Doctor Finds Treatment For Vaxx Victims, Sees Major Improvement in Blood!


6 thoughts on “Doctor Finds Treatment For Vaxx Victims, Sees Major Improvement in Blood!”

  1. What if you can’t get ahold of a lot of those ingredients? I had one shot of Moderna back on July 28th my side effects are dizziness but not in the true vertigo more like clumsy drunken feeling. Then come I can’t catch my breath which leads to hyperventilating chills and the shakes. Also I believe it might have given my an autoimmune disease but my doctor can pin it down. Before jab I was an active 61 year old female that could run 3 miles a day and recover my breath in a few minutes. Now I exert myself just a little sides start all over. You have any suggestions on how to help me? Especially since I can’t get a quarter of your detox meds. Oh also my depth perception comes and goes at will which is a little scary while driving which I’ve really had to stop. These vaccines are killing us but very few doctors will even acknowledge us. In my view we have very very few good doctors that actually care about helping us. Truly distraught Cheri

  2. Yes I need the same information that Mrs. Cheri is asking about I can’t seem to have any contact with these ingredients that’s need . I have had two shots of Moderna . Around the same time that she had also . I am an underlying woman with many illnesses before taking any “vaccine” shot what do I do ??

  3. I’ve had no side effects of any kind from shots other than my arm was sore alittle bit , later I had sore muscles nothing else once the muscle relaxed and not hurting near as bad I’m Wdna from the above comment

    1. Hi. You should consider this fact:  Saline solution has been found in some of the injection vials of Big Pharma. This means that some people are getting the shots, others are getting the saline. Some are dropping dead or getting sick sooner or later, others — temporarily — seem well and fine. UK undertaker John O’Looney has warned about this trick of including “saline” shots in the injection campaign. He calls it the “advocate method”. It’s a trick to make some people seem to have no problem with the shot. They will then recommend it, or else they will argue against the negative effects of the real shot injected into other people, not being aware that there are different kinds of shots. It would be highly recommended that you NOT take any further shots, and that you start a detox program, because some of the saline vials have also been found to contain graphene oxide, which is toxic to humans. You need to take pre-emptive action to clean the junk out of your system, and don’t add more. Here is O’Looney on “the advocate method”:

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