Aluminium-Based Lifeforms Found In Vaccines Under Microscope – Dr. Franc Zalewski (English Subtitles) (8 October 2021)

An aluminum-based life-form hatches from "eggs" found in some vaxx vials says Dr. Franc Zalewski
An aluminum-based life-form hatches from “eggs” found in some vaxx vials says Dr. Franc Zalewski

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“Parasitic Organism Dubbed “The Thing” Found in COVID Vaccines | Dr. Franc Zalewski: “That’s Why There’s Graphene Added Inside the Vaccines, Which Nourishes the Egg”.  “Something like that is going to develop inside of you.”

11 thoughts on “Aluminium-Based Lifeforms Found In Vaccines Under Microscope – Dr. Franc Zalewski (English Subtitles) (8 October 2021)”

  1. Look up magnetic bacteria on line. They exist and have been researched since 1979. They are found in a pond in Iowa and in a lake near Wohan China! The scientific documents found indicate similar traits between things we have heard about the vaccine including the unusual story hear.

    It this is a key component to the vaccine, it may offer a possible direction for a cure to the vaccine. This is a RNA bacteria. The vaccine is a modified RNA (mRNA). It has been adapted to meet the needs of the Deep State.

    Start here:
    For $400 plus you can buy the bacteria, but it must be shipped at -20F, remember the refrigeration trucks transporting vaccines?
    Buy it here:

    1. What do you mean “it has been adapted to meet the needs of the deep state?” What is the reason to put into people a Carbon/Aluminum/Barium life form that grows on graphene? Do you have an explanation for the use of something like that? IF you do, say so. It is probably beyond most of our pay grade.

  2. Is it possible to test blood for this? Could blood samples be sent to you?

    If found, is there anything that would kill this without killing the host?

  3. The Graphene must be destroyed by the Host or multiple generations will be activated near High Microwave sources and likely the Sun!! The Vaxxed didn’t ask for this but now they are on a Goats path..

  4. Can the human body even remove itself graphene? What is the reason for this graphene? A conductor for 5G or what? What is a carbon, aluminum, and barium life form? Is anyone else looking at this study and following up? So many questions.

  5. The thing may activate by a 5G signal or take instructions via 5G. I was suspended on twitter for showing a senate hearing on 5G and illness as my blog shows, last entry shows twitter covering this up

  6. This “lifeform” is the mark of the beast of the Book of Revelation. To the endpoint of one who has ultimate power over all those who have the mark or NUMBER of his name. This is the Devil’s name/mark/number and anyone who takes it, is a party to the Great deception pulled over the minds and hearts of the people. Eventually, people will accept this new reality, and no longer call those who speak the truth, “Conspiracy Theorist”, but made out to be public enemy number one, for refusing to bow to the Beast and worship him, some man who has ultimate power over this nanotechnology that is being implanted into those who take the c-v vaccine. This man, through CRISPR technologies, part of the vaccine nanotech, can supposedly “cure” people of disease or “curse” them if they don’t bow to worship him. The man known as the Anti-Christ will have power to kill ANY at will, who have taken the mark of his name or the number of the beast. This Anti-Christ guy, will be INDWELT by the Devil, Satan/lucifer hiself. Anyone who takes this vaccine, makes themselves SPIRITUALLY AVAILABLE TO ANY AND OR ALL SPIRITUAL DEMONIC POSSESSIONS. On the magnetic mononucleic lipid nanoparticles that are the so called “CV-Virus” is in actuality the very thing replicating the name of the Devil and his number, 666, the outer protein of the nanobot is named LUCIFERASE and GLOWS under influence of LUCIFERIN AKA LUCIFER(IN). Eventually will come a point where people under the influence of this beast will be doing all the EVIL intents of their heart, across the bandwidth of the INTERNET ITSELF, WITH EACH OTHER. HAVING SEX ACROSS THE INTERNET AND ALL KINDS OF SEXUAL PERVERSION VIA THE IMAGINATIONS TIED TO THE CAPABILITY OF A VIRTUAL REALITY SYSTEM WHICH HAS HIJACKED GODS’ SYSTEM OF CONSCIOUSNESS IN MAN. You wanna talk about the SEVEN HEADED BEAST? How about the GENETICALLY MODIFIED HYDRO VULGARIS, WHICH CANNOT DIE AND IS IMMORTAL IN THE LAB, IF IT IS CUT INTO MANY PIECES, EACH PIECE GROWS INTO A BRAND NEW HYDRA.

    Revelation 9:6 KJV
    “And in those days shall men seek death, and shall not find it; and shall desire to die, and death shall flee from them.”

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