Dr. Carrie Madej:  First U.S. Lab Examines “Vaccine” Vials, HORRIFIC Findings Revealed (29 September 2021)

Once again, EuropeReloaded excels in making superb show-notes.  I am once again copying and pasting, with effusive apologies and thank-yous.

ER Editor:  Dr. Carrie Madej (pronounced Mahday), who has been an invaluable and outspoken critic of the so-called ‘vaccines’ and any technology that promotes the transhumanist agenda, talks to Stew Peters in this video interview. She has appeared in video discussions with doctors such as Sherri Tenpenny, Larry Pavlevsky, Christiane Northrop and Lee Merritt. Madej shows slides of what she and laboratory personnel found in the Moderna and J&J vaccines, some of which are in our featured image.

Here are EuropeReloaded’s notes from the interview:

  • In July of this year, a Georgia lab examined a fresh vial of Moderna, which had already been used on one patient and was due to be thrown away. She was contacted to observe.

  • Under a microscope, the serum was at first translucent. Over 2 hours at room temperature, colours started to appear. A super-conductive material can do this when white light is administered to it. Fibres (see the featured image) were appearing as well as opaque, metallic fragments. Also, ‘things’ were growing and self-assembling on the microscope slides. An ‘object’ or ‘organism’ had tentacles, and it was able to lift itself up off the single glass slide. It appeared to be able to grow and move in space. People in the field that she’s consulted don’t know what it is. It felt creepy, but was it a fluke? Just a single vial? The same tentacled thing was found in another batch of the Moderna vials. The same fibres and colours appeared, along with movement.

An object with tentacles that was moving and able to lift itself up off the glass slide
IN THE MODERNA SHOT:  An object with tentacles that was moving and able to lift itself up off the glass slide, seemed self-aware.

  • Madej also examined a batch of Johnson & Johnson vials. A substance in there looked like graphene. All had graphene-like structures, but she didn’t have the equipment to determine that definitively. They also had fatty substances in there like hydrogel (ER: hydrogel is made of graphene oxide), a sticky-like substance. So they’re lying to us about the Johnson & Johnson vaccine not having nano-lipid particles. The J&J also had different colours appearing; there were also a lot of synthetic structures in there. The J&J also had spherical ring structures. They’re not supposed to be in vaccines nor in our bodies.

  • When brilliant colours appeared in the lab samples, white light will do that to a superconductive materials such as the white light from the microscope. So the electrical components of the vaccine become visible under the light of the microscope. So it is like a form of OPERATING SYSTEM that’s being injected into people.

  • This is the beginning of transhumanism, of surveillance capabilities being put inside people. Which is what Gates is doing in West Africa with GAVI and the Covid vaccines. He’s giving people a digital ID where they can only get their money through a digital ID and Mastercard. They’ve said they’re going to use hydrogel for surveillance and predicting policing. They’ve been doing this in Africa since July of 2020. And they want to bring it to developed nations, calling it the ‘Wellness Pass’, AKA a vaccine passport. So the basic mechanism is to put something inside your body in order to monitor you. It certainly looks like the J&J and Moderna vaccines are doing this.

  • She acknowledges that the next step will be to do a real-time lab analysis with video.

  • Nota bene.  Catherine Austin Fitts, in an interview with Daniel Liszt, had already pointed out that Moderna’s own literature refers to the mRNA “Covid” injections as an “operating system”.

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