Ottawa Detective Helen Grus Called to Disciplinary Hearing for Investigating Potential Link between Vaxxed Mothers and Increase in Sudden Infant Death Syndrome

“Political meddling suspected in Ottawa police investigation of Constable Helen Grus” (Rebel News, August 15th, 2023)

Robert Kraychik reports from a hearing for Helen Grus, a constable with the Ottawa Police Service who is accused of discreditable conduct for her decision to investigate a rise in sudden infant deaths in the area.  Was this an instance of political meddling in police business?  Former RCMP officer Daniel Bulford and Toronto police detective Donald Best weigh in from Ottawa.


Remember, in Canada, they locked up a BC doctor (Dr. Daniel Nagase) in a lunatic ward because he sounded the alarm over the massive number of stillbirths post-vaxx right at the outset of the scamdemic.

Of course Officer Grus is being punished and attacked.  Because the criminals are big pharma and Trudeau and his provincial putsches.  David Martin, PhD (patent expert) has warned Canadians that Trudeau is guilty of criminal racketeering in pushing the vaxx.  Nothing has been done, of course.

And the deaths are wanted.  Depopulation.  Transhumanism.  The deaths are to be covered up.  Remember that Privy Council memo:

BLACKLOCK’S BOMBSHELL SCOOP: Trudeau knew about vaccine deaths, was advised to keep quiet: Cabinet Memo


And see:

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And on and on.
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UPDATE:  Friday: August 18
In an exclusive interview with RAIR Foundation USA, retired Toronto Police Detective Donald Best unveils the shocking courtroom events of Friday, August 18.  Both the prosecution and the designated judge exhibited bewildering tactics during the hearing, as described by Best.  Video below.
Source:  Story at the RAIR Foundation.

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