Horrifying: Professor Andreas Noack (Germany) says Covid shots contain Graphene (Hydr)oxide: “Nano-razorblades”

6 thoughts on “Horrifying: Professor Andreas Noack (Germany) says Covid shots contain Graphene (Hydr)oxide: “Nano-razorblades””

  1. These killer guys will soon meet the really bad guys. They are just learners. They have no idea how much they. And theirs, will suffer. From now on.

  2. been seeing confirmation for days now. Little slow on uptick but much more so now. He was murdered for exposing them. And he implimented the means to expose them by downliading the research of his and Campras. Print it and give to shooters . Now they know and are implicit.

  3. Mʏ гelatives all thе time say that I am killіng my time here at web, but I know
    I am getting know-how daіly by reading such
    fastidious articles.

    1. You’re gaining knowledge and unlike the others you’re aware of what ‘they’ dont want you to know. They just want you to queue up like the rest of them believing it’s just a shower! I find i can’t be bothered with small everyday talk, the kind you get at social events . There is sooo much going on, sooooo much evil we need to surround ourselves with likeminded people. I havent watched television for about 6 years (didnt watch that much before hand) so much more on the www. I seriously think theres something about these ‘smart’ devices they are pushing out to us apart from the spying and tracking. The fools talking to this devices telling them to remind them of this n that etc. I think these television have subliminal messages of course we dont see. Also posters (just as the film They Live) Oh to have a pair of those glasses!!!! (reckon theres some truth in that!)

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