Complicity of Pharmacies in Fake Pandemic – Free Self-Tests and Injections (Pharmaprix) 15 Jan 2022

This is a camera-recording of the pre-recorded voice message on the phone system at Pharmaprix in Montreal on 15 January 2022. Pharmaprix is also now called Shopper’s Drug Mart.

Pharmacists and doctors jumped on board the big “free” injection bonanza, no doubt because it brought them money. The fraudulent lockdowns destroyed many small businesses, including tenants of the Alexis Nihon Plaza shopping mall at 1500 Atwater Avenue in Montreal. The Pharmaprix at 1500 expanded and took over a store left empty by a bankrupted tenant, and renovated extensively. Surely, these big improvements were fuelled by the “free” government (taxpayer-paid) injections that Pharmacies were handing out like candy to unsuspecting members of the public.

Are doctors and pharmacists not responsible for their own actions? Apparently, they are.

“Perronne: the biggest scandal – they are not at all vaccines; parliamentarians who mandated the shots can be personally (criminally) prosecuted in an international court”

They can be criminally prosecuted in a local court, as well.

Doctors and pharmacists, as medical professionals, should have been the first to sound the alarm that shots called “vaccines” were available so quickly. As professionals, they would know that “vaccines” take many years to develop. They should have questioned the narrative. They should have investigated the alleged “science” and the alleged patents, and the suspicious alleged immunity of Big Pharma from liability for death and harm.

All of the medical institutions and chief personnel had primary responsibility to protect the public, and they failed. They shut their eyes and filled their pockets.

This fake pandemic will be a reminder that the first person who has responsibility for you, is you. Think for yourself, question even the “experts”. Take orders from no one.

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