Covid Vaccine Genocide – English Subtitles – Ano Turtiainen, Member Of Parliament Of Finland Speech (9 June 2021)

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TRANSCRIPT of the translation (subtitles):

Honorable Chairman, the committee’s report mentions a wide range of real challenges to Finland’s security.  This report however lacks a very serious challenge to the safety of Finland and Finns inour present everyday life.

I refer to the so-called COVID vaccines which have also divided our people in two, awake and misguided.

Dear members of the Parliament (MP’s).

I will now give you the following information so that you can never again plead ignorance after hearing this information about the risk to which Finnish citizens have been exposed.

Finland is currently injecting its citizens with toxins disguised as COVID vaccines.

Listen carefully.

None of these injected poisons disguised as COVID vaccines has a marketing licence in Findland — but only a conditional marketing authoristion from the European Medicines Agency (EMA).

The terms of a conditional licence state that the authorization is conditional, quote:

“The available information must demonstrate that the benefits of the medical product outweigh its risks.”

Secondly, dear colleagues, despite the repetition of the media, we have so far officially zero COVID deaths in Findland.

According to THL (equivalent to CDC) the official causes of death from the year 2020 will not be published until 2022.

However, according to Fimea (equivalent to VAERS) 78 people have died from COVID vaccines in Finland, and there are 1,306 serious adverse reaction reports and 3,630 unprocessed reports.

About 57% of processed reports are estimated to have serious adverse reactions.  The source for this is Fimea (

Thirdly, conditional marketing licence for these toxics which are disguised as COVID vaccines also says, quote:

“The applicant must be able to provide comprehensive clinical information in the future.”

Dear colleagues, this text is taken directly from the website of European Medicines Agency (EMA).

I have said here many time that this is a human experiment.  In violation of the Nuremberg Code, Finns have not been told that this is a human experiment.

Now, with this speech, I have made all of you, as well as the media, aware that this is a human experiment and that its results are terrible.

By comparison, the previously failed vaccine experiment Pandemrix — was stopped with 32 times fewer side effects than what we have now.

So, now I ask you all:  how many more people should die or get injured before we interrupt this killing of people?

Dear colleagues, you are now aware of this extreme severe security threat facing our nation — and that the disadvantages from the injections outweigh the benefits.

You no longer have a reason not to act to save our nation.

Finally, if you still continue misleading our citizens by telling them, for example, fairy tales that vaccines are safe and have a marketing license — you are intentionally involved in several crimes, the most serious of these may be even genocide.

Once again, I remind everyone of you here:  a crime becomes intentional when it is committed knowingly.

Now you are all aware.  Thank you.

— Finnish MP, Ano Turtiainen —

15 thoughts on “Covid Vaccine Genocide – English Subtitles – Ano Turtiainen, Member Of Parliament Of Finland Speech (9 June 2021)”

  1. The truth will conquer and prevail providing more such brave politicians speak out and the media allows such speeches to be openly transmitted.

  2. Το σχεδιο της πανδημιας ειναι για τον χειρισμο των λαων, οι κυβερνητες που συναινουν ειναι δολοφονοι,εγκληματιες πρεπει να διωχθουν,οι λαοι πρεπει να επαναστατησουν,,

  3. This covid fraud has to be stoped. We are all in danger, in maters of health and our constitutionally right. Thankfully a few politicians have the decency to point it out and do not fear to state the truth. Those people need our support. Especially from the media!

    Thank you Finland to address this issue.

  4. At last! The voice of reason from a M. P.. We are fighting with the media in most countries. The E. E. official website also describes the issue explicitly.


    1. Sorry if you think everything your “governmint” tells you is God’s truth, and you haven’t got the smarts to think for yourself. There is no pandemic because the WHO deliberately radically lowered standards for declaring one a few years ago. The WHO can now call diaper rash a pandemic if it wants to. There is no pandemic because whatever the “disease” is that’s alleged to be going around, it’s supposed to be caused by Sars-CoV-2, but over 75 health and scientific bodies canvassed world-wide by FOI (Freedom of Information inquiries, with checks attached) have to date reported that they DO NOT HAVE an actual sample of an isolated and purified virus called Sars-CoV-2 taken from a tissue sample of a sick patient. This alleged virus remains, to date, a computer construct. Even if there was a virus called Sars-CoV-2 or any other infectious pathogen in circulation, statistics for all deaths in 2020 show that there is no significant difference from other years, whereas there should be a massive increase in deaths if there was a real pandemic. It is moreover known that governments have instructed their medical labs, hospitals and scientific bodies to NOT conduct clinical testing to isolate Sars-CoV-2 as the cause of death: on the contrary, on the pretext that it’s “too toxic” to touch a person who may have died from the alleged virus, the death is to be ASSUMED to be from Covid-19, an autopsy is not to be conducted, and the body is hauled away thus disposing of the evidence…. meaning the evidence that the death certificate has been falsified. There is also no pandemic because whatever was killing old people in nursing homes at the beginning of the so-called pandemic in 2020 is now emerging thanks to careful research as being a deliberate policy of euthanasia in these nursing homes, concealed behind allegations the old folks died of a virus. In fact, their medication was removed, their food and water was removed, they were put on morphene and midazolam, a central nervous system depressant. It’s cold-blooded execution of people who are costing big money to the socialist system they paid into all their lives. We could go on and on, but as you are only interested in “standard” tinfoil-hat discussions, we’ll leave the complex thought processes to others.

    2. I would say yes since we overcome those afflictions through herd immunity and hygiene and MSM and big pharma promoted their shots to be the saviour of those times. What their purpose was I’m not sure but new illnesses since have been on the rise.

  6. Κάνουν μαζικες δολοφονίες με τα εμβόλια

  7. The people should not have an injection that is an experiment
    There may be hope if no more injections are giving to the humans
    It should never have been released in the first place
    Yes next Autumn will tell how many dies from the jab
    In the meantime the Dr and science should be searching for a cure for those that got the jab
    Many blessings to all 🙏🌹🙏

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