Karen Kingston Has Fled to Mexico. She Claims Her Life Is Threatened for Exposing Pfizer’s mRNA Shots, Urges Sheriffs to Seize the Injections

(Update (17 September 2023): Karen finally showed up and apologized for the concern caused.)

Karen Kingston, a former Pfizer employee, has been warned by security experts that her life is in real danger (from Obama and Hillary Clinton who really run the Biden putsch) for warning about the mRNA shots.

Kingston has been airing her professional opinion based on actual documentation from Big Pharma and government.

She is currently not well, seems to have two black eyes in this video, and claims to have been poisoned repeatedly via water bottles, etc.  She has fled to Mexico where she still is not safe.  As to her ill appearance, keep in mind that she also recently released the news on LinkedIn that she had caught malaria:  “Last Week I Went Hiking in a Jungle in Mexico and Got Malaria”.  (You can prevent that today, Karen.  Preparation.)  She doesn’t seem to think ahead for her own health and safety; in particular as she now complains she had been repeatedly poisoned; but if you have “discernment”, you would realize that you should not eat or drink anything you haven’t personally controlled, if you plan to denounce international powers, self-appointed and otherwise.  Nonetheless, TINP wishes her well, and we hope she makes a full recovery from all her health issues.

Continuing to issue her urgent warnings to seize the shots, Kingston speaks out from Mexico, urging people to wake up.  She calls on Sheriffs to seize the injections and remove them from communities to stop the rising toll of death and injury.

Kingston is addressing her own countrymen, the American people; but her message is equally for everyone.

You can find Karen Kingston on LinkedIn.

Karen Kingston on LinkedIn 11 August 2023
Karen Kingston on LinkedIn 11 August 2023

At her LinkedIn page, Kingston describes herself as follows:

“Karen Kingston is a pharmaceutical, medical device and biotech analyst. She has over 20 years of experience in business development, marketing, scientific writing, sales, public speaking, and strategic consulting. As an executive strategist, her clients range from start-ups to Fortune 500 leaders, including Allergan, Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson, Medtronic, and Thermo Fisher Scientific. She has developed key messaging, business plans, pricing strategies, global campaigns, go-to-market strategies, and other core marketing assets for inline products and blockbuster launches.

She began her career as a top performing Pfizer sales representative in NYC and was quickly recruited to the marketing side of the business. She played an integral role in the re-launch of VIAGRA shifting the focus to younger men and empowering patients to speak to their doctors about Viagra. She has led sales training, marketing and communication workshops and has appeared on FOX, MSNBC, and CBS as the spokeswoman and Director of US Marketing for InnoVision Labs.

In 2007, Karen founded Varitage. She specializes in improving lead generation, nurturing, and conversion for B2B and B2C customers. Karen works closely with her clients and team to provide actionable insights to make real-time, well-informed strategic decisions that result in significant improvements across critical marketing KPI’s.”

Nota bene.  TINP does not have the qualifications at this point to agree or disagree with many of Karen Kingston’s statements concerning Dr. Malone, for example; and we express no opinion on those points, nor do we necessarily adopt any of Ms. Kingston’s views, except the view that the mRNA shots are deadly bioweapons and should be removed from circulation.

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