Ivermectin: Helpful Treatment for Vax-caused Neurological Convulsions and Seizures



The neurological damage suffered by the two women in this video seems to have been caused by the SPIKE PROTEINS that are generated by the cells of your body after an mRNA injection, the alleged “Covid” shots.  America’s Frontline Doctors have found that Ivermectin will stop their symptoms.  After you watch this video, you can read more here, this is my source for the video.

TINP is giving you this video because it’s important for the vaccine-injured to know about, and for those who have not taken the shots, to know about.

TIPN absolutely does not agree with any incidental reference―in this video or in any other video or document―to the alleged existence of “the virus” (aka Sars-CoV-2) said to cause the wide-ranging bundle of symptoms (related to cold and flu) but labeled “Covid-19”.  Please see, i.e. Dr. Sam Bailey, and Dr. Andrew Kaufman on the non-existence of the virus.  Also see this fellow, Wuhan scientist, Dr. Wu Zinyou from the Chinese CDC, telling a reporter that Sars-CoV-2 was not “isolated”, i.e. not clinically proven to exist, even in China.

Both the SPIKE proteins generated in your body by the mRNA shots, and the GRAPHENE OXIDE injected into you in the same shots, are highly toxic and both cause the same symptoms as the alleged “Covid-19” disease.

When you hear illness and death blamed on “variants” of “Covid” meaning variants of “Sars-CoV-2”, these are ALIBIS to cover up the fact that people who took the shots are being hospitalized and are dying in large numbers.  Instead of blaming it on the shots, they blame it on the imaginary “virus”, on a “breakthrough infection” by the “virus”, or on a “variant”.  There can be no “variants” because there is no Sars-CoV-2 “virus”.

Helping to prove that point is Canadian Christine Massey (the Twits finally caught up to her and suspended her account for telling the truth).  Christine, at her own expense, has sent out dozens of “freedom of information” inquiries to medical and health facilities world-wide, asking, do you have a sample of the virus, purified and isolated from the tissues of a sick patient?  Nobody has it.  Christine has documented her FOI campaign at her web site, Fluoride-Free Peel, where she also campaigns against toxic water fluoridation.  Here’s Fluoride-Free Peel in the Wayback machine.

Today, even the CDC admits they had no sample of the virus when they created a supposed “test” for it!

Let’s insert a question here.  Why does Twitter suspend accounts that spread pandemic “truth”?  Why do the social media giants (Facebook, Google, Youtube) censor information they don’t like about the pandemic?  That’s easy.  The owners of these organizations have invested billions in the fake pandemic.  The truth endangers their investments.  Google and Oracle, for example, have contracts to “Track the Vaccinated with Incredibly Precise Tech“.  Therefore, if the truth came out that THERE IS NO PANDEMIC, there would be no inducement for you to take the shots, and Google and Oracle would have no one to “track”.  In other words, they’d lose their contract; or it would be worth a heck of a lot less.

The Rockefellers long ago mastered the art of running their empire underground through tax-free “charitable” organizations.  Bill and Melinda Gates “donate” scads of dough to the World Health Organization, which then announces a “pandemic”, so the Gates’ personal investments in Big Pharma produce trillions in profits.  The New York Times announced that Dorsey was “donating” a billion to Covid-19 “relief” projects.  Really?  You can bet that Jack Dorsey’s “donation” is just another fake charity front, like Bill Gates “donating” to the WHO, to make money out of a pack of lies.

As for the “tests”, the PCR is not diagnostic, it can’t distinguish between dead and living matter, it can’t detect an “infection” or prove that anyone is “sick”.  Kary Mullis (inventor of the PCR who won a Nobel Prize for it), stated on film long before the fake pandemic was announced:  the PCR “doesn’t tell you that you’re sick”.  In other words, the PCR is not diagnostic.  Its results therefore cannot be called “cases” or “infections”.

It’s too bad Mullis passed away (could that be a coincidence?) before the fake pandemic was announced.  Mullis didn’t think the PCR could be “abused”.  He would have been astonished at the mind-boggling level of abuse the PCR has been utilized to perpetrate against the peoples of the world.  In March 2020, the fake pandemic was announced by Bill and Melinda’s WHO that they finance, complete with PCR “tests” to tell everyone “you are sick”!

The PCR has been tweaked and tuned to generate an avalanche of fake results then called “cases” and “infections” as a pretext for … Red-Chinese-style lockdowns, used to threaten you to take Bill Gates’s INJECTIONS or “die” from the fake killer pandemic.  It has then been used to threaten you to take the shots to receive your “health pass” or be ostracized from society.

Now, how did the lockdowns come about, that actually do grave damage to both physical and mental health, and undermine society?  Quite conveniently, in a way the World Economic Forum can use to restructure the world for their “Great Reset” (world government).  The lockdowns came about with the valued collaboration of the criminal regime in Communist China, deeply admired in the West by fellow criminals Justin Trudeau and Joe Biden.

American lawyer and researcher, Michael P. Senger, broke that story on 15 September 2020 under the title “China’s Global Lockdown Propaganda Campaign“, and Aya Velasquez, a journalist, expanded on it with credit to Senger who broke the news.  Download an English translation of Aya’s German article.

Senger got coverage from the UK’s The Sun on 13 January 2021 in “‘LOCKDOWN FRAUD’ British and US spies urged to probe claims China ‘tricked the world into lockdown to trigger economic crash’“.

The UK Sun quoted from Senger’s letter to the FBI and to MI5, you can download the letter right there, in which Senger and other signatories call for an international investigation into the Red-Chinese lockdown fraud implemented by the West.

These shots, these experimental injections, moreover, that you are being terrorized into accepting by means of lockdowns and other draconian measures, have no effect on any alleged virus, either to prevent catching it or transmitting it.  But, remember, THERE IS NO VIRUS.  The virus is an excuse to terrorize you into taking these injections.

Years ago, someone said to me, if seeing is believing, then believing is seeing.  Think about that.  This pandemic did not “break out”, it was “announced”, and you believed it.

Since the symptoms are the same as cold or flu, the symptoms are therefore widespread, and have been relabeled “Covid-19”.  Death certificates have been falsified.  Governments have ordered their medical labs to avoid autopsies (they ONLY way to determine whether the cause of death is an alleged virus or not) and to just presume the cause of death was “Covid-19”.  That is fraud.

The standards for declaring a pandemic were lowered a few years ago, so now diaper rash can be called a pandemic.

The fake pandemic launched in 2020 was pre-planned, with a rehearsal at “EVENT 201” to get the health passes and a centralized health dictatorship to have an excuse to implement the world government they have been working on for generations.  Scroll down at that page and you have all three major sponsors of this pandemic “exercise” that almost immediately preceded the World Health Organization announcing the Covid-19 pandemic.  In fact, “Covid-19” is the name that Event 201 gave to their imaginary pandemic.

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is the major financier of the World Health Organization and most of their billions of dollars is tied up in Big Pharma and “vaccinations” (injections).  The World Economic Forum is the world-government club of the Davos crowd, pushing for a “Great Reset” on the pretext of the fake pandemic of 2020, to which we are still being subjected because we refuse to clear our heads of the lies.  The first lie is “the virus”.  Let’s clear that out of our heads, do a little research, use a little common sense, wake up.  The “Great Reset” is nothing but a tyrannical world health dictatorship (of the kind dreamed of by Jacques Attali in 2009, see below) in which, according to one of the WEF’s own videos, “You’ll own nothing and be happy“.  At that link, scroll down to the bottom of the page and there’s the feature video.  The original target year is 2030.  The current fake pandemic is intended to speed it up.  Have you noticed world leaders (those we are allowed to elect) all talking about “Build Back Better” and the “Great Reset”?  That’s it.

Take a minute and watch that little video, “You’ll own nothing and be happy”.  Well, if you own nothing, how will you live?  The WEF says you’ll rent what you need, and it will be delivered by drone.  Here’s the still from that clip:

Whatever you want, you'll rent and it'll be delivered by DRONE
Whatever you want, you’ll rent and it’ll be delivered by DRONE

If you don’t own anything, how will you pay for the “rental”?  Pretty good bet:  the “social credit” system, on the Red Chinese model.  You will be scored on your obedience to authority, and if you obey, maybe they’ll give you what you want.

And now, here’s your DRONE.  Courtesy of François Legault, the de facto premier of Quebec.

Quebec invests 10 million in private DRONE industry 11 July 2022
Quebec invests 10 million in private DRONE industry 11 July 2022

François Legault is stealing 10 million dollars of taxpayers’ money to finance a private drone corporation.  There he is, above, announcing it on Twitter.  Legault is also financing a drone industry in Alma, Quebec, with a first outlay of $270,000.00.  This will expand until private delivery services (which deliver private property) are put out of business.  Only the drones will be left, delivering what you “rent”.  You think they’re not doing the Great Reset?  Not doing world government?  You think they’re not doing slavery?  Please wake up.

If you still don’t believe me, then here’s the web site of the UNPA.  The “Campaign For A United Nations Parliamentary Assembly” is a PETITION signed by Justin Trudeau among other traitors in our governments; it means terminating Canada to place a world government over the remains.  The UNPA has a timeline on which both WWI and WWII are stages on the way to world government.  Moreover, they pin the start of the march toward world government on the French Revolution.  Check out their timeline.

The UNPA and the UN are now both pushing for world government on the pretext of “Covid-19”.  And here’s a video from the United Nations, pretending that the world is under attack from the Sars-CoV-2 “virus” and therefore, we need world government.  The world wars were not for “peace”.  They were intended to destroy and discredit the nation-state, to be replaced by internationalism.  Moreover, Canada’s Louis-Stephen Saint-Laurent, who eventually became prime minister, addressed the newly-minted United Nations in 1946 in French and told the UN it was “the basis of the world government”.  You can download the audio-tape of that part of his speech, with a transcript and translaction.

In 2009, we had the H1N1 (bird flu) pandemic.  That was not a pandemic, either.  It was a dry run, a dress rehearsal for this one, the big one.  See Fake Pandemic and Collusion? Two Interviews about the 2009 H1N1 “Pandemic”  Also in 2009, Jacques Attali, who has advised several presidents of France, published an essay in French, hoping that THAT pandemic, or one like it, would terrify people into constituting the institutions needed for a world government.  See “Conversation with Jacques Attali :“Change, as a precaution”“.

This is not a pandemic, it’s a world-government operation by the criminal psychopaths who run our governments for us.  It’s a crime against humanity.  It’s a criminal conspiracy against the human race.

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