Globalist Jacques Attali in 1981 called to “Reduce Population” by Euthanasia aimed at the Elderly, the Weak, the Stupid, Disguised as “Treatment” for a “Pandemic”

TINP:  The statements in this video, alleged to be by Jacques Attali, should be verified in his writings.  If it’s true that these are his statements, he should be immediately picked up and questioned by police about the current “pandemic” “treatments” being injected worldwide, which are maiming and mass murdering people.

Attali also wrote in 2009 of the H1N1 (bird flu) alleged pandemic, that he hoped the “fear” would trigger a restructuring of the world to create a world government:

“The pandemic that is beginning could trigger one of those structuring fears”: Conversation with Jacques Attali: “Change, as a precaution” (3-5-2009)

TINP:  The German-speaker reads aloud from a text written by Jacques Attali in 1981.  Here’s the transcript, from the English subtitles, with a little touch-up.


German reader:  Jacques Attali was an advisor to François Mitterand, former President of France, and wrote in 1981:

“In the future it will be question of finding a way to reduce the population.

We will start with the old man, because once he is over 60-65 years old, man lives longer than he produces and it costs society dearly.

Then the weak, and then the useless who do not contribute anything to society, because there will be more and more, and especially finally the stupid.

Euthanasia directed at these groups; euthanasia must be an essential instrument of our future societies in all cases.

Of course, we will not be able to execute people or organize camps.

Australia considers new Covid-19 quarantine facilities
Australia considers new Covid-19 quarantine facilities

UK Funeral Director: Mass Vaccine Deaths, Child Danger, COVID Camps, Genocide Planned (John O’Looney with Stew Peters) (23 September 2021)

We will get rid of them by making them believe that it is for their own good.

Too large a population, and for the most part unnecessary, is something that is too expensive economically.  Socially, it is also much better for the human machine to stop abruptly rather than gradually deteriorate.

We won’t be able to impose intelligence tests on millions and millions of people, you can imagine!

We will find something or cause it; a pandemic that targets certain people, an economic crisis real or not, a virus that will affect the old or the elderly; it does not matter; the weak and the fearful will succumb.

The stupid will believe it and ask to be treated.

Operation Warp Speed
Operation Warp Speed

We will have taken care of planning the treatment, a treatment that will be the solution.

The idiots will be self-selected:  they will go to the slaughterhouse by themselves.”

German reader:  You couldn’t say it more clearly.  And there are already people they want to get rid of –the elderly.

German respondent:  Basically this is the same as the people who prioritize the vaccination.  At first the elderly, now the handicapped, who are now becoming Johnson & Johnson, that’s what they say — all those things, you should offer it to the homeless, etc., etc. … so to speak.

German reader:  It’s also consolidated again  this fragment is excerpted from his book “Brief History of the Future”, published in France in 2006.

And Jacques Attali is a French economist.  And founding president of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development.

TINP:  Attali is a Zionist Jew being called here “French”, i.e. a “Frenchman”.  Attali wants a pandemic to terrorize people into building a World Government.  Attali is looking forward to a World Government out of Israel, based in Jerusalem:

Jerusalem … It’s a nice spot for a World Government,” says Jacques Attali.

And right now, the United Nations and the UNPA are working on building a World Government on the pretext of the fake Covid-19 pandemic.

If you want to suggest corrections to the script above, please do, I can’t correct German.  Thank you.

A Brief History of the Future by Jacques Attali
A Brief History of the Future by Jacques Attali
A Brief History of the Future: A Brave and Controversial Look at the Twenty-First Century
by Jacques Attali; Translator-Jeremy Leggatt
(on google books)

Attali - chemical weapons, pandemics as weapons, genetics as weapons
Attali – chemical weapons, pandemics as weapons, genetics as weapons

An image search for Covid internment camps.  The cutesies are calling them “Covid-19 Villages”.

So, they can do quite a few things with a fake pandemic.  Just to mention a few:

  1. Terrorize people into accepting a World Government.
  2. Terrorize the “fearful” and the “stupid” into accepting the “treatment” that will kill them to reduce population.
  3. Inject a permanent tracking system into the body of every person they con into taking the “Covid” shots.
  4. Launch their “transhumanism” project to convert human beings to cyborgs hybridized by injecting “complex microtechnology” with graphene oxide, amounting to circuits and a new neural system, thus merging people against their will with digital and other non-living entities to be hooked up to the Internet of Bodies and of Things for real-time permanent remote surveillance, like your digital automobile.

5 thoughts on “Globalist Jacques Attali in 1981 called to “Reduce Population” by Euthanasia aimed at the Elderly, the Weak, the Stupid, Disguised as “Treatment” for a “Pandemic””

  1. Whenever I hear things like this, I can’t help but wonder if these people will think the same way when they hit the age they were targeting. I have to say that the older I get, the less old “old” people seem.

    My first memories of my grandma were when she was about 55, the age I am quickly approaching… and I don’t feel half as old as she seemed to me then. And she never seemed to really get older to me. She lived to be 98 1/2 years old and she was just still my grandma … and still not so old that I thought she was of no more use.

    People who think like that man must be more evil than we can possibly imagine. No heart. No feelings. No love. And no apparent realization that very, very soon, they will fit into the category they want to eradicate. How will they feel to know that others look at them in the same way… as useless eaters and a drag on society and progress…?

  2. This interview is well known and yet the idiots (triple jabbed) brush it aside as if it was an invention. But it is a fact.

    Now, if the stupid are so stupid to let themselves be injected because they ‘want to go to the restaurant’, then THEY DESERVE TO DIE.

    In nature, the animals who are too weak to or refuse to survive simply die.

    This is the same here.

    Let’s also make things clear, Attali is not only a globalist he is a jew. Like all the jews (99% of world media are owned by jews this is why they all say the same to kill us, Gentiles).

    The jews: bill gates is a jew, klaus schwab too, bourla the pfizer CEO too, rachel walensky the CDC director too, fauci is probably a jew, the CEO of moderna, astrazeneca and J&J too. rockefeller, rotchild all the vermin behind all the wars and genocides since more than a 100 years are all jews and they hate us.

    they don’t mind to kill their own like in Israel it is what they did in the past in Nazi germany and the USSR.

    The solution?

    Kill them all, and take all their assets, starting by the rothchilds…


  3. Attali is definitely over 60 so he should submit his useless self for the euthanasia he proposed for everyone else. Soulless demon

  4. Please excuse the length of this post as it’s critically important to not fall into the trap of CIA style counter-intelligence aka “disinformation” in order to destroy the credibility of those who question the obvious political agenda behind covid-19. The billionaire ruling elite’s so called “fact checkers” had a field day with these quotes because they are NOT from any of Attali’s books. Some of them are genuine, but not all of them. The genuine ones being taken from “Interviews with Michel Salomon – The Faces of the Future, Seghers edition”(“Les Visages de l’avenir collection, éditions Seghers”) which
    was published in France by Emi Lit, when Attali was a senior adviser to French President, Francois Mitterand.

    Reading Attali’s comments in the interview it’s quite clear he is a technocratic neo-feudalist globalist in favor of euthanasia, genetic engineering, transhumanism, eugencism, cloning and of course a totalitarian one world government ruled by the ultra rich billionaire class of the WEF, Bilderberg, CFR etc.

    Attali views all human beings – including children as – in his words – a “commodity like all the others” to be literally bought and sold as long as they are “profitable” and “productive” for the economy and discarded (euthanized) once they are too old or too weak and no longer beneficial to the economy (he means the economy run by the ruling class billionaire oligarchs).

    It’s very interesting how the globalist elite’s “fact checkers” focused on the quotes being false because they weren’t found in Attali’s books rather than acknowledging the fact that Attali was interviewed in 1981 where he literally expressed his globalist eugenicist views in favor of euthanasia for anyone who as stated above is not profitable and too “costly” for the economy (those people over 60-65 years of age or those too weak or too sick to work).

    He does give himself a “get out of jail free” card towards the end of the interview claiming he’s just giving a “warning” (probably to cover his rear end in case the totalitarian one world government plan ruled by the WEF/Bilderberg billionaires he is hoping will come to fruition one day ends up failing and Attali and his globalist ultra rich buddies have to face a Nuremberg style “crimes against humanity” tribunal). Here are some of the quotes from the 1981 interview translated from the French.

    M.S. – “Is the future this particular prosthesis that is the medicine of the future – and of the present – that helps man to better bear his condition? ”

    J.A. – “I find this fascination with anti-hunger drugs, with everything that can eliminate hunger, frightening, but as a commodity and not as a way of life. We are trying to provide the means to make anxiety tolerable and not to create the functions to stop being anxious. It would be possible to **”reconcile parliamentary democracy with totalitarianism**, since it would be enough to maintain all the formal rules of parliamentary democracy but at the same time to generalise the use of these products **so that totalitarianism would be daily,**”

    M S. – “Does this seem conceivable, an Orwellian “1984” based on a pharmacology of behaviour?”

    J A. – “I don’t believe in Orwellianism, because it’s a form of technical totalitarianism with a visible and centralised “Big Brother”. I believe rather in **implicit totalitarianism with an invisible and decentralised “Big Brother”**. These machines for monitoring our health, which we could have for our own good, will enslave us for our own good. In a way, we will be subjected to gentle and permanent conditioning…”

    M.S. – “Is it possible and desirable to live 120 years?”

    J. A. – “Medically, I don’t know. I’ve always been told that it was possible. Is it desirable? I would answer in several stages. First of all, I believe that in the logic of the industrial system in which we find ourselves, the extension of life expectancy is no longer an objective desired by the logic of power. Because as long as it was a question of extending life expectancy in order to reach the maximum profitability threshold of the human machine, in terms of work, it was perfect.

    “But as soon as you go beyond 60/65, people live longer than they produce and **they cost society dearly.”**

    M.S. – “The world to come, whether “liberal” or “socialist”, will need a “biological” morality, to create an ethic of cloning or euthanasia for example.”

    J.A. – **”Euthanasia will be one of the essential instruments** of our future societies in all cases. In a socialist logic, to begin with, the problem is as follows: socialist logic is freedom and fundamental freedom is suicide; consequently, the right to direct or indirect suicide is an absolute value in this type of society. **In a capitalist society, killing machines, prostheses that will make it possible to eliminate life when it is too unbearable or economically too costly**, will come into being and will be common practice. I therefore believe that euthanasia, whether it is a value of freedom or a commodity, will be one of the rules of future society.”

    M.S. – “Do you believe that genetic engineering is “one of the dice of our future?”

    J.A. – “I believe that in the next twenty years genetic engineering will be as commonplace, as well-known and as present in everyday life as the internal
    combustion engine is today. In fact, the same type of parallel can be drawn.”

    “With the internal combustion engine, we could make two choices: either to favour public transport and make people’s lives easier, or to produce cars, tools of aggressiveness, consumption, individualisation, solitude, storage, desire, rivalry… We chose the second solution. I believe that with genetic engineering we have the same type of choice and I believe that we will also choose, unfortunately, the second solution. In other words, with genetic engineering we could gradually create the conditions for humanity to assume itself freely, but collectively, or else create the conditions for a new commodity, genetic this time, which would be made up of copies of humans sold to humans, chimeras or hybrids used as slaves, robots, means of

    “M.S. – Do you see this forced normalisation governing all areas of life, including sexuality, since science today allows for the almost total dissociation of sexuality and conception?

    J. A. – “From an economic point of view, there are two reasons why I think we will go very far.”

    “The first is that the production of men is not yet a market like any other. Following the logic of my general reasoning, it is impossible to see why procreation should not become an economic production like any other.”

    “It is perfectly possible to imagine that the family or the woman is only one of the means of production of a particular object, the child.”

    “We can, in a way, imagine “rental matrices” which are already technically possible. This idea corresponds entirely to an economic evolution in the sense that the woman or the couple will become part of the division of labour and general production. Thus it will be possible to buy children in the same way as one buys “peanuts” or a television set.”

    “There is a second important and related reason for this new family order. If from an economic point of view, children are a commodity like any other, society also considers them as such, but for social reasons. Indeed, the survival of communities depends on a demography sufficient for its survival. If, for economic reasons, a family does not wish to have more than two children, this attitude is obviously opposed to the interests of the community! Thus, there is an absolute contradiction between the interests of the family and those of society. The only way to resolve this contradiction is to imagine that society could buy children from a family that would be paid in return. I am not thinking of family allowances, which are weak incentives. A family would agree to have many children if the state guaranteed them substantial progressive allowances on the one hand and full responsibility for the material life of each child on the other. In this scheme, the child would become a kind of bargaining chip in the relationship between the individual and the community.”

    [Here’s the quote where Attali gives himself a “get out of jail for free” card by claiming he’s just giving a “warning” of our technocratic neo-feudalist future.]

    “What I am saying here is not a kind of complacency in the face of what seems inevitable. It is a warning. I believe that this world in preparation will be so awful that it will mean the death of man. We must therefore be prepared to resist it, and it seems to me today that the best way to do so is to understand, to accept the struggle, to avoid the worst. That’s why I push my reasoning to the limit…”

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