Black-eyed “Pandemic Babies”:  Children of Vaxxed Parents are Especially Different (Quinta Columna Reacts #01) (September 2021)


ON PANDEMIC BABIES (Quinta Columna React)


Videos of the first babies being born after 9 months since the vaccination campaign began in December are appearing.

Especially in the UK and the US.

So, what midwives are seeing when both parents are inoculated with this substance: with graphene.

Which we know affects sperm motility.

Hormonal regulation in women at the level of the hypothalamus.  And, in men too.  It affects spermatogenesis in men.

For whatever reason, if there’s a conception of pregnancy — which is unlikely to happen because of infertility, as we were talking about before — what we’re seeing is that babies that are born look weird.  Strange.

It’s something like a stage similar to a reduction in IQ.

Something close to the trisomy of chromosome 21.

Between Down syndrome and a relatively average person in IQ.

With features similar to Down syndrome, without being Down syndrome.

And we’re already seeing at least a dozen cases that are being verified by midwives.

I have, over here, a video that we’ll show later. And it’s a relevant video, but, in addition, it’s in English.

Precisely, they’re videos of babies whose parentse are vaccinated.  Both of them.

But the images are shocking, considering that we’re seeing a baby.  However, it’s the midwife who’s talking.

We’ll see it later.

Go ahead, Sevillano.  Excuse me.


Okay.  I didn’t want to say much more.

Only that, regarding pregnancies, I’d like to know on what basis these people are saying that the vaccines are safe.

We don’t understand.

I mean, they start vaccinating at the end of 2020.

At the end of 2020, I think I remember they started vaccinating in the UK.  December…


They started on December 27th.


Let’s imagine that the children start to gestate there, at that time.

In other words, they already started mass vaccinations of populations.

And then, at the end of December, women started getting pregnant.

Well, children are being born now.  They’re being born now.

These children are being born in September.

On what basis have they been saying for 9 months that the vaccine is safe and can be injected into pregnant women?

Where have they studied that the vaccine is safe to be applied to populations of this magnitude?

On which pregnant women have they studied these vaccines before being able to authorize it in 2020?  2021, sorry.

These are nothing but lies.

Everything is a lie.

And they’re going to do whatever they want by lying because they’re the ones who say what to do.

They rely on the authority of science.

They have bought science because they pay the health professionals, and those do and say whatever they are asked to.

People will only transmit the message that comes from them.

But the serious issue here is that people are seeing it, and they don’t realize it.

You can’t give a pregnant woman almost anything.  Not even paracetamol.  And if they put pressure on me:  ‘No, don’t take too much, it may cause this and that…’

You have to measure everything with a magnifying glass and look at it carefully before giving medication.

And yet, it’s supposed — it hasn’t even been, let’s say — on the market for a year and a half.

And it happens that it can be given to pregnant women.

Hey, hey.

This disease only affected very old people.

What are they doing vaccinating pregnant women when it can be extremely dangerous for them?

And who have they tested it on?

On what and how many women have they tested it on to say that it’s okay to use it?

No, no, no.  No, no, no, no.

They just go ahead and vaccinate pregnant women.  Period.  And they don’t care about anything.


Well, as I say, you have to take this video with a grain of salt.

The translation of what the midwife says is that she sees that vaccinated parents’ babies are especially different.

However, until we have seen several cases, as happens with the issue of magnetism — there are millions of them right now — we take it with a grain of salt, as we say.

Here it goes.


Let me tell something to you.

If you don’t have a pandemic baby, then you cannot sit with me.

Do you understand what I mean?

These new pandemic babies are built different.  Completely different.

If I have had my last baby that I had during a pandemic, first, I’d be the child of one mother.

I mean, I’d be the mother of one child.

I wouldn’t have three because they are built different.  I’m trying to tell you they are built different.

They’re not like these other kids.  They come out with an attitude.

If I have had her first, I would only have one child, I’m telling you.

So, if you don’t have a 2020 baby or a 2021 baby, you can’t sit with me.

Don’t talk to me.  Leave me the fuck alone.  Get out of my face.

Because you don’t know the struggle of having a pandemic baby.

Like I said…

TINP:  Comment on the “advanced” development of the black-eyed babies.  It is my understanding that human infants develop much more slowly than infants of animals because this gives time for intelligence to develop.  In video #01, La Quinta Columna noticed something like a stage of reduced IQ, reduced intelligence.  This may correspond to the faster physical development.  Only time will tell.

It will be interesting to know why the pandemic babies have black eyes.  Is it because of the graphene oxide in the “Covid” injections?

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