“What That Means Is” with Ken & Rosalie Drysdale and Friends

“Detailed Review Of
The Investigative Report”

Featuring Rosalie Drysdale, Chris Riddell, and Ken Drysdale

See our first post on this: “The Drysdale Report on the COVID-19 Pandemic Response in Canada Establishes Grounds Required for Police to Launch a Criminal Investigation

Season 1, Episode 8 “BEST LAID PLANS IGNORED”


Season 1, Episode 7, Season One: “INFORMED CONSENT”


Season 1 Episode 6 “HIDING IN PLAIN SIGHT”


Season 1 Episode 5 TRUE LIES”


Season 1 Episode 4 “MOMS & BABIES”


Season 1 Episode 3 “THE CHILDREN”


Season 1 Episode 2 “CHANCES ARE”


Season 1 Episode 1 “SERIES INTRODUCTION”

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