Warning:  Scotia Bank Suddenly Requires Account Holders to Own a Canadian Mobile Number for Banking (22 August 2022)

Scotia Bank Sudeenly Requires Account holders to own a Canadian mobile number for banking

You are Gulliver, in Gulliver’s Digital Travels.  The Little People are tying you down, one tether at a time.  They can’t take you on until they tie you down.  Tell them you WILL NOT COMPLY.

Gulliver: Tell Them You Will Not Comply
Gulliver: Tell Them You Will Not Comply



  • First, they got you tied to your cell phone with your COVID-19 VAXX PASS.

  • Then, they got you tied to your cell phone with your COVID-19 CONTACT TRACING app.

  • Now, they need to tie you to your cell phone with your BANK ACCOUNT.

Scotia Bank is closely allied to the federal government of Justin Trudeau, in fact, to the federal government, period.  Scotia owns Tangerine Bank, an entirely online bank where “customer service”, outrageously, is handled in Facebook, Twitter, and other social media.

Customer service used to be handled through an email form inside the Tangerine bank account, with a reply to your email account that an answer was waiting in your online bank account.  At least, that had the veneer of privacy.

Then, one day, the in-account messaging disappeared.  Account holders were notified that to have their issues dealt with, they must use social media!  Yeah.  American  social media, including Twitter and Facebook, owned by tyrants and technocrats with ties to DARPA, for example.  That is already a pretext to CHILL your opinions.  You’ll be much less likely to post a view that Twitter or Facebook will use to block your account, because you don’t want to lose your “Customer Service” to your online “bank”.


I got my Tangerine account a couple of years ago.  I signed up online.  At the end, I was given a bar code number to copy down and bring to any Canada Post office or substation.  Canada Post is a federal government Crown Corporation.

A Canada Post service point
A Canada Post service point
The Canada Post clerk (who usually loses my mail on purpose) then checked my ID papers, and as she already knew who I was, and the papers looked right, she scanned my bar code number, instantly activating my new Tangerine bank account directly from the Post Office.

Federal government employees are therefore acting as temporary staff for Tangerine Bank.

The lesson here is that Scotia Bank, that owns Tangerine, and Tangerine, are in a fascist relationship with the federal government of Canada.  Banking is supposed to be private.  Ha!  Not any more.  A federal government agency knows precisely where you are putting your money, and has a record of the day, time, and bar code their clerk scanned to authenticate your bank account.

Tangerine is an awful account.  There are many glitches, programming incompetence, and it has cost me a fortune this year alone, trying to use this account that has blocked me from withdrawing cash on rent day no fewer than three times since January 2022.

Each time Tangerine blocked my withdrawal, the account had already been topped up with my revenues, and the balance was over double the amount I needed to cash out.  However, every single time Tangerine declined to let me pull my own cash from the ATM, the pretext was a nasty lie broadcast over the ATM monitor:  “Insufficient funds” or “Insufficient clear funds“.

Proof of the lie was that I had a camera in my pocket (a real camera, I always leave my phone behind), and I immediately took my laptop to a coffee shop with wifi and sent myself the funds via Western Union, at a $20 transfer fee.  The funds were available for Western Union, but not for the ATM?

Today, another “glitch” in Tangerine.  I bought a book on sale online for $1.00 (one US dollar) plus shipping, for a total of under $8.00 USD.  I have over $100 CAD in my checking account today.  Tangerine “declined” the transaction!  Glitch?  Maybe it’s a glitch today.  Tomorrow, they might not like the book I’m buying.  “Learning Legal Rules” by James Holland and Julian Webb.  My government might not want me to know any legal rules.

Anyway, to pay for that book, I had to use my new Scotia Bank account that I opened in February 2021.  On logging in to verify my funds before re-purchasing my book, a window popped up with a notice, the screenshot you see above.

Scotia Bank now requires a bank account holder to own a Canadian mobile phone.  Why?  The current excuse is two-step authentication.

The reality is digital “money”.  They want to tie my banking to my mobile phone, the way they do in Red China, where billions of dollars of account holders’ money has been stolen in recent months by banks blocking their accounts to confiscate the funds.

There have been riots, or attempted riots; but the cell phones of the Chinese people are equipped with Covid tracking apps which are now being used by their Communist dictatorship to deny them public transit or rail access, to get to the bank that stole their money, in order to protest.

All of us who have been paying attention know that Trudeau is in love with Red China’s “basic dictatorship”.  Intriguingly, the federal government’s “partner”, Scotia Bank, that owns Tangerine Bank, declares three main languages for “Customer Service”:  English, Cantonese and Mandarin.

So, aside from being tied at the hip, in a fascist manner, to the federal government, Scotia also appears to be tied to the Red Chinese.  Because, after all, the languages of Canada are English and French, not English and Cantonese.

Scotia must be catering to Chinese languages because Scotia is international, and Red China is a big market.

So, I completed logging in to my Scotiabank account, paid for my book, and gave Scotia Bank the following “Feedback” on their “requirement”.  And I’m telling you this because I’m urging you to do likewise.

Hello.  As I logged in today, I got a notice window stating that a MOBILE PHONE will soon be REQUIRED to do my banking.  If that’s the case, I’ll be changing BANKS or finding some other way to handle my MONEY.  Linking a CELL phone to a BANK account as a “requirement” is the basis of the Red Chinese Communist Technocratic Social credit score system and the future DIGITAL replacement for all currencies under a global central banking system with undemocratic, unconstitutional tyrannical controls on opinions, social activities, and spending, including the power to digitally “erase” one’s money from one’s bank account if one’s “behaviour” and “views” are not acceptable to the tyrants.  You have absolutely no right to demand a mobile phone from me to maintain a bank account.  I’m right now looking at getting my tiny amount of funds out of there. And I’ll have to find another way to handle my mother’s inheritance when it comes in.  Goodbye, good riddance.


Their survey form concludes by asking how they can do better. I said:

“DROP your mandate requiring a mobile phone to own a bank account. Whether I own a phone of any kind or not is NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS.”

It all starts very slowly.  First, you are told to use your cell phone with your bank account.  Then when your child is born, you are told by your government what your child’s cell phone number for life is going to be.


Would you wear a nose-ring to access your bank account?
If your bank said, you need to put a hole in your nose, and wear a nose ring to use your bank account, would you do it?  Smart phone, same thing.




Tangerine trying to grab my PHONE by locking me out of my account 24 Aug 2022
Tangerine trying to grab my PHONE by locking me out of my account 24 Aug 2022

Watch out!  If you have Tangerine Bank, beware.  They are trying to grab your mobile phone number by stealth.  The Banksters need your mobile phone number LINKED to your bank account, to cancel REAL money and substitute the Social Credit Score system and Digital ID linked to your cell phone.

International BankstersLast night, I tried to login to my Tangerine account and was blocked by a FAKE “Security Check”.  See the image above.  Tangerine wanted me to prove who I am by filling out a form with data they supposedly already have and can check against.  This never happened before.  It wasn’t a real “security check”.  It was a dirty trick to con me into giving up my mobile number to link it to my bank account.


I filled in all the other details on the FAKE “Security Check”, because Tangerine already has them.  I did not fill in the mobile.  Tangerine wouldn’t let me log in.  I dropped that page, went back to Home and started my login over again.  This time, no FAKE “Security Check” and I got in, no trouble.


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    1. Wait! There’s an update. Yesterday evening, Tangerine Bank, owned by Scotia, made a grab for my mobile number by locking me out of my account for a “security check”. Dirty buggers! Tangerine then showed me a list of info I had to fill in to login. Top of the list, my mobile. No request to register, no permission asked, just a dirty trick. Well, I dropped the page and went back to the login to start over. I got in without another fake “security check”. Be on the watch! The Banksters want to steal your mobile! In order to kill real money.

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