Dr. Andrew Kaufman Debunks Official Covid Narrative (The Highwire)

5 thoughts on “Dr. Andrew Kaufman Debunks Official Covid Narrative (The Highwire)”

    1. Hello. I disagree. Russia has no legal authority to wage war in violation of international law, and to mass-murder hundreds of thousands of people in Ukraine. Putin claims that Ukrainians are ethnically Russians. Why is he killing his fellow Russians? The answer seems to be that he’s a globalist, a “Young Global Leader” under the wing of Klaus Schwab. Interesting video here, I think it makes that point. https://thenewamerican.com/putins-role-in-the-new-world-order/

  1. The u.s. has pushed and pushed and not kept their word to Russia for years, until now they have decided to stand up against bully America.

    At the beginning of this, I said (and continue to say), this time Ukraine is taking the hit America deserves. Next time, we might have to take it ourselves.

    The u.s. has apparently been doing horrific things in Ukrainian labs. Whether that has anything to do with why Russia decided to take action, I don’t know. There are other reasons for Russia to be concerned about what has been going on for many years due to u.s. influence and finagling.

    I do not give a blanket endorsement or approval of the Russian government or Russian policies, but I understand some of the frustration and reason for not wanting to put up with u.s. meddling any more. I live here and I’m sick of it too.

    Do I trust Putin? No
    Do I trust Zelenskyy? No way
    Do I trust Biden? Absolutely not

    Sometimes there is no “good guy,” just lots of bad guys.

    Sometimes there is a lot more going on than is easily discovered, and which the media will not talk about even if they know it.

    Sometimes you get to a point where you can’t put up with bullying any more. I know this from personal experience with neighbors who have been bullying and intimidating us for years.

    Sometimes there is a no win situation. To allow the status quo to continue is not a realistic option.

    I don’t claim to understand Putin’s complete mindset or reasoning, but there is plenty of reason to think there is justification for Russia to stick up for themselves.

      1. At least Paul Craig Roberts, in the article you linked, defines what he means by fascism. However, he wrongly assumes we were ever “free”. Freedom was part of the illusion created to control and sway. As to Putin being a “good guy”, whoever makes war to slaughter innocent people in violation of international law is not a “good guy”. Also, as for what Putin may be doing, see: https://onceuponatimeinthewest1.wordpress.com/

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