– REPORT: EU Planning “Vaccination Passport” Since 2018

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Signing the SDGs for GLOBAL VACCINATION (sponsored by GAVI):



EU Vax passport in prep, see PDF at top.


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The Truth: “POPULATION GROWTH” = the direct link between the UN’s 17 SDG’s and the UN’s notion of a “healthy” planet.  The “POPULATION MATTERS” web site says:

“The United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) aim to achieve decent lives for all on a healthy planet by 2030. As things stand, most of them are likely to be missed. This is partly because they fail to address human population growth. Positive, empowering population solutions are key to meeting the SDGs. Read on to learn about the links between population and each of the 17 goals.”

“Addressing population will help us achieve the better lives for everyone envisaged by the UN.”

Nota bene.  Life, as you envision it, under your elected government, is no longer relevant.  The UN “envisions” and imposes what your life will be like with its vested interests in the Big Pharmaceutical putsch.


A booklet is offered:&nbps; “© 2020 Population Matters”, By Authors
Nina Jatana and Alistair Currie:

“HITTING THE TARGETS:  The case for ethical and empowering population policies to accelerate progress towards the Sustainable Development Goals”


The PDF booklet we learn that there are not only 17 Sustainable Development Goals, known to a few, but 169 Sustainable Development Goals!  Goals that world electorates of their homelands have not been involved in determining.

“Bu the end of 2020, 21 of the 169 Sustainable Development
Goal targets will have matured.”

The booklet identifies the main “TARGET”:

“A growing body of evidence explicitly addresses the impact that continued population growth has on environmental crises, socio-economic development and people’s lives. This brief report will highlight just a few examples in regard to individual Goals but one of the most significant overall assessments is contained in the World Scientists’ Warning to Humanity of November 2017, endorsed by more than 20,000 scientists. It identified:  “continued rapid population growth as a primary driver behind many ecological and even societal threats and called for necessary and globally beneficial policy measures to reduce fertility“.

It’s all based on FAMILY PLANNING, the Gates Family’s long-standing interest in reducing population.

If reduced population is a good idea, then why are Western countries, from Canada-USA to Europe, being inundated with massive third-world migration from countries with very high birth rates, while Western rates have plummeted to BELOW “sustainable” levels?  The West and its demographic alone is DYING, and the UN is behind shifting third-world populations into first-world countries.&nbspp What are the factors that have killed Western national fertility to the point of zero survival of Western peoples in the next 30 years?  Marxist policies have killed the West, promoting homosexuality, transgenderism and gender fluidity, abortion as the main means of “birth control”, birth control measures including the pill and sterilization, easy divorce, recreational instead of procreational sexuality, etc.

WHAT A COINCIDENCE that the same West is now the first an easiest TARGET for mass-sterilization by phony COVID-19 “injections” which neither immunize against or prevent transmission of any virus but are killing and maiming and sterilizing those injected in record numbers.  The West is the main TARGET because of Western complex communications and media systems, exposing Western peoples to the “vaccine” hype of the Gates-sponsored nihilists.