Doctor Exposes COVID Shots, THREATENED by Communist Medical Mafia

Rumble — Dr. Wesley Granger has been practicing medicine for more than thirty years, and now he’s become the face of the anti-forced vaccination movement there. Literally: He’s put his face on a billboard there, protesting against vax mandates.

In a recent interview with a local news source, Granger said that, quote, “It is a God-given right to control what goes into our bodies and if we can’t, then we are no longer free.”

Dr. Granger says that in 32 years of medicine, he’s never seen such a sudden surge of heart attacks, strokes, and neurological issues from patients who never showed any problems or risk factors beforehand.

For saying that, and for voicing his opinion on the vaccine publicly, Granger and his fellow doctors are getting menaced by the state’s medical licensing board, which is warning that spreading “misinformation” about Covid-19 could cost doctors their licenses.

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1 thought on “Doctor Exposes COVID Shots, THREATENED by Communist Medical Mafia”

  1. Mississippi’s Department of Health director, Thomas Dabbs and the Mississippi Medical Association, have denied access to Ivermectin. Refusing people the freedom to make their own health decisions, is draconian, barbaric and communistic. As a native Mississippian now a Florida resident, I am appalled by doctors who deny patients access to effective treatment options, other than the vaccine. A Mississippi relative is in the process of recovering from covid. He received the monoclonal antibodies and thankfully through the FLCCC Alliance, I was able to obtain a prescription for Ivermectin. The task of acquiring Ivermectin has produced a ‘medical speakeasy’ environment. Private phone calls avoiding social media not to reveal who provides prescriptions and the pharmacies that dispenses Ivermectin for off label use. We must be in North Korea and NOT the United States of America! Medical freedom is the right of the individual, not the government and not the employer. Dr. Dabbs, are Mississippi dialysis clinics reporting dialysis machine issues, among their vaccinated patients? Blood from the vaccinated seem to be clogging dialysis machines across the country, is the same happening in Mississippi dialysis clinics? VAERS reported 780,000 and counting of serious vaccine injuries and thousands of deaths after the vaccine. Is the Mississippi Medical Association following up with these statistics? Have Mississippi doctors increased Vitamin D3 dosages among the African American communities, since a study linked low vitamin D levels and covid deaths? Thank you Dr. Granger for standing up for medical freedom! America is behind you!

    Sylvia Williams BSPH
    Public Health Specialist
    FSU Juris Masters Graduate student
    UF Master’s of Science Graduate student
    Destin Florida

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