Jordan Peterson Is Not Your Mother, and for That You Should Be Glad (10 February 2023)

“Get the Damn Vaccine!”

Peterson made some disturbing statements in the video above about the mRNA injections, urging his listeners to “suspend” their “judgment” for “six months” (just enough for first dose and booster) and “get the damn vaccine” to end the lockdowns. (Did Jordan get saline?)

This giant intellect didn’t bother to investigate the nature of real vaccines (pulled from the market if after 10 years of development people injected start to die) and they do NOT alter your DNA which is a first with the new mRNA technology, sometimes called “gene therapy”, although if you’re killing people with it, murder is not “therapy”.

Nor did Peterson question the existence or not of pandemic conditions warranting pandemic measures. Or whether lockdowns, masks, social distancing, and quarantine were even recommended under the International Health Regulations. They are not recommended, they are expressly contra-indicated because of the economic and social damage they would cause. The contra-indications date back to around 2006.

Peterson didn’t spot the fake PCR “test” used to ramp up fake “cases” as a means to terrorize the public into taking the mRNA shots. He says he took the shots himself, so maybe he was “terrorized” and could benefit from psychological counseling

He didn’t look into the prospect of safe known remedies for flu-like illnesses other than a new unheard-of injection (TO ALTER YOUR DNA, making you a Genetically Modified Organism of the kind you avoid buying in the grocery store).

He says he put his “body on the line” and took the damn vaccine. Really? Peterson recently went to Russia for treatment to recover his health, but he was willing to take an novel gene-editing injection to change his DNA forever? To end the lockdowns? Come on! It’s not his “body” that’s “on the line”, it’s his LIFE.
And Peterson says, “WE think they’re safe and effective”. Who is “WE”? With whom has Peterson aligned himself? The Trudeau-Tam regime? The “WHO” as in World Health Organization?

The shots were never “safe and effective”, as alleged by governments robbing the taxpayers’ treasuries to pay for them. It was all a lie, and surely a giant intellect like Jordan Peterson, could have done a little homework and figured it out before aligning himself with a fraudulent campaign position used to push the sales of deadly mRNA shots. (Could Peterson be an investor? In Big Pharma? Like Justin Trudeau, accused by Dr. David Martin of criminal racketeering for pushing the shots he was profiting from while suppressing and demonizing safe, cheap flu remedies.

Would a reasonable fellow with decent “judgment” urge anyone to take an injection to end a FABRICATED “economic crisis”, that he also didn’t look into; one clearly calculated to destroy the middle class and send small-business market share up to the international stores that were NOT shut down for the so-called “pandemic”. A scamdemic engineered and manipulated by the World Economic Forum and its GAVI and communist WHO friends who had suspiciously ganged together (to play-act and “predict” that one was coming) shortly before the Red Chinese reported the alleged virus, and the communist-led WHO announced the pandemic while ignoring the binding International Health Regulations.

Very poor “judgment” for such a giant intellect. In particular as those with vaxx injuries have soared into the multi-millions, and those KILLED by the shots and the turbo cancers & rubbery “clots” filling their veins are soaring in numbers likewise. And neo-natal deaths and miscarriages have soared with hospitals hiding the dead babies from embalmers by cremating them themselves in the hospitals.

Deaths and injuries from the mRNA injections continue to skyrocket. Reports online say some 3 billion people have been injected with the junk, and some fear we may be facing the collapse of civilization, or worse, a human extinction event.

But, don’t worry at all about what might go wrong, just “suspend” your “judgment” and TAKE THE DAMN “VACCINE”.

Whether you like Peterson and his “rules” or not, whether you like some of his interviews, and some of his opinions, the facts pointed out in the following documentary, JORDAN PETERSON DISMANTLED, may warrant your careful attention:

And by the way, Peterson does not support “free speech”. He tossed Faith Goldy off a “free speech” panel he chaired because he disliked people who interviewed her for a podcast. Pay a visit here and have a look at the comments:



TINP ADMIN.:  Someone who saw the video posted first above wrote to me with corrections, but failed to supply links in support. TINP therefore has no evidence to substantiate the following comments. They are nonetheless offered for the reader to keep in mind. If you see anything online that substantiates these comments, please let us know. Even if Peterson eventually changed his mind, he did in fact, as clear in the clip fiabove, urge his viewers to take dangerous injections without doing any homework.


I wonder if you’ve heard of Jordan Peterson’s admission that his taking the vaccine was a mistake? I encourage you to look into his whole journey with the vaccines, and his reasons for taking the jab in May of 2021. It’s quite an interesting development. In case you don’t already know, I’ll give you a quick recap –

He admits to feeling pressured into taking the shots and thought doing so would get the government off his back. When he encourages “suspension of judgement” in that video clip which you have in the link above (first published June 2021) , it’s in reference to wearing masks, not vaccines. He also goes on to say in the rest of that video that he understands the position of those who don’t want to take the jab, and he would be unwilling to compel anyone by force. You’re right, he does say in that clip, “get the damn vaccine” but then says, “but that was my decision and I’m not saying it’s right”! Then as early as November 2021, he said publicly on the Rubin Report that he was fooled, and even refers to his decision as stupid! He has since tweeted out many times against boosters, directly to both Tam and Trudeau and just the other day he tweeted a preprint study about elevated death rates among the vaccinated.

I always appreciate knowing the full story when I hear video clips, and I’m sure you do, too! I’m also so thankful for people who can “see the light” now regarding the jabs and admit that it wasn’t the best choice! That takes a decent amount of humility!


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