Three Kids Dead After Mass Vax in Australia Stadium – Aussie Vet Updates Stew Peters (21 August 2021)

In New South Wales (NSW), a state on the east coast of Australia, health minister Brad Hazzard recently, publicly announced the forced vaccination of 24,000 young people, without parents’ consent.  The high-school children were to be herded into a stadium for the purpose.  We now have the outcome of that tyrannical act by the Australian government.  Three kids died in the stadium.

Start watching around 7 minutes in:

You don’t need a “protocol” against a non-existent virus.  You need good old sunshine, vitamins, lots of C & D, multivitamins, exercise, and avoid the vax, which is deadly.
The Stew Peters Show
Guest:  Alan Hennessy, 45-year veteran of the Royal Australian Air Force

Australia’s Brad Hazzard Announces Forced Vax of Kids.  Three Kids Dead As A Result



2 thoughts on “Three Kids Dead After Mass Vax in Australia Stadium – Aussie Vet Updates Stew Peters (21 August 2021)”

  1. We live in Victoria Australia. We are SHOCKED by these revelations. We are forcibly in lockdown ,with our freedoms being violated every day. The government propaganda is all compassing.
    Nation is divided on Vax and anti Vax. Anyone raising concerns re Vax is considered an anti Vaccer and vilified.
    Our family is divided on this issue.
    God help us

    1. Doreen, thanks for letting us know what is happening in Australia, and how you are feeling. We in the West are all very worried about our cousins, the Aussies. May I recommend this video interview with Catherine Austin Fitts, who puts the whole Covid ploy into focus. The real beneficiaries are the international bankers who are cutting the people out and taking us over. They need the “virus” to create the “pandemic” in order to impose the “vaccine passports” that will hook us up to the new international “currency”, which isn’t really a currency at all. It’s more like (maybe it is) Red China’s social credit slavery system.
      I think if you watch this, and share it widely in Australia, it may help a little to wake some people up about the real issues.

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