Toxicology vs Virology – Rockefeller Institute and the Criminal Polio Fraud

Source:  Dr. Sam Bailey

Just A Reminder

1.  The Rockefeller Foundation in 2010 imagined 4 “scenarios” for increasing global centralization of control toward a world government.  Scenario Number 4 was a “flu” pandemic originating in China, spread by geese migrating around the globe.

2.  Dr. Astrid Stukelberger has reported that the binding International Health Regulations (IHR) were IGNORED by the WHO, that require identification of “patient zero” and the elimination of all potential sources of illness, including chemical, food-borne and radiation, before declaring a viral epidemic or pandemic.  This was not done regarding the alleged Sars-CoV-2 virus, which was only assumed (imagined) either to have leaked or to have been released; entirely based on information coming out of Communist China, without any proof.  All we had were Hollywood-grade images of trucks spraying bleach in the streets of Wuhan, and men in moon suits dragging screaming people from their apartments to be taken supposedly to quarantine.  We also had a report from The Guardian that people cried “It’s fake!  It’s all fake!” from the windows of apartment buildings as Chinese authorities strolled below.  What did they mean when they screamed “It’s all fake!”?

3.  La Quinta Columna’s Dr. Ricardo Delgado summed up 20,000 hours of work by his research team on identifying the contents of the injection fluid promoted and imposed on human beings world-wide in a 10-minute video.  Symptoms of “Covid-19”, including pneumonia, are also produced by highly toxic graphene-oxide.  Delgado’s team has found graphene oxide to be the main ingredient in the “Covid-19” “flu” injections; and the hazard is multiplied when the recipient of the shot is physically exposed to electromagnetic radiation including from cell phones and other mobile devices, cell phone towers, and 4G and 5G emissions.

5G was rolled out precisely as “Covid-19” was declared to be a pandemic, without eliminating radiation as a possible cause of the illness.  Why would the WHO ignore the International Health Regulations (IHR) that require all potential causes of an alleged disease to be tested for and excluded before announcing a pandemic, which is then “treated” with repeated graphene-oxide injections that produce the “Covid” symptoms?  And why did the WHO also ignore the IHR requirement that the dangerousness and contagiousness of a “virus” be determined before announcing a pandemic?  The world media were declaring the “virus” “deadly” while stirring up terror but admitting they didn’t know if the “virus” was “contagious”.

Deliberate release of an allegedly deadly pathogen hardly makes any sense when the perpetrators live on the same planet as the rest of us, and anything so allegedly dangerous could kill them or their loved ones, if those psychopaths are even capable of love.  Accidental release might have occurred, but the timing is a bit too much of a coincidence, given EVENT 201 right then “predicting” a “pandemic” and even giving the unknown illness its name of “Covid-19”.

The suspicious coincidence of an alleged viral leak from the Wuhan lab, right at that time, behind closed borders under control of the criminal communist Chinese regime, who are butchers of their own people, and who benefited economically from world-wide lockdowns that killed western markets, should sound an alarm that we must not accept announcement of a “pandemic” by red-Chinese friend, the Communist Mr. Tedros, at face value.

Therefore, in the absence of any overwhelming objective proof of Sars-CoV-2 ever being in general circulation, TINP continues to criticize the mere assumption of a virus on the loose.  In particular, we know that government-controlled medical labs (like those in Quebec) were ordered in writing not to conduct autopsies, but to declare deaths as “Covid-19” deaths.  In other words, labs were ordered NOT to find the real cause of death, but to fabricate it.

We know the PCR is not diagnostic, but it was abused world-wide to fake the appearance of “cases” and “infections” where there are none.  These fake figures, boosted daily, served to terrorize national populations into accepting graphene-oxide injections.  The result has been astronomical tolls in death and “injury” caused by the injections.

We know that hospitals including those in the US were paid, meaning they received financial incentives, to “diagnose” illness as being “Covid-19” and were paid again an enormous amount to intubate their “patients”, a procedure that usually results in death.  With so much money and influence floating around to control the Covid-19 narrative, why would we assume that alleged instances of “isolation” of Sars-CoV-2 from patients has not been equally incentivized.  Furthermore, the “isolation” had to be done BEFORE the scamdemic was announced, and not after, according to the International Health Regulations.

Keep in mind the toxic influence of The Rockefeller Foundation, and all their allies, when considering whether “Covid-19”, a bundle of symptoms announced but not proven to be connected to infection by Sars-Cov-2, is a real disease, really caused by a virus.  Millions of people get sick everyday, many with some or all of the symptoms ascribed to Covid-19.  The scamdemic of 2020+ has been used by the same cabal of elites to tighten their rope around the public’s neck as these elites continue to demand our surrender to their planned world government.

The corrupt political regimes running our countries as puppets of the World Economic Forum that co-hosted EVENT 201, and is working toward world government, now using “Covid-19” as the excuse, while pushing the fake pandemic and the injections upon hapless populations; the idiots leading our medical and academic institutions, and our major corporations, and our armed forces who all ordered their men and women to take the injections or lose their jobs, should be lined up, charged and tried for aggravated criminal assault and mass murder, reserving all rights for damages.

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