Covid ‘Vaccine’ Recipients Are 4x More Likely to Get Covid, 95% of People in ICU are Fully Vaxxed (20 September 2022)

Doctor Reveals: ‘People Who Receive Covid ‘Vaccines’ Are 4x More Likely to Get Covid’, 95% of People in ICU are Fully ‘Vaccinated’

The covid “vaccine” kills 2 out of every 1,000 children within a year. Do you want your child to be one of those two who will die?” – Dr. Chris Alan Shoemaker

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TINP:  our position remains that there is no virus, there is no Covid.  The scam artists hyped the flu.  Remember:  when the scamdemic was announced in 2020 by the WHO, and the bogus PCR “test” was put to work to create fake “cases” and fake “infections” as a pretext to force the injections.  Everything and everybody was declared infected with “Covid” using the bogus PCR.  Then, fall came in 2020, and the news arrived with it that there was NO MORE FLU.  Had Covid out-competed with the flu bug and won the day?  No!  The FLU was being “diagnosed” as COVID.  That’s our position.  It explains the alleged disappearance of the FLU.

When vaxxed people crowd the ICU’s they do not have “Covid”, they have a serious flu-like illness caused by taking the injections.

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