Dr. Astrid Stuckelberger Lays Out the Horrifying SECRET AGENDA of the UN and WHO…

Mike Adams:  Today we have a bombshell guest for you with some rather shocking interpretations of what’s going on around the world. Her name is Dr. Astrid Stuckelberger. And she joins us with analysis, starting with the United Nations and their attempt at a global, domineering health-based, authoritarian – well, really death-based – authoritarian system. And, what’s actually in the shots. And also the psycho-neurological warfare that’s being waged against humanity.

Dr. Astrid Stuckelberger lays out the horrifying SECRET AGENDA of the UN and WHO – Total enslavement of humanity through a global health dictatorship.


From the 17-minute mark:

Dr. Stuckelberger:  “It is already happening – I saw in Australia – they are training the police to go and force doors, into homes, and to vaxxinate by force.”

Mike Adams:  Yes.

Dr. Stuckelberger:  And what I’m the most worried – and President Trump made information which alarmed me, because it’s like a sign – he said, he is for, school – school family, um – school-home, how do you call it –

Mike Adams:Home schooling.

Dr. Stuckelberger:  Yeah.  School at home.  Family schooling.  And I agree completely because what they want is, is to depopulate. And to depopulate, you need to kill the children, and kill, you know, the, the (un?) born children, and that’s what they want.  They want to get your children.”

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Source:  Health Ranger Report

TINP:  re Australia, UK funeral director, John O’Looney, warned many months ago that the concentration camps being built in Australia are for a reason.

TINP has seen other video footage in which a female Australian official declares that the purpose of the camps is to receive people from AROUND THE WORLD.

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