FOIAs Prove White House Behind “Scripted” Cover-up of mRNA Lethal Injections in May 2021 to Intentionally Continue the Shots for Years

Naomi Wolf Joins WarRoom To Drop Bombshell Report Over FOIA Request Findings (22 September 2023)

TINP looked up “Thrombotic Thrombocytopenia” in google.  First thing that came up: it’s propaganda, likely the kind scripted by the White House:

Key Takeaways“:

Vaccine-induced Immune Thrombotic Thrombocytopenia (VITT)”

“Incidence is extremely low. Risk of death and serious outcomes of COVID-19, including thrombosis, far outweigh risk of VITT possibly associated with highly efficacious vaccines.”

So the lies are right out there, still today, and they’re coming up at the very top of a google search for just these two words:  “Thrombotic Thrombocytopenia”.

And it’s interesting that this obvious COVER-UP, kicked to the top of the results by the google algorithm, involves the VAXX.  It’s a highly targeted result intended to link the condition with “vaccines” (vaxxines) because they KNOW that the incidence of this deliberately-inflicted criminal assault is so high that vaxxed people will be looking it up.  So they want all these vaxxed people to be told “Incidence is extremely low” (it’s RARE), and at that same time, criminally falsely allege that the mRNA shots are “highly efficacious” “vaccines”.

At one and the same time, they are lying to and misleading all those who have been injured in this way by the shots, and telling them it’s rare, and what to do about it, while supporting the killer injections as “highly efficacious”; AND they are criminally allaying the well founded FEARS of anyone looking for information who might want to decide whether to AVOID the injections.

This is a sales pitch for a murder weapon.

The Biden White House “scripted” a cover-up for mass vaxx deaths and injuries in May 2021
The Biden White House “scripted” a cover-up for mass vaxx deaths and injuries
in May 2021

Not only the senior White House officials, but every outlet that took up their script, including google, needs to be criminally charged and tried.

Langevin Block, Privy Council Office (Canada)
Langevin Block, Privy Council Office (Canada)


It would be interesting to know if the Privy Council of Canada and the Trudeau Cabinet were made aware of the “scripted” cover-up designed by senior White House officials, and decided to adopt it.

Or did the Canadian regime independently decide on its own cover-up, the timing of May 2021 being just a coincidence?

Because the Canadian cover-up of those killed and injured by the mRNA shots is from the SAME MONTH OF MAY 2021 as the American secret “script” produced by the White House.

Excerpt:  “The May 2021 (Canadian Cabinet) memo released through access-to-Information legislation came five months after the Department of Health licensed the first Pfizer-BioNTech pandemic vaccine.”

Will we discover coordination further afield?  Will there be reason to suggest that the Biden administration is controlling the global “vaxxine” narrative to conceal the mass-deaths and injuries?

Furthermore, were the American and Canadian cover-ups initiated just because the effects of the mRNA kill shot were becoming too obvious to hide?  Or, had they always known what was likely to happen?  And did they script the cover-up only when the consequences began to become apparent?

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