David Martin EU Parliament International COVID Summit May 3, 2023, Coronavirus and Vaccine Crimes

Description:  Dr David Martin. Coronavirus, vaccine, spike protein injection bioweapons.
PCR test can also be used for bioweapon delivery.
European Parliament
International Covid Summit MAY 3, 2023

TINP:  That’s fine. Martin has a lot of good information. But it doesn’t prove that anything was “leaked” or “released” in 2019 or 2020. There is a difference between a word on paper and an event in reality. There is a difference between an intention expressed and an event in reality. The WHO merely announced a pandemic while ignoring the procedures required under the International Health Regulations. We don’t know that the big show in China pretending a battle against a deadly virus wasn’t all “Spielberg” and Hollywood precisely to attack the rest of the world with a psyop to induce consumption of the DEADLY injections.

What’s important in Martin’s talk is the scientific FACT that there can BE no “vaccine” against coronavirus. But the mRNA injections are not “vaccines”. So, he hasn’t given us information yet to say that mRNA technology can’t stop coronavirus; but I think we got that information, or some of it anyway, from Dolores Cahill.

“Millions Will Die From The mRNA Vaccines – Professor Dolores Cahill”

What we want to know is WHY the WHO announced a pandemic without the required proof.
What we want to know is WHY were mRNA shots deployed or whatever they were, with or without graphine oxide and DNA pollution, etc., in the atmosphere of terror DELIBERATELY CREATED to promote consumption of the shots where there was NO PROOF OF PANDEMIC CONDITIONS. In Canada, using the government’s own data, engineer Ken Drysdale demonstrated that there were NEVER any pandemic conditions, so NO GROUNDS to coerce the mass injections, NO GROUNDS for anti-scientific mask-wearing, lockdowns, quarantines, etc., EXCEPT that all these things CREATE TERROR to promote CONSUMPTION of the shos while destroying the ECONOMIES of the west to benefit OLIGARCHS. Martin elsewhere also talks about Justin Trudeau and CRIMINAL RACKETEERING of the shots for profit.

“The Drysdale Report on the COVID-19 Pandemic Response in Canada Establishes Grounds Required for Police to Launch a Criminal Investigation”

Moreover, Dr. Astrid Stukelberger has alleged that Dr. Martin admitted to being the party who got the “patents” done as “vaccines” for the non-patentable vaxxines. Let’s hear more about that. Because, if Martin was involved in getting the mRNA shots wrongly patented, then what are his motives now for talking about the “release” mentioned on paper as though the word itself was scientific proof that a virus was in general circulation?

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