Quebec Woman Dies From Blood Clot After Getting Astrazeneca Vaccine 27/04/2021


CHRISTIAN DUBE:  “I think this is sad, because every death… this is very sad. But I don’t think it change the program at all. In fact, WE WERE EXPECTING to have those COMPLICATIONS… but that’s the PRICE of vaccination.”

Yes, the Quebec “government” is willing to PAY with YOUR LIFE for its “vaccination” program. Whereas, there are many known preventives and cures for serious genuine cases of severe flu or pneumonia. HCQ, L-Lysine, high-dose Vitamin C, Vitamin D, SUNSHINE.

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  1. Looking around at the multitude of “adverse reactions” to the cv jabs and the fact that the jabs do not prevent disease or its transmission but are actually creating disease, it’s clear that there is another agenda at play in this push to inoculate the whole world. I completely believe and agree with Yeadon’s assessments and I’m very disheartened that he has been maligned and denigrated so horribly because he has spoken out. They say if you catch flack you are over the target. He is definitely over the target along with a handful of other brave individuals who risk their careers for the truth. Thank you for bringing his message and let’s hope many are not fooled by the ‘fact checkers’ or the MSM, and listen to this voice of reason and truth.

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