Mass Murder of the Elderly and the Helpless by Government “Policy”:  The “Midazolam Murders” as a Cover for “COVID” Are Finally Coming to Light

“A Good Death”


A Good Death: Documentary on the Midazolam Murders
A Good Death: Documentary on the Midazolam Murders

Shocking Documentary by Ickonic Films About the State Policy of Mass Murder by Midazolam and Morphine


At one point in the Ickonik film, “A Good Death”, the drug “haloperidol” is mentioned as included in the “lethal” injection along with midazolam, morphine and other ingredients.

Haloperidol is in fact the drug of choice used by the Soviets to “restrain” political dissidents who were held in psychiatric hospitals for disagreeing with the Communist state.

The drug has no curative properties, causes birth defects, and is used in wildlife-capture operations to stun large herds of animals for mass transport.
Haloperidol is cheap and has also been called a “chemical lobotomy” due to the the progressive deterioration of the nervous system that it causes with prolonged use, no doubt one reason it is also referred to as “torture”.

“Haloperidol is Neurotoxic” is the headline of an editorial in the journal, Current Psychiatry, written by Henry A. Nasrallah, MD, a prominent psychiatric researcher.  Dr. Nasrallah writes:

“The FDA would never approve haloperidol today, given the serious harm it can do to the brain, despite its efficacy for psychosis.  (Haloperidol) is destructive to the brain tissue …).”

Of course, when you intentionally kill people, you don’t care if you damage their brain tissue, and the paralyzing effect of haloperidol probably enhances the victim’s immobilization with morphine.

Dr. Mike Yeadon:
Easily 100,000 Have Been Murdered With Midazolam and Morphine

The Fake Pandemic

They told us there was a pandemic.  That a new type of virus, to which there is no immunity, would kill millions of people.  Mass deaths in nursing homes were cited as proof and were called death by Covid.

To make room for the expected millions of “Covid-19” victims that never materialized, hospitals were absurdly cleared of sick people denied medical care and elderly patients were crammed into overcrowded nursing homes.

Now we learn that during the “pandemic,” as shown in the Ickonik documentary, the British government stockpiled, expended, and kept stockpiling and exhausting the death drug midazolam used for executions by lethal injection.  Years of supplies were exhausted within weeks, escalating the genocide to an industrial level.  The deaths of those killed were “officially” recorded as due to “Covid-19.”

Tens of thousands of innocents were executed by lethal injection in British “care” homes, and countless others were killed in other countries.  Even Quebec has a policy of exterminating anyone over the age of 60 who is alleged to have “Covid-19”.  See “Québec Doctor testifies that Covid patients were euthanized rather than treated.

This mass genocide by midazolam was the engine that set in motion the fake pandemic in which death certificates were falsified to pretend that a class of murder victims had died from an imaginary new “virus.”

But, as British funeral director John O’Looney pointed out on film, how did a virus know it could only attack particular buildings, in this case nursing homes?

In Quebec, as probably elsewhere, the claim that the remains of the deceased were too toxic to be autopsied served as justification for rapid cremation or burial, thus disposing of the evidence … of the real cause of death:  “iatrogenic” murder.  Meaning murder by doctors, contrary to “death by Covid” declared on all the forged death certificates.  Which obviously are alibis counterfeited by the killers themselves to conceal their involvement in a world-wide extermination plan aimed at the old and the frail.

Lockdowns were staged, along with masking and social distancing.  It was a state-sponsored terror campaign.  And at Christmas, the Premier of Quebec appeared with Santa Claus, who told a 9-year-old child that she could not see her grandmother again until a “vaccine” was developed for all.  The children were cruelly traumatized by being told that their mere presence could “kill” grandpa or grandma, when in fact it was the government that was killing grandpa and grandma and planning to sterilize their grandchildren and kill their unborn siblings in the womb.

The fake PCR non-“test” was the fuel that kept the fake pandemic going and provided a mountain of manipulable “results”.  These were played up by mass media, as corrupt as they are stupid, to terrorize the public into accepting the mRNA injections that are now also considered mass murder by those qualified to judge the difference between a medical treatment and a bioweapon kill-shot clearly intended for depopulation.

So, the “Midazolam Murders” are at last coming into the open!  At the outset, only a few had been aware of this government policy of mass murder of the elderly conveniently covered by the Covid fraud.

News of the mass killing spread early due in large part to leading researcher and British filmmaker Michael O’Bernicia.  O’Bernicia documented the United Kingdom’s unwritten policy of stocking up on death row drugs to exterminate those whom Kissinger would have called “useless eaters.”

O’Bernicia also tried to take the matter to court in the United Kingdom.
Here’s the tag “midazolam murders” at O’Bernicia’s web site.

The “Midazolam Murders” Get Their First Mainstream Coverage

BREAKING: Neil Oliver Becomes First National Broadcaster On Corporate News To Debate Allegations of State Democide Using Midazolam, With Covid As Cover
Neil Oliver talks to Andrew Bridgen,
Member of Parliament of the United Kingdom
About the Midazolam Murders

Source:  Posted by Maajid Nawaz on Sep 17, 2023
What is the meaning of democide?
Democide: The murder of any person or people by a government, including genocide, politicide, and mass murder.


Conclusions by TINP

We are dealing with a two-stage mass murder.

The first stage is the mass murder of the elderly by midazolam and morphine, timed to coincide with the announcement of a “pandemic” by the WHO, using the elderly as alleged victims of “Sars-CoV-2,” a synthetic designer pathogen that has never been proven to be in general circulation.

The first phase of mass murder is thus covered up under the pretext of “Covid-19” in order to commit a second mass murder of the entire population, while rationalizing measures known to be seriously harmful to make the fake pandemic “visible” and “tangible” to motivate the intended victims to take the injection.

Without the masking, the PCR “fake tests,” the plastic footprints taped to the grocery store floor, the social distancing, the media blitz 24/7, the ruined family Christmas, the job loss, the business closure, the remote schoolroom, the no-touch grocery delivery, there would be no pervasive awareness of the alleged threat of the fake virus.  All of these harmful measures are designed to terrorize and keep fear constant in order to achieve the subjugation of the target population.

People are terrorized into accepting mRNA injections that will harm them en masse, kill them outright, or substantially shorten their lives.  The spike toxin is designed to penetrate every bodily tissue, blood, brain and placental barrier to do damage.  It will trigger the full range of disease in the general population, so these mass murders can be dismissed as caused by either “Covid-19,” “a variant,” or “natural” (spike-trigggered) causes.

They didn’t kill the elderly to “ramp up” the Covid numbers.  They ramped up killing the elderly to CREATE the fake pandemic.

There is no virus.  And they are not “vaccines”.


Source:  The Daily Clout web site.

Press Release:  ‘Medical Murder’ Outpaces Heart Disease and Cancer, Becoming America’s #1 Cause of Death


Summary:  “Cancer and heart disease have been knocked from their spots atop the list of America’s leading killers.  The usurping cause of death? Medical murder.”  THE NEW MAIN CAUSE OF DEATH IN USA:  MEDICAL MURDER.

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