What is the Internet of Bodies? (19 February 2022)

This is just to give you an example.  Now, imagine that these I0B “devices” are miniaturized to micro and nano size, and injected into you.  Now wake up and realize that the global “Covid” vaxx campaign was a cover story for the mass injection of highly sophisticated IOB “devices” involving “complex microtechnology” (chips, routers, etc.) that have installed a system in your body and given you your own unique wifi signal, to hook you up to real-time total surveillance; and that you will never be able to remove them.

Look for videos by La Quinta Columna, Spanish researchers, and see what’s really in the “Covid” injection vials.  As the injection fluid reaches room temperature, or body temperature after being injected, “complex microtechnology” begins to evolve in the injection fluid.  This is what’s going into your body, and you weren’t told, and you weren’t asked.

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