Catherine Austin Fitts: The (Covid) Pandemic is a Front for a Global Financial Coup that Needs “Vaccine Passports” to Implement the New Digital “Currency”

You can skim past Dell’s self-promotion at the start and end, and focus on the brilliant ex-banker, Catherine Austin Fitts, whose message is fundamental and urgent for us all right now.


1. The “vaccine passports” are required not for health at all, but to implement the new global digital “currency” (control) system.

2. You can “starve the enemy” by NOT dealing with the top 21 super-corporations that are pulling off the global coup.

Catherine refers you to her web site, SOLARI REPORT, and what to look for so as to cut “Mr. Global” out of your life to the maximum extent, and thereby “starve the enemy” by depriving him of business.

This film is worth watching over and over.  Let it sink in.

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