New Zealand is a “Crime Scene” with “Clusters” of Deaths at Vaccination Sites and Tens of Thousands of People Vaccinated to Death (New Zealand Loyal Party)

Liz Gunn, New Zealand Loyal Party


The Mother of All Revelations
The Truth Will Set You Free
The Final Update:  21 October 2023

I’m Liz Gunn, and welcome to this New Zealand post-election update, the first of two election updates.

In my previous video, just before the election went ahead, I stated that I would, straight after the election, release information that would shock you; the “Mother Of All Revelations” (MOAR).

There were many demanding that the information be released before the election, but that was not able to be facilitated. The whistleblower’s words to us were that it would be published “after” the election.

I also had deep concerns around the trauma the information would cause on the eve of the election, and to me it felt unethical to exploit such traumatic information for our own political gain.

Well, we have now come to an undisclosed location, with a New Zealand clinician-mathematician who is very experienced in statistical analysis.

That person—with us—has reviewed the data, and confirms our position that it is damning.

The figures show that there are TENS OF THOUSANDS OF DEATHS linked to the jabs. And this is just one of the sites recording this type of information in New Zealand. We don’t know how many further databases like this are in the country. So, it follows that as the deaths are usually less than the numbers of side effects, then the extrapolation of the numbers of injured and dead kiwis starts to become frankly eye-watering.

We saw in the data that there are many clusters of deaths. People who attended the same jab site and were jabbed one after the other at consecutive times on the same day. We saw their jab date. We saw their date of death.

Let me give you just one of many examples.

On one day, thirty (30) people were jabbed on the same day at the same location. All are now deceased.

And their deaths are in close temporal—time—proximity to each other.

That’s, that’s thirty (30). That’s all players in a rugby match on the field [metaphor] suddenly dead.

You see, statistically, the numbers of death we saw cannot be attributed to natural causes given same site and same date of vaxxination. It would be—what they statistically–“highly unlikely”.

We are calling for an inquiry. Not just any inquiry. A full-blown CRIMINAL INVESTIAGATION leaving no stone unturned. New Zealand is a crime scene. Computers of anyone associated with this Covid response roll-out, in any capacity, mobile phones, communications, bank accounts, archives, and a whole host of other targeted information MUST be seized.

We have O.I.A. evidence—Official Information Act evidence—that the government [Jacinda Ardern] that the government knew every side effect before one single jab was given in New Zealand. So, this evidence lays waste to the “safe and effective” narrative. It also underlines the gravity and enormity of what I have just stated in this statement.

The O.I.A. evidence we have is attached underneath this post on the site. But there’s one thing for sure. There should be no more jabs administered in this country. So many lives have been lost. We saw thirteen (13) children on the list that we have examined, alone.

Since this whistleblower approached me saying they wanted me to release this once I was in parliament, I have wanted to have this data released immediately. Why? Because, clearly, once it fully goes out to you, the public, it would prevent any more loss of life.

In fact, so committed am I to stopping any further Murder By Needle in this country, that I was willing to put my face and my name on the line on the eve of the election. I have seen the information first-hand. I have struggled sleeping at night since then knowing that this level of detail is now available, but—as we find today—being withheld.

You see, whistleblowers always face great risk, as we all do, who seek to bring the truth to the people of this country under urgency. I cannot comprehend why, when there is ongoing harm, that this data is not released immediately to bring an end to that harm, and to launch a full-blown CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION.

So, I’m appealing to you, the people of New Zealand. You must all demand an end to the jabs. If not addressed urgently, the World Health Organization will be able to declare the next pandemic and FORCE mass jab-compliance under the Pandemic Preparedness Act, which will soon be a reality. Research that.

It’s also critical that you understand the difference between an inquiry, per se, which is what Winston Peters [13th Deputy Prime Minister of New Zealand] has called for, and what we call for, A CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION.

Inquiries often lead to narrow terms of reference, and they can risk just being a whitewash where they’re seen to be doing something, but there’s little or no change as a result. By contrast, CRIMINAL INVESTIGATIONS involve seizure and an in-depth examination and exposure of ALL facts.

What I will do, New Zealand, should this whistleblower finally find the drive that we are showing at New Zealand Loyal, the determination that we have, and approach me again and say they will divulge it all, what I will do is take that information to Winston Peters. I’m not looking for anything from this other than what I always look for, which is to serve my country.

I will willingly offer it to Winston Peters should they find the courage to fully open up with what we have seen today. And I would hope that Winston gets along with all the hard work of exposing it. I would hope that he gets all the glory as well.

What I want more than anything is for these truths to be brought to you, the people of New Zealand. And my final word today would be this. I pray that at last the back-biting can stop; the nastiness, the undermining of one another can stop. And that this issue, this important, crucial standing-together, finally unites us all, New Zealand. And that we stand up to this new government and say, we DEMAND a full exposure of the truth.

Loyal to You, Not to Them

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TINP:  The nature of this information is clearly critical and applies worldwide.  Every country is a “crime scene”.  However, TINP finds it odd that the New Zealand Loyal party would wish to give Winston Peters, former deputy prime minister under WEF’er Jacinda Ardern, the statistical evidence to bring criminal charges. If the NZ “government” committed these mass murders, where was Winston Peters at that time?

Peters is now said to be calling for a criminal investigation into the jabs… rolled out under his and Ardern’s “government”.  Self-serving?  Controlled opposition?

TINP:  finds it odd that in the video, Gunn starts out saying she didn’t think it was “ethical” to release the jab-death information before the elections; and later in the same video, she says she’s have put herself on the line to do so.  Why can’t she keep track of her own position on this?

TINP:  finds it odd that people who now call for a criminal investigation into the jabs don’t even question whether there was a pandemic or how the supposed pandemic came to be announced (in violation of the Internatioonal Health Regulations, according to Dr. Astrid Stukelberger).  That doesn’t seem to concern anyone, but it’s fact number one, and if there was no pandemic, which TINP:  believes to be the case, that shines a light on the kill shot, which can’t even be disguised as a misguided attempt to stop a pandemic.

Organizational Chart, Bank for International
Settlements Kill Box

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