BREAKING – EMERGENCY:  Dr. Astrid Stukelberger, PhD:  World Health Dictatorship by Treaty to replace the Constitutions of the Nations (20 February 2022)



Update:  Dr. Zukelberger’s opening presentation is now available in written French, in parallel with the English.  Also includes A Guide To a Pandemic Treaty. Free download in a zip file:

Dr. Astrid Stukelberger was one of several experts featured in the French-language docu-drama, HOLD-UP (2020), by Pierre Barnerias, director and writer.

Dr. Astrid Stukelberger in HOLD-UP
Dr. Astrid Stukelberger was one of several experts featured in the French-language docu-drama, HOLD-UP, by Pierre Barnerias.


The following is a transcript made on Wednesday, 23 February 2022, between 5h56 am and 3h31 pm of Dr. Astrid Stukelberger giving her main presentation of about 24 minutes’ length.  The video panel discussion continues but has not been transcribed.  Some of Dr. Stukelberger’s comments may need clarification.

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Alright, everybody.  This is a legal discussion.  This is why we mean business.  And having just watched everything that we’ve watched just now, my question is, what’s it going to take, how can any of this be legal?

Let’s go around and find out, everyone introduce yourself and tell us what is going on in your area of the world.  With a big question on everyone’s lips, HOW IS THIS LEGAL?

Um, we, let’s start with you, Astrid, because I know your time is special.


Uh, yeah, thank you, Polley, um  — so, yes, I’m — For people who don’t know me, I’m a public health international expert, uh, University of Geneva for thirty years, uh, and um, I have been  — because I’m in Geneva, I’ve been invited to the WHO several times as an expert, and uh, I’m not only on, um, uh, you know, ethics review committee board for four years  — for ageing, a lot  — uh, but, also, for three years I worked  — three years and a half, I worked on the pandemic preparedness plan and on the international health regulations implementation.

So, um, that’s how I can, uh, discuss this.

And, as the development of what is going on is pretty alarming, that’s why I’m invited to speak.  So, I can just make a wrap-up.

You know, or you don’t know, that the International Health Regulation is an obligation and it’s legally binding by all member states and it’s a hundred and ninety-uh-four  — just a second  — there were, uh, a hundred and ninety-six member states, and you have the Vatican and Lichtenstein that are observers.&nbso; [I may not have heard that correctly, it may have been “South Sudan”, not the Vatican.]

But, um, uh, what, it’s, um, really important, it’s, this International Health Regulation is, does not give the right to a Director General to give orders.

That what is going on now [the “Covid” crisis] has nothing to do with the International Health Regulation, the way it was done.

Um, there is a lot, uh, there are many articles in this International Health Regulation which are uh, human-rights based, where you can  — data privacy is a huge matter — uh, where transport has to be preserved at all costs.  Uh, that people cannot be obliged to be tested unless they are sick, etc.

So, what is going on now, since the beginning, for me, was exactly the opposite of what we were teaching, uh, regional um, epidemiologists, the focal points for member states and the international health, uh, WHO regional, uh, the regions.

And, from the beginning, I have to just make a quick wrap-up, uh, is that, um, what I noticed, and what I can really say now, is in a “decision tree” [efn_note]Dr. Stukelberger’s mother tongue seems to be French.  I therefore looked up “decision tree” in French, and found the term and the definition:  “arbre de décision“.  At this page, there is a definition:

[efn_note]”Qu’est-ce qu’un arbre de décision ?”  The basic definition then says:  “Un arbre de décision est un schéma représentant les résultats possibles d’une série de choix interconnectés. Il permet à une personne ou une organisation d’évaluer différentes actions possibles en fonction de leur coût, leur probabilité et leurs bénéfices.  Il peut être utilisé pour alimenter une discussion informelle ou pour générer un algorithme qui détermine le meilleur choix de façon mathématique.”  There is more on that page for those who are interested.  The definition in English would be:  “What is a decision tree?”  “A decision tree is a diagram representing the possible outcomes of a series of interconnected choices.  It allows a person or organization to evaluate different possible actions in terms of their cost, probability, and benefits.  It can be used to inform an informal discussion or to generate an algorithm that mathematically determines the best choice.”[/efn_note] of what is a pandemic, first, they of course changed the definition, and this is a systematic fraud on science.  They are changing scientific nomenclatura, uh, which we have always had.

So, uh, the first thing is, normally, when you have a pandemic like Sars-Cov-1 in China, when it happens, Sars-CoV-1, what happens is that Alert and Response receives alarms, uh, alerts of outbreaks, small outbreaks, and then, um, they have to validate, they have to study, validate, re-verify what it is, uh, the spreading, uh, the timeline, uh, where exactly did it burst (break out), and what is the contagiosity (contagiousness), uh, and, and, specifically  — and that’s where it doesn’t work at all, what they are doing  — is, we usually need a “Case Zero”  —

I was in charge of the case studies, and we had typologies and  — There are four typologies: infectious disease, zoonotic or not, uh, then it’s, uh, food-borne disease, then it is chemical, and then it’s radionuclear.  [efn_note]TINP:  I am presuming that Dr. Stukelberger means “nuclear radiation” (also called ionising radiation) is energy released as high-speed charged particles or electromagnetic waves. Radiation can come from many sources, both natural and manufactured. All living things are constantly exposed to low doses of radiation from rocks, sunlight and cosmic rays.[/efn_note]

And, in all cases, you have to understand “Where is the first case?”

Where did it boost, where did it burst (break out)?  What’s the origin?

And now, we know, and we start to know that this is man-made, because we don’t find this Case Zero.  We know it’s in 2019, but still, maybe it was before, because we  — if it’s man-made and it seems now pretty obvious, um  — [efn_note]TINP:  I believe there is an alternative view.  The fact that there is no “Patient Zero”, no “Case Zero”, can just as well mean there is no Sars-CoV-2 in circulation.[/efn_note]

— uh, we don’t have that.

The second, that is applied by all labs and scientific teams in the world when they suspect it’s a virus, they do the Postulates of Koch, Koch Postulates.  And they have to uh, purify, isolate the virus, we have to see it.  Uh, it has to be, uh, verified on contagiosity (contagiousness), which has not been done.  The contagious, uh, element has not been studied meticulously, you know, very in detail.  And also, what has not been done is causality.  Is, is this virus strain causing the same to every human being?

And, um, on top of it, the, the Sars-CoV-1  — as you know, coronaviruses are mutating all the time  — so, we could never, ever, in twenty years, find a vaccine because you cannot, it’s like the flu, you have to develop a vaccine for each flu.  You cannot, you know, so  —

So, there was a lot of completely, contradictions, with the way that you can prove that it is a virus or is it a chemical agent that is intoxicating the human being, which seems to be the case now with the “vaccine”, because we find metal, we find parasites, we find graphene oxide in high levels, and many other things.

So, the chemical has not been analysed.  The radionuclear and radiation element has not been analyzed.  Some teams have started to find some elements that are pretty worrying in irradiation, and I invite everybody listening to look at this closely.&nbs; [Dr. Stukelberger has just been referring to the injections distributed world-wide against the supposed “virus” that she seems to indicate has not been shown to exist with appropriate methodology in terms of the International Health Regulation, etc.]

Um, and if, you know, people don’t have the severe and acute irradiation, like some teams have, um, suspected  —

So, now, um, uh, when you have, um, you don’t find, if you find the virus, you have to still go through Annex Two [?] of this International Health Regulations where you have to look if this is an unusual or, um, a new strain, which it’s not, because we know coronaviruses, and it’s CoV-2 because there was a CoV-1, nobody talks about it.  And, and, you have to prove that this is, has a high lethality, it is serious; seriousness is defined by death and sickness.  And, it has not been.

In Sars-CoV-1, there 700 deaths and 8,000 people sick.  It went for eight months, it was over, and it touched and affected 24 countries.

So, we can, we have a comparative way to look how the Regulation was applied in Sars-CoV-1, and how Sars-CoV-2 has absolutely breached all the laws of, the law of emergency, because, uh, it is, uh, we, we know this coronavirus, we know there is no lethality when you, up to now, we know it is not more severe.

They were not supposed to change the travel, a travel ban is one of the worst things you can do, according to international health regulations, and touching also, um, the trade, uh and uh, human beings, um, uh, movement is also one of the last things they want you to do.  So, that’s why we, the Regulation was there to avoid that people stop their lives.

So, all that said, you see that the International Health Regulations has not only not been applied, but it has been breached by a campaign on research, that has become a vaccination campaign, um, as all of you know, legally  — I said that in one of the last symposiums we had.

Now, what is interesting is that, um, if you look at what they did, um, the WHO, they did not behave at all like a normal agency with member states deciding different things for different, um, epidemics, um, whether it is for, for labor, or for migrants, or for this, every country has the right to do differently, because the member states are different.

Here, no.  They have an RT PCR test standardized for everybodyIt has never happened.  They tried, you know, earlier, but in Sars-CoV-1, it was not there.  Now, they are trying to make this a standardization, and I’m really underlining  — if you analyze what they have done until now — they’re trying to standardize the procedures, the diagnostics, the uh, nomenclatura  —[efn_note]TINP:  The PCR is not diagnostic, as Dr. Stukelberger obviously knows; I think she is referring here to “diagnostics” while taking the obvious for granted, that the PCR is not diagnostic but is being standardized as though it were.[/efn_note]

They have changed not only, uh, epidemics to pandemics, it’s, you know in Science, you know that it’s, it’s, first it is an epidemic, and then you have to evaluate whether it is a pandemic, even in your country.  And this international law of emergency has been uh, uh, has been imposed to all countries instantly, and this is also unprecedented in an epidemic, pandemic.

Uh, normally, uh, it takes time to travel, it takes time to go, even the flu, it doesn’t happen instantly, at the same time, everywhere in the world.

And this is also what they are trying now, to make people believe — and if I’m saying this, it’s because they’re working now on a treaty on pandemic preparedness, uh, and prevention and preparedness plan, uh, the PPPR, a Regulation which should become a treaty, and this is very clear now, when you look at what they want to do, they want to standardize, and they want to do a nomenclatura that is the same for every country, no country can have a different opinion, and it’s instant!  And, I was thinking about it, just reading tonight, and I said, “Wow, this is, this is exactly what they want to do.”  It is “real-time pandemic“.

And, um, so, if you look at, that’s if, you see from where we come from, a Regulation that was adopted in 2005, by all member states, uh, in already, a very strange way, and this is where I’m going to come  — and, now, this IHR (International Health Regulation) has adoption, uh, no, uh, has been amended — uh, by Bill Gates, who is leading the vaccinations, clearly  — in 2016 when they made assessment of the global plan of vaccines, um, they have changed IHR to become more centralized and to become more standardized.

So, they were already preparing what is going on now.

So, I’m going to come to what is going on now.  This is what I have to say for lawyers, which is very interesting and unique, is that the WHO has a constitution.  I have looked into all the UN agencies — I’ve been an expert in many agencies in Geneva, you know, where, as an expert, or doing reports for them, etcetera.  And, it’s the only agency or specialized program with a constitution, not a convention, a constitution.

And um, this goes as far back as 1948 after the War, and we knew already there were sanitary (health) problems.  So, they had already seen that, uh, disease is a matter of concern for global security.  So, they have used that to become a constitution.

So, now. If you look at this constitution, there are very important articles that are used to change the International Health Regulations in a very quick manner.  And they can adopt, in the name of “global security”, or “insecurity” in health, something, an emergency, to adopt with Article 2, Article 19, and Article 20 and 21, I would say, um, and they can adopt, and that’s how they did IHR, 2005, they adopted it at the World Health Assembly, which happens every year, in May.  You have to understand that WHO is an agency under the United Nations family  — for those who don’t, don’t know.  They have an executive board, a secretariat, a Director General, and each year in May, third week, they meet and they decide about the destiny of global health.  Of  — every member state is there, with representatives, and you know, embassies, and permanent missions.

Now, so, if you look at this convention  — I invite everybody to really read the first page.  They define health, it looks all beautiful, under the UN Charter, which is very good and interesting for humans — uh, that, uh, the Article 2 is that in, uh, Articles (a) and (k), the WHO can propose any change in Regulations, uh, or, intervention (?), or an agreement.  So, that’s the first thing.

In this document of convention, there is the possibility to pull forward, or push forward, any agreement or convention, or this  — and I remind you that  — the framework of tobacco convention  — the framework of convention of tobacco control was done in, in a similar way.  So, have a look at that, because they pushed that (garbled) Bill Gates (garbled) private, but now it’s not, it’s with the private.  So, Article 2:  you propose.  Article 19, the way the vote goes.  So, you propose, uh, suggest, the World Health Assembly, General Assembly, in May, Article 19, if two-thirds of the member states agree, it is adopted.

So, it means  — and then, in Article 22, all member states have to accept if two-thirds have accepted, and um, they have to just give a notice of implementation time.  They did that with IHR, International Health Regulation.  It’s looking very slow, because it took 8 years.  And, in fact, during those 8 years, they reinforced the guard of what they wanted to do, which was ultimately the global plan of vaccine.

And that’s when, when the GAVI alliance came in, in 2009.  And then, in 2012, with its plan until 2020.

So, you see those articles are very, very worrying.

And Article 20, that’s even more worrying, is, um, that’s what the treaty is relying on, and I have, I have to read you a few things here because it’s too important.  Um, so the Health Assembly, uh, under Article 21, can have the authority to adopt a regulation concerning 1,2,3,4, 5 points.

But, the way, uh — we have to listen to the, the phraseology.  In French, we are very careful with that.  The way the words are used is no longer uh, “we assist”, “we support”, because normally, WHO, here, uh, you know, likes to support, uh, uh, an adult that is growing.  You see, it’s not a kid where you are directing them, it’s uh, a family, and they are supporting the efforts of member states.

Well, here, it’s changing a bit, direction, because they say, “authority”  — “the Health Assembly“, so all member states, two-thirds, can have the authority to adopt regulations concerning, number 1:  sanitary and quarantine requirements, and other procedures designed to prevent the international spread of disease.

The word prevention is used on and on.  You know, I’m an expert in prevention, but what I see is not prevention.  It is like pre-diagnostics of disease.  So, um, anyway.  So, that’s the first.  The (b) is  — and that’s important  — the nomenclature with respect to disease, causes of death and public health practice.  They can have authority, of (the) nomenclature of this, and you can see that within the Covid-19 crisis, they have done exactly thatThey had the authority to change the disease, you know, whether you say it’s a disease or not.  The cause of death, everybody has Covid, even the car accident; and, public health practice:  the procedure is PCR, take away the doctor, or pay him, and then you have no autopsy.

So, all the procedures have been already FALSIFIED, and under the treaty, it’s going to become a dictatorship.  It is why it’s so important.  Because they want to take off all the Constitutions of the world and say, “We have a constitution, member states don’t need it, because it’s under emergency, countries don’t need it.

So, that was just (a) and (b).  You know.  Quarantine and nomenclature.

(c) And that’s where we come to the two next points or standards.  So, first, standards.

They have the authority on standards with respect to diagnostic procedures, and, uh, for international useAnd this is where you see the PCR FRAUDWhich can become even worse, because they can have, now uh, they are doing genome editing, and everything is digital.  That’s their two aims.

They have produced two very important documents.  They have, last summer, on genome editing recommendations.  So, any, any diagnostic tool they would put that nobody understands, could become, a dictatorship to prove that you’re sick when you’re not.  Or, you know, so.

That is, uh, first standard, number (c), and number (d) is the standard with respect so safety, purity and potency of biological, pharmaceutical and similar products, moving in international commerce.

So, now we have a new word that we never see in WHO, it’s commerce.  This is the World Trade Organization, but not — we — the WHO is not a marketing agency that is selling vaccines, and this is why it is so alarmingWhat, what’s going on?!  The private sector took over.

So, the last one it that, proving the word commerce, and I don’t see it anywhere else in the convention.  It is, the World Health Assembly, has the authority um, to do, to adopt regulations concerning advertising and labeling, of biological, pharmaceutical, and similar products moving in international commerce.

Ok, so this is what the convention, I can, uh, you know, underline, what is going on in the convention.  And just tell you that as a procedure of the treaty, it’s, then, um, I can, I can stop, I don’t know how long I have left to go…

Um, so, just that you understand what is going on.  This treaty, um, can begin  — it’s very difficult to find it on the Internet now, because when you go, when you go, you can’t find it any more, so, I printed it, I can send it to you and, uh, you can, uh, you can have it all and study it all.  This is, this is how it looks, uh, it’s called like, it’s A Guideline to a pandemic, uh, to a, A Guide to a Pandemic Treaty.  It’s been done by, uh, somebody working at the University of Geneva Graduate Institute and Kickbusch, Ilona, which I know very well from WHO, she’s been very long, she was on mega cities[efn_note](could this be the WHO’s Healthy Cities Network?  Or could it be “Megacountries” at her own web site, in her CV[/efn_note], she was in Health in all Policies; I took courses with her also, she was doing a whole plan for One Health.  That’s another thing, they are standardizing health.  “One Health“, when it is more disease, uh, proving people they are sick their whole life.

So, the procedure is that, um, in, at the 74th World Health Assembly, 24 May 2021, almost a year ago (2021), they started a historical global agreement, uh, that they should do a Pandemic Prevention Preparedness and Response Guideline.

And, uh, it was adopted, of course, by everybody, because they had two-thirds there.  And that’s when they did a “Extraordinary World Health Assembly” in end of November, beginning of December (2021), um, which they consecrated  — or they, they focused on this Guideline I just showed you, A Guide to a Pandemic Treaty.  That was discussed.  And, in there, you see very clearly, that member states are no longer member states important.  Their importance is diminished, because there is already a convention.  Why have a convention, why, why, no, constitution, sorry  — why respect national constitutions if they have a health constitution for the world that is, uh, uh, that they’re trying to say that is sufficient, but also because, and you can witness that  — all those who are in the law of their national countries  — that they have managed to, uh, change  — every country has an emergency law where  — at least in Switzerland, in the, even in the constitution  — they have managed to slide in that, uh, if there is uh, an international health concern, uh, the WHO, or any international regulatory process, supersedes the Swiss constitution.

So, have a look.  In every country, there is an emergency law that helped them to lock down every country around the 16th, 17th of March when Dr. Fauci got this very famous email, “LOCK DOWN NOW“.  I don’t know if you got it, but there is one, in all his emails.

So, it is very clear that national member states are no longer member states.  They’re registered asenterprises“, uh, in different countries, and they’re acting like CEO’s of companies, and not, uh, representatives of, members, of the people.

And this is why we have to act very quickly.  We have to act and ask, um, before the next meeting — and the next meeting they have, is on 1st March 2022 — where they have, uh, in the executive board of January (2022), WHO, they have created an “intergovernmental negotiating body“.  They call it like this because they have put in “intergovernmental“, but they have also “non-state actors“, they, they call it “non-state actors“, “private sector” is the same.

Um, they have this body to agree on the ways of working on this treaty, and on the timelines.  So, in this treaty guide, it’s written that from the moment they agree on the procedure, they can, uh, start deciding.

So, it is very dangerous, because, uh, between all those timelines, they could start implementing.

At the 1st of August 2022, they say, uh, they want to discuss the progress of the working draft, and then they would deliver a report in a year, at the World Health Assembly of 2023, and have it all adopted and in place in 2024.

So, this, this is, uh, what they want to do, and we should, uh, just have to react to this.  There are many ways.  The only that I know about, before Christmas, that reacted, was an NGO from Russia.  It was Russia who put the alarm on and said, we, every mem, uh, every country should have people, or their state, or people saying, “We don’t agree at all with the constitution, with what WHO is doingWe refuse, uh, to, uh, adopt this.”

Take a copy to your countrymen.  Take a copy to the Secretary General of the UN, to the Director General of WHO, and even to the head of the Human Rights Commission, for whatever uh, validity this has, or even to Reiner Fuellmich with the Grand Jury, uh, I think this would be a very good move, uh, to try to stop this process as soon as possible.

That ends the main monologue of Dr. Astrid Stukelberger, but I encourage you to watch the video at 24 minutes onward, as the conversation continues.


TINP:  Remember that in criminal law, in Canada, you are required to be presumed innocent until proven guilty.  But under the two-year staged “Covid crisis”, and the intended Treaty to become a world constitution to supersede your national constitution, you are presumed sick until you prove you are healthy.  We have already seen it happen non-stop for two years in Canada.  People being kidnapped into quarantine hotels (rape hotels) and held against their will and forcibly isolated and tested until they are allowed to leave.

This will become permanent if they succeed in turning the Guide to a Pandemic Treaty into the Treaty itself, which then will become a world constitution.  There will then be permanent arbitrary recurring detention and assault with endless fraudulent PCR tests and lockdowns.  You will be held a hostage, in quarantine, or denied you your job or your travel and mobility rights, until by pure Russian Roulette, you happen to “pass” one or two of the fake Brain-Swab Tests.  Or unless you give in to their criminal injections to destroy your genome and natural immunity.  Injections that will undoubtedly anyway become mandatory.

We have THUGS in the Parliament and Legislatures, we don’t have “government”.

TINP – our interpretation, our understanding of what Dr. Stukelberger has said, in point form, is that:


The presentation above by Dr. Astrid Stukelberger, that opens the panel discussion, suggests the following conclusions to TINP.  These are my conclusions, Dr. Stukelberger may or may not agress.

  1.   Our governments have been enforcing horrific conditions on us for two years, outside of the applicable international law, in defiance of International Health Regulations (IHR) in place for our protection.  These IHR prohibit obliging people to be tested unless they are sick.  They prohibit interfering with human mobility and transportation.  These International Health Regulations are designed to preserve the normal lives and activities of human beings.  But, for two years, we have been assaulted with threats that if we don’t accept chemical injections, we will never get back to “normal”:  we will never shop, travel, visit with family and friends, hold a job, go to a movie, go to church, sit in a restaurant.

  2.   These International Health Regulations (IHR) provide and direct the implementation of appropriate, scientific methods and procedures for determing whether there is an epidemic, and whether it has escalated into a pandemic in any given country.  The IHR also provide the procedures for determing the type of sickness, if any (zoonotic, food-borne, chemical-induced, or caused by radiation, etc., etc.), but none of these procedures has been followed for the so-called “Covid crisis”, either before the WHO “announced” the world pandemic, or at any time after the WHO had declared it.  As a consequence, that Declaration by the WHO was illegal.  And, in addition, the Director General of the WHO has no legal authority to give orders.  So, all orders given, and implemented in “lock step” by our world governments, have been unlawful.

  3.   And if our governments cannot produce evidence for us of a “Case Zero” and proof of the existence of the alleged virus, and of its alleged contagiousness, that is because none of the International Health Regulations (IHR) were followed in proceeding to announce the “Covid crisis”, which appears to have been entirely staged without any legal grounds or scientific truth or foundation.

  4.   There has been PCR fraud, and “systematic scientific fraud“, the deceitful altering of scientific terminology (nomenclature) during the so-called “Covid crisis”, and fraudulent use of the PCR to test people, by force or coercion, even if they are not sick; to interfere with transportation of all kinds, and with individual human movement, and to viciously disrupt normal human lives, including the lives of children, school students, mothers delivering their infants, families isolated from their elders and loved ones; there has been illegal use of contact tracing and privacy violation by collecting digital cell phone data, thus once again violating International Health Regulations put in place to secure normalcy, safety, security, and liberty for human beings in a time of real potential crisis.
  5.   Now, as the two-year mark approaches for this artificially induced fake “Covid crisis” that has made billions, if not trillions, for Bill Gates and others, it is clear that the private sector has taken over, has “captured” the international bodies that regulate procedure on pandemics.

    And, in a few days’ time, around March 1st, 2022, the private sector hopes the governments of the world will sign a pandemic treaty “normalizing” the illegalities of the past two years, and granting the authority to change nomenclature (scientific terminology) at will.  Moreover, these Corona Criminals who have assaulted us, lied to us, and abused us, and mass-murdered us for two years while filling their pockets from our tax money, hope to “legalize” (using the term loosely) the fraudulent use of the PCR test (and potentially other similar tools) to deceive the people into thinking they are sick when they are not, for all time to come.  Therefore, Big Pharma will benefit by shoveling injections into the world population, to make us sick, to keep us sick, and to murder us, and carry out grotesque experiments in “transhumanism”, “lethal dose trials” and injected tracking linking us to the internet for real-time permanent remote surveillance.

  6.   And, into the bargain, to finish us off, they plan to destroy our democratic self-government by suspending the world’s national constitutions under a state of permanent pandemic emergency.

  7.  TINP concludes:  the private sector would thus arrive at world government over all of us by a back door, “normalizing” and finalizing their Covid Coup d’état on the nation-states by locking us down and killing us at will, by making us sick through gene editing and chemical injections to fill their pockets, while we pay for it all with slave labor (undoubtedly under a Red-Chinese-style social credit system).

  8.   So, it’s very unfortunate that Dr. Fuellmich never got around to actually suing to expose the PCR fraud, because in just a few days’ time from the date of this transcript, the Covid Criminals hope to make their PCR fraud “legal” for all time; and their fraudulent global state of emergency, permanent.

  9.   On a special Canadian note, Justin Trudeau announced War Measures and called in his police-state goons to beat innocent protesters and to seize, destroy, impound and tow their vehicles and other property; but these protesters, the Canadian Freedom Convoy and their 90,000 donors, and the millions of other Canadians who joined and supported them, were precisely objecting to everything Trudeau, Tam and the provincial Health Dictators had done to us all for two years now, that turns out to be totally illegal under the International Health Regulations.

    So, to silence millions of peaceful and righteous Canadian protesters, the Trudeau putsch has pulled out its War Power that appears to be vested in the Sovereign personally by Section 15 of the Constitution of 1867, and is using the federal Emergencies Act, illegally (since the conditions are not met) to wage war against the civilian population of Canada.  The Trudeau putsch is waging open armed warfare against the political opponents of the Criminal Covid Coup, to criminalize the victims and opponents of the Coup.  And is now hanging onto its illegal emergency powers against the ordinary public thanks to a rubber-stamp for tyranny “granted” by a kettle of usurpers detaining the precincts of the Canadian Parliament.

    And, according to Chrystia Freeland, the Trudeau putsch intends to make its new-found “tools” of freezing bank accounts of Convoy supporters, and confiscating other funds and assets of the putsch’s political opponents, “permanent”, by waging a permanent state of war against the citizens for daring to protest against so-called “Covid” measures that in fact, according to Dr. Stukelberger, are illegal under International Health Regulations.

  10.   The question is, what are the penalties for violating this type of international law, these International Health Regulations, by means of illegal, unfounded “emergencies” to destroy peoples’ lives, homes, jobs, businesses, and the general economy?

  11.   Meanwhile, Trudeau is filling his pockets, his family has got some kind of large investment in the lipid technology used in these criminally illegal injections that are injuring and killing millions of people, including Canadians.

  12.   Trudeau, Freeland, Lametti, Mendicino, Blair, the “liberals” and the “NDP” and others who supported them in their criminal waging of armed war against the citizens, and all the provincial thugs, must absolutely stand trial at an international criminal court, for violating international law, International Health Regulations, for asserting their illegal control by waging armed war on civilians, and for genocide:  the deliberate criminal assault and mass murder of their own citizens with deadly injections, while inflicting conditions of life contrary to law, calculated to destroy the population in part or in whole.

  13.   Mass murder has been committed, in Canada and elsewhere, certainly in Quebec, where people falsely “diagnosed” by PCR as being sick with “Covid” have been KILLED deliberately by putting them on an “end of life pathway” instead of treating the alleged “Covid” symptoms.

  14.   The Geneva Convention defines genocide as an attempt “to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group.”  Genocidal acts include “killing members of the group; causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group” (as by lockdown, deprivation of home, job and property), and deliberately inflicting “conditions of life, calculated to bring about [a group’s] physical destruction in whole or in part” and “imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group”.  The Trudeau putsch in fact threw a conscientious physician into a lunatic asylum in Canada because he reported truthfully on the numerous stillbirths by mothers who had taken the Covid shot.  I’m referring to the good and decent Doctor Daniel Yoshio Nagase.


8 thoughts on “BREAKING – EMERGENCY:  Dr. Astrid Stukelberger, PhD:  World Health Dictatorship by Treaty to replace the Constitutions of the Nations (20 February 2022)”

    1. This is great.  Thanks for picking us up.  Enjoyed your article, too.  Nice work!
      THE REAL REASON THEY’RE DROPPING MANDATES: WHO wants countries to sign a new Covid-19 treaty that would override a country’s constitution when considered necessary (February 26, 2022).  A few posts ago, when Boris dropped his mandates, I said, they’re giving the fish some line.  Tire the fish out, let him go, reel him back in.

        1. The most important issue about the treaty is that it would give these criminals the power to make it up as they go along. They already have called mRNA shots “vaccines”, but they aren’t. They have called the PCR a “diagnostic” test, but it isn’t. By lying about the second, they terrorized people into accepting the first. The so-called treaty would be an utter corruption, giving supposed legal authority to corruption.

  1. To all freedom fighters:

    There is an initiative by the World Council for Health (which is an organization setup to denounce and replace the criminals of the WHO):

    #StopTheTreaty 1 March 2022

    The World Council for Health, a coali4on of scien4sts, doctors, lawyers and civil society advocacy
    organiza4ons, opposes the World Health Organisa4on (WHO)’s moves to implement a power grab in
    the form of a global pandemic agreement, while the world’s aBen4on is diverted by the latest crisis.

    You can print their letter in many languages to send it to representatives, associations, lawyers, etc…

    The smokescreen of the ‘war in ukraine’ is used to hide what the criminals are doing in the bacground.

    The fight is on!

  2. i anyone wnats the email adress of one of the main criminal conspirators behind the covid COUP:

    here it is:

    Lynn Forester de Rothschild –

    The bitch is real, she’s te one giving orders to the fake pope bergoglio and to the US puppet biden…

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