Freedom to Choose Clean Blood

Right at the outset of the global jab campaign, in June of 2021,
TINP anticipated world-wide damage to the surgical blood reserves:  “Vaxxed Blood – The Issue Of Transfusions – The Mirror Project (June 2021)“.

So, now, here we are in December 2022 faced with chemically poisoned blood banks contaminated with synthetic mRNA and who knows what else that has been leached into the blood supply from the useless injections that are NOT for any “virus”.

And here we are, facing precisely that problem, of dirty blood banks, but now combined with State and Medical tyranny and government-hospital-and-police aggression toward two loving parents simply for correctly wanting clean blood for their child’s operation.

Having your child hijacked by the State, violently refusing to allow you to arrange for clean blood for your infant, is pure tyranny.  Learn more about the Baby Will case in New Zealand, visit:

This is happening because the self-appointed powers have taken control over all of us, treating us like cattle, with no human rights, let alone the most basic right to control one’s own bodily autonomy and that of one’s children.

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