“This Vaccine Is About Control” – Reiner Fuellmich (Jerm Warfare 06.29.21)

“There Is No Pandemic” agrees with lawyer, Dr. Reiner Fuellmich that the gain-of-function “Wuhan” lab-escape story of the magic virus that has now supposedly circled the globe is untrue, but is needed as part of the cover-up for when those who’ve been injected begin to die en masse.

The lab-escape story is a rumor.  It was important to investigate the possibility early in the plandemic in 2020.  The Epoch Times did an excellent investigation based on that theory; but, of course, it has never been proven, it remains a theory, and will continue to be one because Fact#1 precedes the lab-escape story.  And Fact#1 is a matter of whether the alleged virus is real and on the loose (“in the air”) in countries where it is alleged to be “infecting” and killing people.

At around 7 minutes into this video, Fuellmich believes there was indeed an “accident”, a lab-escape in China in late 2019.  However, he says, it did not lead to a pandemic.  Again, nonetheless, Fact#1, the existence of the virus “on the loose”, cannot be proven.  There is, as yet, after nearly a year and a half, no sample anywhere of an isolated virus called Sars-CoV-2.

Furthermore, I would not assume that just because Red China acted as though something serious had occurred, that this was not play-acting, a part of the Xi Jin Ping lockdown agenda directed at the West and the world in general to create the aura of a catastrophic emergency inducing everyone else to imitate the lockdowns, to their own detriment.

The PCR “test”, as confirmed by many competent medical professionals, is not diagnostic and cannot distinguish between a live illness and a left-over fragment of a dead pathogen.  Calling PCR results a “case” or an “infection” is pure fraud, a pretext to roll out medically and scientifically inappropriate to diagnose any clinical illness.  Here again, “There Is No Pandemic” has another problem.  It’s with vocabulary.  The PCR is not diagnostic.  Therefore, the tendency to label some of its results as “false positives” credits the PCR with correctly “diagnosing” with its other results.  The PCR is not diagnostic.  Therefore it’s not diagnostic either all the time, or part of the time.  To refer to “false positives” is to imply that its other results are indeed diagnostic; and worse, that they are diagnostic for “Covid-19”, which it can’t possibly diagnose.

So, I think we need to get rid of this vocabulary, it’s a trap like flypaper that keeps us embroiled in the illusion of “Covid-19”, the illusion of a pandemic, when there isn’t one.  Whatever the PCR is doing, it cannot diagnose anything, regardless of the “number of cycles” used.  Let’s get rid of the term “false positives” and throw the PCR where it belongs, in the PLANDEMIC trash bin.

Researchers and medical professionals who deal with Fact #1 (rather than merely “assuming” the virus exists just because we are told it does) have no doubt that it does not exist.

Therefore, well meaning medical people who Argue about treatment options (as opposed to injections) for a non-existent disease from a non-existent virus are unwittingly giving the PLANDEMIC an air of ongoing false reality.

Please look for Canadian Christine Massey, who is documenting a growing list of admissions from research and health facilities worldwide that nobody has a real, live sample of the alleged virus, Sars-CoV-2.

Without a virus, there is no disease caused by it, and there are no mutations or variants.  So, we are dealing with a psyop, a psychological operation, with lies, with mind control, with terrorism of the general public to induce submission to a sinister agenda.

The agenda clearly involves injecting the entire world population with components of shots that are medically, legally and scientifically, not “vaccines” but some kind of “genetic” “therapy” to induce the body to produce spike proteins.  However, the spike proteins are toxic.  They damage the lining of blood vessels, they compete with protective elements of our natural immunity and overcome those elements, therefore causing “thrombi” (blood clots), while attacking the body’s organs.

The other and main element of these injections, exposed by the Spanish research team that analyzed the Pfizer product, is graphene oxide, a highloy toxic substance also found in some surgical face-masks that were banned and taken off the market.  Yet, the same toxin is being injected, in abundance, into your bloodstream.  PLEASE TAKE NOTE:  In the interview with the Spanish team leader, Ricardo Delgado Martin, he refers to potential REMEDIES to help flush some of this poison out of your system, if you have already taken the “shots”.

Like Dr. Fuellmich, “There Is No Pandemic” hopes that the escalation of death and injury from these “Covid-19” shots doesn’t happen.  But it’s already happening, as we can see from our post reporting a 1,540% increase in risk of death by the “vaccinated”, supposedly from “Covid-19” (Sars-CoV-2, the mythical “lab escape”) versus those who remain non-vaccinated.  We therefore need to start looking for remedies.  In that regard, I would ask scientists and medical professionals, would the remedies proposed for the symptoms of disease labeled “Covid-19” also work on the same symptoms of disease caused by these Big Pharma injections?  I’m thinking of HCQ, antibiotics, Ivermectin, and other counter-measures.

Let’s begin compiling a list of remedies, and let’s find medical professionals with patients injured by the “shots” who might like to try these remedies to help them recover.

At 15 minutes into the video, Fuellmich is talking about the SCAMDEMIC and the pursuit of World Government by the wealthy.  The reality of this is easy to document.  Here are links that I compiled to pages in the UNPA and UNO web sites as of 9 April 2021, proving the fake pandemic is being used to demand official implementation of a world government.

  1. The UN & the UNPA are both using Covid-19 to try to convert the UN to an elected world government. https://bit.ly/3dU4swr

  2. The Campaign for a United Nations Parliamentary Assembly (UNPA) is using the Covid-19 scamdemic to push for world government. https://bit.ly/3cNqlhp Also see the UNPA timeline to world government: https://bit.ly/2PB9iWZ Step one to world government: French Revolution.

  3. UNPA timeline 2001: “The first International Conference of Chief Justices of the World meets in Lucknow, India, and supports the establishment of a world parliament ever since”. (Wonder what’s wrong with your country? Check the courts. Judicial treason.) https://bit.ly/3sNuA2c

  4. There’s a UN propaganda video at this page of the UN web site with a Covid spike-ball attacking the Earth: https://bit.ly/39Q5YhQ The UN’s English-language report paired with the video is loaded with appeals to Covid-19 to enhance the UN’s role: https://bit.ly/39NAQPV

  5. UN75 report: “While many worried that the pandemic would dampen the UN75 conversation, it had the opposite effect. The number of people who joined the initiative multiplied…. concerns about the lack of international cooperation to address COVID-19.” https://bit.ly/2PoWX8v

  6. The UN issues UN75 anniversary report hyping world government: “As COVID-19 reversed progress in human development and widened inequalities, many prioritised access to basic services and support to the hardest hit places and communities in the short-term” https://bit.ly/3rOO3OG

  7. Scamdemic for world government: “Guterres saw the UN’s 75th anniversary as an opportunity for the Organisation to listen directly to the people it serves. Even before the COVID-19 pandemic struck, the world faced a growing list of global challenges…” https://bit.ly/3rNHH1S

  8. A friend of the UNPA: “… urgently ask national leaders and inter-national institutions to take lessons from the Coronavirus crisis. … reinforcing regional institutions, reforming the United Nations … through the creation of a UN Parliamentary Assembly.” https://bit.ly/3cOG53L

  9. A friend of the UNPA: “As a response to the coronavirus pandemic, a new manifesto launched by the Argentinian civil society organization Democracia Global …. calls for … “shared sovereignty, coordination and cooperation at the global level” … https://bit.ly/39FOnc2

  10. A friend of the UNPA: “After this pandemic we cannot afford to lose this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to organise and demand—as united people—a global parliament based on a universal global constitution capable of taking care of every global challenge in the common good.”

  11. A friend of the uNPA: “The world needs to transcend the Westphalian system of independent states to a world federation to deal with global issues such as coronavirus pandemic….by the norms and standards set by its Parliamentary Assembly.” https://bit.ly/3t1oZVO

Please notice, Justin Trudeau is a signatory of the UNPA’s demand for a one-world government in which a nominal “elected” council would act as camouflage for the oligarchs.

Justin Trudeau is aiming at World Government
Justin Trudeau is aiming at World Government

And Trudeau is implementing the sinister injections, the sinister lockdowns.  He is mandating and stage-managing all the props that alone give an aura of reality to the fake pandemic the globalists are using to take power.

Canadian supporters of World Government are here, click on this link to check out the traitors in alphabetical order:

The UNPA for An World Assembly

Justin Trudeau signs petition for a world government
Justin Trudeau signs petition for a world government

If you click on page 8 at the bottom of that search result, you will find the corrupt Mr. Trudeau signed this petition in favor of an elected world government on 21 July 2010:

A world government necessarily destroys the last vestige of Canada.  It overthrows the Parliament of Canada because our Constitution states clearly:

IV. Legislative Power
Marginal note:  Constitution of Parliament of Canada

17. There shall be One Parliament for Canada, consisting of the Queen, an Upper House styled the Senate, and the House of Commons.”

You can find the original quote here at this lovely, Canadian patriotic web site that looks like a box of soap suds.

That is legislative language.  Legislative language is a command.  In addition, the word “shall” is compulsory.  The Parliament of Canada is THE one and only Parliament for Canada, the highest and last authority.  It is permanent.  It cannot be removed.  There is no power higher in our country than the Parliament in Ottawa.

The Parliament of Canada in Ottawa
The Parliament of Canada in Ottawa
A world government would overthrow our Parliament to subject our country to global rule, not self-rule.  It would be foreign rule by a foreign power comprised of oligarchs of every other country, and Canadians would be subjugated on our soil to that foreign power.

Elected and appointed officials of Canada who have signed the UNPA in pursuit of a world government are advocates of high treason.  They are traitors.  Their oaths to sit and vote laws for Canada are void.  And don’t think they don’t know it.  They know.  They just rely on you, and me, and every other Canadian to be ignorant about it.

2 thoughts on ““This Vaccine Is About Control” – Reiner Fuellmich (Jerm Warfare 06.29.21)”

  1. I think this might be related to our problem because this program could explain why they pushed COVID-19 tests and other things I listed below. I listed below. DARPA NOW PROGRAM.

    DARPA published information about a program called Next-Generation Nonsurgical Neurotechnology high-resolution, portable neural interface system capable of reading from and writing to multiple points in the brain at once. Such a noninvasive system would extend the power of advanced neurotechnology to able-bodied individuals and could support future Department of Defense efforts to improve human-machine teaming.

    This technology sounds like a candidate for how they will implement the
    WEF TRANSHUMANISM HUMAN 2.0 – People connected to the IOT & IOB.

    Emergency authorization act might take care of legal & ethical issues mentioned in this document.

    PCR test used to get samples of DNA so they can target individuals with this technology.

    Vaccines might have something that amplifies this technology.

    This could be the reason they are so eager to build infrastructure to support controlling us even though their own reports say 5G will damage our eyes and other soft tissues.

    DARPA is being similarly proactive in considering the ethical, legal, and social dimensions of more ubiquitous neurotechnology and how it might affect not only military operations, but also society at large. Independent legal and ethical experts advised the agency as the N3 program was being formed, and will continue to help DARPA think through new scenarios that arise as N3 technologies take shape. .


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