their puppet governments.

The hope that seemed to be in the air when Reiner Fuellmich appeared suggested that at last a willing lawyer was going to take legal action that all could emulate.  At the very least, we hoped he would visibly sue Christian Drosten for fraud related to the PCR, so the world’s public could be alerted, and perhaps begin to think for themselves.

Instead, Fuellmich has been heard on film loudly berating Germany’s judicial system as corrupt and incompetent.  Well, if you are Joe Bloe, an ordinary guy, you could do that and get away with it.  But if you are a licensed legal practitioner slamming the entire justice system of your country to an international audience, how can you expect to step into court to have a hearing?  You have just said all the judges are corrupt, so why bother, and who could hear you?

As far I know, Fuellmich hasn’t even tried to launch a tough legal fight of any kind.  He hasn’t launched a court battle.  He hasn’t confronted judicial non-independence with the remedies at hand.  He has just said no, he won’t go to court because the courts aren’t independent.  Well, then, why did he pack his bags, his dogs and his family in the USA and go to Germany to launch his pandemic efforts?  Didn’t he know beforehand that the German courts were not “independent”?  I don’t know if they are, or they aren’t, I’m just asking what Fuellmich thinks he knows, and when did he know it.  Because, if he knew he would not get anywhere in the German courts, why go there?  He was already in the USA, he could have sued from America.  Where they actually do have a real “Grand Jury”.

In Canada, if a lawyer disrespected the court in public, depending on the severity, the comment might rise to “contempt of court ex facie” (contempt for the court expressed outside the court).  And you can be brought to court for that, and punished by the court.

So, I wasn’t happy to see a lawyer that I expected to file proceedings, who had moved to Germany from USA with his family and their dogs supposedly to do this, uttering insults against the German judiciary before he even had a judgment in hand to have something to complain about.

Another reason for my disappointment with Fuellmich in regard to Canada is that he managed to link up with some very left-wing subversive types whose activities here I was already aware of.

I tried to notify Fuellmich, sending information via his German web site and his Twitter account, but it seems that this American lawyer with German bar credentials, was unconcerned that one of his main contacts in Canada has a pro-communist history going back decades and is also linked to the federal government itself through one of his closest pals and clients, who had launched a political party in BC decades ago and recruited a communist to lead it.

Moreover, I already knew from independent research that the very same person in question has worked hand-in-glove with our corrupt federal government to help set up Canada for dismantling using the Quebec referendums to “secede”.  The dismantling is not for Quebec “sovereignty”, it’s for world government and communism, Yugoslav-style.  And I can prove it.  Dismantling of Canada is required to eliminate the Crown, the Parliament, the Constitution, and the provincial Legislatures, so that all “powers” belonging to the people can be stolen (the euphemism is “decentralized”) and redistributed to the new global structures.

Fuellmich apparently did not take my tips to heart and made himself available to this pro-communist lawyer who still today tweets his sympathies for communists, and who has acted as co-counsel in the past with known communists, including one that was barred from entry to the USA.

Fuellmich’s other pick for his Canadian team is a lawyer who should have retired long ago, an old hippie type who has been commandeered by “aboriginals” in another country in the western hemisphere.  His goal is not really to get to the bottom of the plandemic, but to use his plandemic law suit (which the courts by now may have dismissed; it certainly hasn’t made waves) as a vehicle for his “aboriginal” platform, and along the road, he is undermining and defaming Canada and our alleged history with our “aboriginals”.

So, Fuellmich made this guy one of his official Canadian team members.  That’s another spit in the eye of Canada.

Now, in the Grand Jury that Fuellmich has cooked up, a mock trial with witnesses on video delivering “evidence”, Fuellmich has come up with yet another Canada hater, another left-winger and supporter of a “former” Marxist, of the late Lyndon Larouche (who passed away in 2019).  Larouche, an “American personality”, set up his own operations in Canada decades ago to undermine the Constitution so he could change Confederation to a republic, to save us from our British monarch.  One of Larouche’s movements made it all the way to the Supreme Court of Canada, arguing for their right to use airports to distribute their pro-Republic literature.

Larouche’s old magazines that he ran included many an article on Quebec and Canada with many a false allegation passed off as “fact”, including the silly idea that the “courageous” René Lévesque and his “separatist” party, the Parti Québécois, were trying to liberate Quebec from the British monarch.

In fact, Lévesque was working hand-in-fist with the British monarch, and I can prove it, to dismantle Canada for world government.  So, there is all this hatred for Canada expressed in all these false ideas directed at “the British monarchy”, and that often are quite wrong, and amount to yet more subversion of Canada.

So Fuellmich recruited (or was recruited by) one of Larouche’s left-wing worshippers, an “expert” and a self-described “patriot” (that remains to be seen) who pontificates on Canada for Fuellmich’s mock Grand Jury, grossly insulting the best known Canadian founding father, without proof, while knowing that he has a world audience for his vitriol against this country.  A country concerning which he apparently has little or no constitutional or legal knowledge.  Frankly, I think the guy is better viewed as “controlled opposition”.

Before he’s even 10 minutes into his “expertise”, this expert is telling you that Sir John A. Macdonald, the principal founding father of Canada was “a filthy, immoral scumbag”.  Wait, you can see how left-wing this remark is when you see the whole thing.  Fuellmich’s “Canadian Patriot” “expert” said:  “Johnny McDonald was an Aryan complete race Patriot, wanting an Aryan Canada who said:  a British I was born and British I will die.  He was a filthy, immoral scumbag.  And these are the people celebrated as our sacred cows that we’re supposed to honour in Canada.”

Translated, that means that Sir John A. Macdonald was a “filthy, immoral scumbag” for admiring his own people, preferring their company and his own “British” culture and institutions.  Which governed Canada quite reasonably and credibly because it was these “white” people, these “Caucasians”, these “Aryans”, who in fact colonized the place for hundreds of years.  It was not the Chinese, it was not the Jews, it was not the Blacks, it was not even the “aboriginals”.

Would the same “expert” consider that the Mohawks, an acknowledged “aboriginal” ethnic group, would be “filthy, immoral scumbags” for not wanting Jews, Blacks, Chinese, Asians, etc., moving into Kanesatake to live there, vote for Mohawk local government, to sit on local Mohawk band councils and tell the Mohawks what to do, despite their Mohawk heritage and culture?  But, it’s okay to do that to “Aryan” people (the typical “Talmudist” slur against all Caucasians to denigrate the lot ever since WWII).  White-colored people are not entitled to the basic human right of self-government extolled even by the red U.N., if only to use it to foment the disintegration of large white countries through “aboriginal” revolution.

Then there’s that particular ethnic group associated with calling everyone not of the group “cattle” and “livestock”, and the group is well known to dominate the City of London; but political correctness requires keeping your mouth shut if you are one of Reiner Fuellmich’s Grand Jury “experts”.  And Reiner himself will express shock that anyone could have such an idea as calling other people “livestock”; but let’s not name who they are.  Let’s give the history of England and the City of London a nose-job while professing that one is trying to save the world from them.  Let’s call them merely “British”, or “elites”.

Fuellmich has even blithefully appeared in discussion-panel videos with some of Canada’s far-left enemies who are working on the break-up, treating these folks as valid legal experts intending to defend us from the scamdemic.

So, I’m not happy with Fuellmich and his choices in Canada for “experts” and lawyers to band together with him to stop the PCR and whatever else they alleged they were planning to do.  Only to end up with a mock trial, and no action that I can see, no legal splash, no court challenge, no judgment, not even one in appeal.

As a patriotic Canadian opposed to US-style Revolution (which is just what the Communists want and they finance it in target countries), and with some constitutional knowledge (of law and history), I resent the American Mr. Fuellmich teaming up with haters of Canada’s founding father, with left-wing subversives and friends of communists while pandering to political correctness.  And he calls these red, pink and mauve moles fellow lawyers and “experts”.

Another question re Fuellmich’s “experts”.  How does he know they’re experts?  Okay, one is former British Intelligence.  But before you bring “experts” to court, don’t you independently vet their expert opinions for authority, for veracity?  I wonder if Fuellmich has done that.  Or has everyone who claims to be an expert simply been welcomed with open arms to air his or her personal grievances and ideologies in the form of “testimony”… to then, according to Fuellmich… have it all recycled by countries everywhere, using this information as “evidence” to launch their own “grand juries” and mock law suits or real law suits, or who knows what?

I would have expected Fuellmich to sue and bring his experts to a real court, where their testimony would be tested and made public, and the world would take serious notice of a real trial.  I don’t think the world will take serious notice of a mock Grand Jury, at least, not for long.

I am also irritated by Fuellmich’s very typically American response to constitutional difficulties.  The response appears to have been even more heavily conditioned into the American general public in the past decade or two, and that response is Revolution.  It has come in by way of the 10th Amendment Center, and the Nullify Now movement, among others, which are in fact left-wing and subversive.

A replay of the big break of the American colonies with England in 1776 is what these left-wingers want today, 50 times over.  And it’s not a hard sell, because, true or false, right or wrong, the Yankees pull out their fireworks every fourth of July to celebrate this unilateral declaration of independence, this quite literal coup d’état on their then-existing government and system.  Well, perhaps you should call me a “Loyalist”.  1776 is precisely how much of Canada became populated.  To the chagrin of the French Canadians, American Saxons who refused to break their own oaths as elected and appointed government, and their supporters, moved North in droves to what became Ontario and the Maritimes.  In some ways, the Yankee revolutionists even drove them out, communist style, confiscating their property for their unacceptable political opinions, and they tarred and feathered some of them.  So, Canada as it would be founded in 1867 was really born of the original pioneers of North America, both French and Saxon, and among the Saxons, a large contingent who respected their oath.  We celebrate Canadian independence day four days before the still hot-headed Yankees let off their own fireworks.

And now, thanks to brainwashing by left-wing experts, Yankees wrongly believe their 1776 UDI is really their Constitution, to which they owe allegiance (and I can prove it:  I know who wrote the book, and I know who financed the Harvard leftie who penetrated the Christian patriotic web sites pushing mass session for the USA).  But the world is not the same place that it was in 1776.  And their false allegiance to a UDI instead of to the Constitution is doubly misplaced.

So, it seems to me that the only thing the Americans know how to do in an effort to deal with their constitutional problems, is to break their toys and get new ones.  Meaning to advocate destroying their own country, 1776-style, which is just what the globalists want and need them to do.

In this regard, meaning in regard to another 1776, I’ve seen Fuellmich pontificating on film, saying “We need a new system.”  I’m sure he doesn’t mean that just the USA needs the “new system”.  His “we” means everyone in the West, if not everyone on Earth.  This is Mr. Fuellmich, who is not a constitutional lawyer but a class-action lawyer, engaging in typical American-style (and “colonialist”, if I may say) global overreach with an imposed solution of no benefit to anyone except the globalists.

So, I’m fed up with Fuellmich, although I appreciate the efforts of several of his expert witnesses, including Dolores Cahill, for example.  Good people have come forward who contribute in every forum, and some of them are present in the mock Grand Jury and I intend to play all the other videos and listen to these great people.

But nothing real is being done, as far as I can see, about the ongoing scamdemic, except in South Africa.  It’s a very lucky country to have someone with common sense and judgment standing up for them.

Canada, in my opinion, has no credible legal representation for the interests of this country against the scamdemic or the criminal puppets running Ottawa and our provinces.

If I do support the one law firm defending people under the Charter, that’s because people do need help, and there has to be someone to help them.  But, without exception, nobody in this country with any legal track record has said, “Show us the virus”.

The basic alleged fact that underpins the whole scamdemic has not been challenged.  How can that be, after two years of all this nonsense?

Every single lawyer and law firm, pro-communist and otherwise, has passively accepted the allegation of the World Health Organization that a virus has been loosed on the world.  They have not sought proof.  They have not challenged the narrative.  And Fuellmich is one of them, who, on nothing but his mere belief, his mere religious faith, if you will, in spite of the unmistakable mountain of fraud in everything else about the pandemic besides the PCR, presumes there is a virus on the loose, that it was “probably” “leaked” from the lab in Wuhan, and that it’s mild and treatable.  Yes, they’ve lied about everything, but not about the virus!

That is pure fantasy.  It is not based on fact.  It is a loose mind filling in the gaps in the story with an unproven hypothesis, to end by accepting the most undoubtedly fraudulent narrative.

Initially, the Wuhan lab-leak was a theory.  I found it interesting when the Epoch Times delivered a well made documentary about the possibility.  But time has passed, much more is known, and a theory is not a fact.  It now amounts to a fantasy, and people are living in a fantasy world, failing to fight they way out of the paper nappy on their face, while also failing to challenge their persecutors to prove the existence of the virus.

And I would add, their persecutors would have to prove the virus has been and still is in circulation in some form, and has caused the wide bundle of symptoms called Covid-19, which are also symptoms of Influenza-A, Influenza-B, the common cold, and some forms of radiation poisoning.  In fact, even pregnant women get some of the symptoms, breathing difficulty, in late-term pregnancy.  At least one Canadian woman was intubated by a hospital, in other words placed on life support, and into a drug-induced coma for a C-section, and kept that way for a month because she had late-term breathing problems that zombies in lab coats labeled “Covid”.  She came out with lung damage, had to learn to walk again on crutches, and was surprised to meet the child whose birth she had missed.  If there had been no “Covid”, would this have happened?

Those who accept the virus narrative have concentrated on the idea that well, it’s not as bad a virus as originally alleged.  Covid-19 is treatable, it’s a bad flu, it has a 98% recovery rate, it doesn’t affect children, there are remedies for it known for decades, we don’t need the injections.

Not a single one (except in South Africa) has stood up to say, there is no virus until you prove it; and we don’t know what particular people are getting sick with, and people get sick all the time, and they die in predictable numbers all the time, but there is no Covid-19 because you have not shown us the virus that supposedly causes it.

Even today, 20 February 2022, the boldness of the WHO is such that at their web site, in their article “Classification of Omicron (B.1.1.529) SARS-CoV-2 Variant of Concern” published 26 November 2021, the WHO says of Omicron:  “Current SARS-CoV-2 PCR diagnostics continue to detect this variant.”  There is no such thing on Earth as “PCR diagnostics”, the guy who invented the PCR said so, Kary Mullus, and he ought to know.  So, nobody is challenging this apparent lie; and Fuellmich, most of all, has failed to take it to court, I mean a real court.

No one that I know of, in Canada or in the USA, has bothered to sue the patent offices that illegally issued patents for the mRNA shots labeled “vaccines” when legally, medically and scientifically, they are not vaccines.  If you hear of this happening at last, let me know, because it will be really important if it does.  And it needs to be done by someone who is not a friend of the cabal, who could file suit for the purpose of losing.

So, Canada is a legal wasteland with no sign anywhere of a credible defense of the country against the scamdemic.

When I see someone like Ricardo Maarman, well spoken, professional, totally organized, with a great sense of humor, properly suing his own government on the right grounds in South Africa, and appropriately battling for judicial independence in his case, I have to wonder why we haven’t got a Ricardo in Canada.

Follow that guy.  He’s clever.  He’s got the right idea.  He’s fighting the good fight, and I admire that.

Have a great day.
Yours sincerely,

8 thoughts on “Ricardo Maarman: 14 February 2022 Update on the “Show us the Virus” court case, CCT-299/21”

  1. I can’t dispute what you say about Fuellmich who, I thought was doing a good job.
    In Ireland, I found it impossible to get a legal team together to challenge any “pandemic” issue.
    There’s so much work involved, and such strong allegiance to the “vax, the only answer” theory that they “can’t afford” to take the risk of putting all their time into the issue and likely lose all. The judges (elderly) have, no doubt, succumbed to the Vax thinking
    I’ve worked on this since early 2020 (2,000 hours) and am totally frustrated. Have tried Government & all national politicians, the solicitors and lawyers organisations all the relevant medical orgs, Parents, students and nursing and medical unions, the predominant church etc etc.
    Don’t know where to turn to next! Thank you for your excellent work. I’ve used quite a bit of it acquired thru other channels but yours seems most comprehensive by far. John Fitz…..

    1. Hi, John. What a pleasure to hear from you. Thank you. I am sorry but not surprised at the barriers in your road. Brainwashing and media control of the public mind by use of terror has done a lot of damage. The judges (elderly) will succumb to the vax, too, and not just the theory, but their age will hide the fact they were murdered (or cooperated in their own suicide) if, like the judges and court staff in the Canadian system, they have been so stupid as to take the kill shots.
      If I were so rude or so bold as to give you advice, I would say, turn to yourself, if there is nowhere else to turn. Put one issue together that you can fight for, standing alone, with the evidence you believe you have, and file suit, with press releases and regular written and video updates. Just fight. It will be in the public record. Keep me updated. Thank you!
      Fuellmich entered the scene to tackle the PCR fraud. He seems to have been derailed by spending a lot of time looking at what I would identify as the world government problem. And it needs to be looked at, but not to the exclusion of the original subject he said he’d fight for. He should sue someone, somewhere, over the PCR fraud, and just get it done. Thank you for your valuable feedback!

    2. P.S. Fuellmich went to Germany to do this, god knows why, because they jail lawyers in Germany for the crime of defending their clients, they pick up other lawyers and put them in the loony bin to discredit them. I don’t see why Fuellmich found it necessary in the Covid context to pack up his home in the USA and move back to Germany where he knew in advance the German courts are less open, the judiciary less independent, the government more dangerous. He very strangely chose to be in a place where he might be less likely to get something done in the legal arena.

      On the other hand, unlike you, running into barriers of non-support in Ireland, Fuellmich has tons of support everywhere… from people who thought he was going to sue to expose the PCR.

      He has no excuse, in my view, for not having sued on that particular issue well before today. Had he stayed in the USA, he could have launched his Corona committee there, and sued in the American courts, all the way to the Supreme Court. He has already made headlines everywhere because of his claims that he would challenge the PCR, while citing of his own career suing and winning against major institutions. You don’t make these claims if you don’t intend to sue with a view to winning. Unless you are chest-pounding, or willfully misleading people. Fuellmich would have made amazing headlines, and even if the Supreme Court struck him down, the public everywhere would now be aware of the questions around the PCR. Anyway, his choices are a mystery. His failure to act is a mystery.

  2. I have heard a few interviews with Reiner since this all started, and was aware of him. A month or two ago, I ran across a series of interviews and presentations he has done and listened to several. (I don’t remember where.) It didn’t take long to realize he was not getting to the root of the problem, but was just hacking somewhere on a branch, and didn’t really understand the fundamental nature of the problem. I decided I would be better off listening to people who understand the complete fraud instead of the basic issue – there is no scientifically-proven virus.

    I must admit that I don’t know any Canadian history and I don’t understand the basis for your comments on American history, but I do agree with you about SARS-CoV-2 and “show us the virus.”

    1. I didn’t mean to submit my above comment yet. I was trying to move to the next box and it went through. I see an error. Last sentence of first paragraph should read: “I decided I would be better off listening to people who understand the complete fraud instead of people who don’t understand the basic issue – there is no scientifically-proven virus.”

  3. Your article is too long but I appreciate your comments. You should have named names. When you accuse someone to be a far left something, please give the name.

    1/ I have seen all the Grand Jury videos and I think, espeically for those who don’t know these are great to learn and discover the truth about the plandemic.

    2/ I don’t know why Fuellmich didn’t sue for real. I now he planned to do so since 2020 and never did it. He culd have done it vs the PCR bs test in germany but chose not to… Why? I don’t now.

    3/ It isn’t a mock trial it’s a template for future lawsuits. So it’s not exactly fair to dismiss that.

    4/ Their new narrative ‘war in ukraine’ was launched at the end of the last grand jury sessions. Now the lying media, the criminal govts and their armies of TV idiots are just captivated by the new distraction.

    5/ The fight is elsewhere. We must topple all world governments, annihilate the Un and WHO and destroy the WEF. The plandemic treaty that will be used to finish our sovereignties is ongoing from traitors and the WHO. This is the real fight. The globalist are at war against us and we must destroy them all and their ideology with it.

    No amount of trials can do that for us. We must become ultra violent and start to kill and harm these scumbags or they will suceed.

    In this sense, we stand for Russia and a nuclear war would be preferable than the slavery of agenda 2030.

    1. First topic. I agree. It is too long. Precisely why I didn’t identify the
      far-left somethings”, I’d have written a novel. I’m naming one here. The one who may sue me, but to hell with him. His name is Rocco Galati, a Toronto lawyer so friendly to the left that in the 1990s he joined a law suit as co-counsel with a known communist barred from entry to the USA, the “Quietly Communist” Harry Rankin. Rankin had lied that he was not a communist, so he could be “sworn in” to the BC Bar Association and function as a lawyer. The equally communist wife of Rankin was the plaintiff, Connie Fogal-Rankin. Harry and Connie ran Vancouver’s only communist municipal party together, the COPE.

      Galati’s best friend for decades is Paul Hellyer, oldest living member of the Privy Council of Canada (last time I looked) who founded the Canadian Action Party in BC, and recruited known communist Connie into it, she became the leader. The party was a scam to buy time to advance the integration of Canada into the USA and Mexico by pretending to “oppose” and “protest” the North American Union. It’s actually illegal as unconstitutional could be stopped with appropriate legal procedures. So, that was a commie tactic to protect the formation of the regional union. Every nation on earth is to be reduced and merged into a multi-ethnic regional union under the socialist (or worse) world government. I recently put up a comic “memorial” web site about the communist Canadian Action Party, the “CAP”, known in my spoof as “C-Sap”. Not all were communists, some were misled into joining the thing: https://canadianactionparty.net/

      My research indicates that the Quebec secession racket is the commies’ ticket to dismantling Canada to remove the Crown and Parliament, which bar the way to the regional union. However, secession is illegal, meaning unconstitutional, but our globalist courts have lied about it and are facilitating this criminality and treason.

      The communist-loving Mr. Galati’s name comes up as the man who filed a spurious law suit in 2014 supposedly to prevent a certain federal judge (Nadon) from being appointed to the Supreme Court of Canada. That “law suit” gave the Harper fed a pretext to direct a “reference” to the advisory bench of the Supreme Court of Canada. Advisories are unconstitutional, which I can prove in black and white from Hansard in 1875 during the first successful enactment of the Supreme Court Act (loosely termed) including the unconstitutional advisories. The advisories are manipulated by government so the judges will say what the government wants. So nobody wants to abolish them. Moreover, they’re not real judicial hearings. Everyone up top knows about the fraud. Pierre Trudeau tried to paper it over with his proposed Victoria Charter in 1970. Other attempts were made that also did not succeed.

      In comes Galati in 2014 to help get the dirty work done by triggering a pretext for Harper to ask the “advisory” bench about Nadon, and about its own advisory jurisdiction. The dirty trick made possible by Mr. Commie Galati is that the SCC advisory bench pretended to “declare” the Supreme Court Act beyond “amendment” by the Parliament that enacted it; thus defying s. 101 of the BNA Act of 1867, still our only lawful constitution.

      The SCC advisory board therefore “protected” its own invalid advisory jurisdiction by making it seem “constitutional” when clearly in black and white, it isn’t and their pretext to claim it could not be amended is an all-time farce: they claimed the Supreme Court Act had “evolved” to become part of the Constitution.

      The illegal advisories have been used to cement a “procedure” into place to dismantle Canada after a Yes in a Quebec “secession” referendum. The “secession” advisories are illegal and void, and they want to keep using them to finish the break-up; so commie-friendly Galati helped Harper in a last-ditch effort to protect the planned dismantling of Canada.


      There is yet another Galati scam. Also in 2014, commie-friendly Rocco, still a Toronto lawyer, filed a “law suit” opposing the appointment of Justice Mainville, a federal court judge, as a Quebec court of appeal judge. Mainville, legally, had no right to be appointed. However, Harper got him in with a little rigging, thanks to Galati’s igniting the fuse.

      In 2021, Mainville wrote the judgment dismissing an appeal from a fraudulent “decision” of Madam Justice Claude Dallaire in the Quebec secession racket, thus Mainville protected the Quebec scam to break up Canada for world government.

      Mainville’s judgment is in English. Dallaire’s was in French only. Likely to hide the glaring fraud from English-speaking constitutional lawyers. I took the liberty of translating it into English, and will put out an ebook one day when I finish the introduction:


      So, in both cases, red Galati has helped the federal government to advance the breakup of Canada by filing “law suits” that are simply umbrellas for illegal, criminal manipulation of the courts, meaning high treason. I think you can understand why I hold Fuellmich in disregard for dealing with people like this, even though I tipped him off in his contact form several times at his German Corona Committee web site.

    2. 1/ I know they are supposed to be a “template” but you can’t file a law suit without sworn testimony and affidavits. So, for me, the Grand Jury videos are not proper “evidence”. And also, their “evidence” hasn’t been tested. It should have been tested in court, for real, and a judgment either way would “guide” future law suits.

      2 / Fuellmich came out on the PCR plank, and branched off into everything about the plandemic, which is fine if you have the time on your hands. When hundreds of millions of people are being injected with poison, and the PCR suit is a way to stop it, you file suit and worry about the plandemic history later. The public needed to be warned by a real legal challenge. I watched an early video of his last week, and even back then he was dissing the German judges as non-independent. So, did he ever intend to really file anything? Or is he controlled opposition? Or was he scared off? The treaty they are trying for will entrench the PCR fraud, and any and all lies and abuse they choose to heap on us as they will.

      3/ The fight is everywhere. If the globalists can’t get their hands on at least one major country, via their fake pandemic treaty, or otherwise, they won’t be able to complete their global structure. Rather than try to attack people you will never be able to reach, even to shake their hand, or twist it, the key is to work to protect your country. Take it out of the hands of the scoundrels, and keep it out of their hands.

      The final mop-up of scumbags and their institutions can happen after we stabilize and restore the lawful system of Westphalian national sovereignty.

      You can knock one of these crooks off, but another will be waiting to take his place. You’re better off protecting your country, and keep your hands clean.

      I would never stand for Russia. If you put a system in place and call it international law, and then you break it yourself, by mass murdering innocent people, you don’t deserve the time of day. Russia-Putin ought to be thrown off the Security Council, period.

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