Catherine Austin Fitts: The (Covid) Pandemic is a Front for a Global Financial Coup that Needs “Vaccine Passports” to Implement the New Digital “Currency”

You can skim past Dell’s self-promotion at the start and end, and focus on the brilliant ex-banker, Catherine Austin Fitts, whose message is fundamental and urgent for us all right now.


1. The “vaccine passports” are required not for health at all, but to implement the new global digital “currency” (control) system.

2. You can “starve the enemy” by NOT dealing with the top 21 super-corporations that are pulling off the global coup.

Catherine refers you to her web site, SOLARI REPORT, and what to look for so as to cut “Mr. Global” out of your life to the maximum extent, and thereby “starve the enemy” by depriving him of business.

This film is worth watching over and over.  Let it sink in.

6 thoughts on “Catherine Austin Fitts: The (Covid) Pandemic is a Front for a Global Financial Coup that Needs “Vaccine Passports” to Implement the New Digital “Currency””

  1. THE biggest scam ever covid 19 of corona WORLDWIDE LOOKING EVERY DAY NUMBERS FROM WHO DASHBOARD SHEEP WAKE UP numbers today from who dashboard

  2. This Forced Injection of a devil sacrament situation is getting out of hand. Reference Vigano & Austria. I will fight to the death to defend myself as there is no vaccine, it is an mRNA GMO created using A Horcrux of a Ritual Tortured Human Innocent, consumed to avoid death, to make the recipient UNdead, eternally unable to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Injectinated d o t c o m .

  3. What an amazing BRAVE whistleblower trying to help SAVE OUR WORLD!
    Love her!

    DEFUND Mr. Global, everywhere! Grr.
    Let’s TAKE BACK our lovely planet! ♡♡♡

  4. Hello samson, together we pull on the gaits together. You are getting close. Welcome Trust, Community trust, Community Centre. Community leaders, we are the water 💧. Ask Bruce the Lee. Lives in are hearts. Meek, probably murdered. No fea courageous . Next level of evolution. I am not the ego. I am the heart. The rose 🌹. The kundilini. The children need are help. Unconditional love respect and gratitude. Upping vibration to unlimited possibilities. In the golden light. The good energy is back. Unconditional love respect and gratitude. No going back. Forward. We have won. Joshua got trumpets 🎺 😳. Biblical. Jerusalem

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