Global Slavery:  The facade for the new Totalitarianism is “Health Care” (24-hour Wifi Tracking of You with Graphene-Based Bio/Nanosensors)

Graphene-based wireless remote control of you through your cell phone
Graphene-based wireless remote control of you through your cell phone

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This image is from a Review article on “Applied Sicences” entitled “Recent Progress in Radio-Frequency Sensing Platforms with Graphene/Graphene Oxide for Wireless Health Care System” by Hee-Jo Lee for


Take any multinational (transnational) corporation.  Say Power Corporation of Canada, for example.  Or Google.  Or any one you choose.  That company has hundreds of thousands of employees worldwide and very successfully controls them by controlling management.

Your government has how many members?  A handful in the executive, a few hundred in the legislature.  If multinational corporations, including Big Pharma, chose to control your government, this new form of “foreign power” could easily overthrow your country.  In fact, it appears to have been done.  We seem to be laboring under a global coup d’état.

Every western government has been pushing “Build Back Better”, a slogan of the Great Reset, a program for world government sponsored by the World Economic Forum that also sponsored Event 201 that “predicted” the “Covid-19” “pandemic” quite conveniently, shortly before it was announced by the WHO, owned and financed in conflict of interest by Bill Gates.

Build Back Better
Build Back Better

Pay close attention to that slogan.  Because in order to “build back”, you must first destroy.  This has always been understood by Communism, for example, which burned churches to the ground (noticed that in Canada lately?)1 and executed the leadership to decapitate the target country.

(In this case, the Covid Coup simply controls our leadership.  They can be disposed of later when they are no longer needed.  So the West is already decapitated, we have no government, we have no leadership.  We have provisional government willingly staffed by technocratic “Bolsheviks” like Biden, Macron, Trudeau, Johnson, Morrison, et als.)

The lockdowns, implemented by our slave-governments for their globalist owners have been calculated to destroy our free-enterprise economic system.  Mr. Global has a new system planned.

With the alleged pandemic, you are being destroyed, your family is being destroyed, your social fabric is being destroyed, your cultural norms are being destroyed, your economy is being destroyed.  So far, you have been collaborating.

The 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals
The 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals
Moreover, in 2015, as boasted by the UN, every one of the 193 member governments signed an agreement on 17 “Sustainable Development Goals” (SDGs), 14 of which involve “vaccinating” you.  Did you vote for that?  Did your government tell you they were going to sign it?  How did they plan to get your cooperation (submission)?

Remember, informed consent is fundamental.  There can be no informed consent where you have no idea you are even going to be “asked” to be vaccinated.  You have no clue as to what is in the shots, or even the number of shots.  This is the wholesale dismissal of your fundamental right to your own mental and physical integrity.  This is Dogland.  You are assumed to be on a leash and will do as you are told, or beaten with a newspaper (and social media) until you do it.

After the WHO announced the “pandemic”, all potential safe and cheap, well known, long standing remedies for symptoms alleged to indicate a “Covid-19” “infection”, were quickly banned as illegal and/or violently discredited by the corporate-owned international press and social media.  This was necessary to force you to take the shots loaded with graphene oxide.

Moreover, a fake “test” was mandated, the PCR.  The PCR, however, has no ability to “diagnose” an illness.  As the inventor of it said, “It doesn’t tell you that you’re sick“.  On the basis of this outright fraud, German-American class-action lawyer Dr.Reiner Fuellmich, gave Notice to one of the fraudsters, Christian Drosten, who deliberately misrepresented the PCR as diagnostic.

The PCR in the Covid-19 context is a scam to generate a tsunami of fake “diagnostic” results announcing “cases” and “infections”.  Our mindless, good-for-nothing mass media have been cheerleading the nonsense, urging you to get the shots in a fast-food style drive-through.

Pizza Hut on Queen Mary Road in Montreal on 17 May 2021, a wall tv showed the media hussle underway to quick-inject 90,000 people in a drive-thru “tent” at Trudeau Airport.

With all cheap and safe medications taken off the table for any sort of “flu” symptom, which is really what Covid-19 amounts to, an alleged bundle of flu symptoms, you were then left with no alternative but an “injection” to save you from the alleged pandemic.  An injection progressively forced upon you first by government and media hype (a form of terrorism), then by lockdowns (more terrorism and the “stick” to train you to accept the injection to “return to normal”), then by “variants” to force booster injections into your bloodstream, then by even more violent imposition of lockdowns and restrictions to force resisters to accept the injections.  And now we see the “vaccine passport” or “health pass” coming in.

The Vaccine Passport or Health Pass Has Always Been The Goal

That has always been the target.  Your health pass on your smartphone will eventually morph into a full-scale remote sensor of your location, and will monitor your physical and mental state 24/7.  The “sensing” will be enabled by graphene oxide of the kind injected into your body on the pretext of a “Covid-19” shot.

And keep in mind that all the while this is happening, victims of the injections are dropping like flies.  Massive numbers maimed, harmed, highly underestimated numbers killed outright.  If the injections were about your “health”, this would not be happening.  But on the altar of international finance and world government, you, your health, your family, your well-being, are all expendable.

Nearly a year and a half after the WHO announced the alleged pandemic, and your slave-government echoed the announcement, you are still wearing a useless mask.  It’s useless as a “health” measure, but useful as a muzzle to keep you aware of the fake pandemic that “threatens your life” to maintain your submission.  The reminder is a gun to your head.  And there is a reason for it.  You are like your dog; you let him play with his new leash to get used to it before you strap it on and force him to heel.

Quebec Health Minister Christian Dube, the local dog catcher
Quebec Health Minister Christian Dube, the local dog catcher, shows an app on his phone as he announces details of the COVID-19 vaccination passport during a news conference, Aug. 10, 2021 in Montreal.

The stupid, the cowardly, the lazy and the gormless cooperate with terrorism to build their own prison.  The Globe and Mail reports that B.C. and Quebec “see jump in first COVID-19 doses” after instituting vaccine-passport systems.  Of course, they mean the graphene-filled injections.  Original url.

The system of on-again, off-again, and on-again lockdowns is a “catch and re-leash” operation.  You get to remember what it’s like to be sort of “free” for awhile, and then the leash again.  You are being tantalized by these moments of semi “freedom”, because otherwise you might forget, and right now your memory of what freedom is like is needed to force you to comply with the global construction of permanent non-freedom.  This will appear when all the elements of the new global slavery scheme converge and are united.

So, now, whereas the injections were alleged to return you to “normal”, but you have still been under lockdown, the “health pass” is allegedly imposed to “prevent” further lockdowns for the “inevitable” “fourth wave” of the magic virus.  Now here’s how on-again, off-again works:  “B.C., Quebec see jump in first COVID-19 doses after instituting vaccine-passport systems”.

Now, my friend, is the time to resist.
Now, my friend, is the time to resist.
When they are done ― with your full collaboration (or your total passivity out of stupidity or terror), and your failure to question or challenge ― you will be less free than your dog on a leash, as the graphene oxide in your “Covid-19” shot is hooked up to a wireless band such as 5G.

The Big Finale

I have three important sources for you today.  The first is a video showing the effect of a cell phone on a lump of graphene oxide, the material also injected into you for “Covid-19”, in fact the main component of the Pfizer and other mRNA shots.  You can see just how reactive graphene oxide is to waves from your cell phone.  The creepy graphene oxide itself appears to be living while the phone is activated.  This is what is in the Covid-19 shots.  Why would it need to be there for an alleged “virus”?  Graphene oxide has no medicinal benefits.

That video is available on its own page with a transcript and translation of the discussion.

Then I have an excellent guest post from Leo Hohmann explaining how apparently unrelated elements, most importantly the “vaccine passports”, are part of a scheme that is being implemented by convergence:  “Digital health passports:  The snare that will lure many into the one-world cashless system by Leo Hohmann“.  The vaccine passports are the basis of a new global financial system, says Hohmann, and as Catherine Austin Fitts has also laid it out.  They are not for your “health”.

Finally, I have a scientific article for you, my pièce de résistance  today:  “Recent Progress in Radio-Frequency Sensing Platforms with Graphene/Graphene Oxide for Wireless Health Care System” by Hee-Jo Lee for MDPI.  This review of applied science explains how your bodily and mental status can be easily detected remotely via graphene oxide (nanosensors in a contact lens, on a tooth, or in “wearables” (as Klaus Schwab likes to call them).  Klaus wants brain implants within the decade, but that’s to read your thoughts.

Biotransferrable Graphene Wireless Biosensor
Biotransferrable Graphene Wireless Biosensor

Obviously, nanosensors can be injected into your bloodstream, for example as a “Covid-19” shot) and your bodily processes can then be fully and remotely monitored by those who own you like a dog, through your cell phone hooked up to wifi (i.e. 5G).

The Covid-19 injections loaded with graphene oxide are the basis for both a new “financial” system and a biological control system for 24-hour permanent surveillance of your body and mind.  If you are not yet numbed by all the lies and terrorism around the fake “Covid-19″pandemic, that should wake you up.

Recent Progress in Radio-Frequency Sensing Platforms with Graphene/Graphene Oxide for Wireless Health Care System by Hee-Jo Lee for MDPI

Graphene-based wireless remote control of you through your cell phone
Graphene-based wireless remote control of you through your cell phone

Review author Hee Jo-Lee says:

“In graphene-based biosensors, the latest example based on nanotechnology in health care is a graphene-based wireless sensor that can make 24-h health care easier to achieve by enabling wireless monitoring of various biomedical events to better assess the health care status of the wearer. 

Graphene that detects chemical/molecular agents and lengths of exposure can be used as a lightweight and transparent wearable or bio-implantable electronic sensor.  It can provide an inexpensive sensing scheme to detect in real-time the biomedical substance of interest.

Human beings are the ultimate “biomedical substance of interest“.  What the quotation above proves, together with the article’s illustrations, is that graphene based nanotechnology “implanted” can be used to monitor your physiological status 24/7, through your cell phone or other mobile device.

It is only a step further to say that this implantable graphene oxide biosensor (nanotechnology) may as well be injected into your arm.  And it seems that it already has been, on the pretext of the fake pandemic of March 2020, and the fake PCR results to fabricate surges of “cases” and “infections” that are entirely imaginary.

Therefore, the “vaccine passports” that prove you have been injected with graphene oxide are both a foundation for a new Red-Chinese style global “currency” or social scoring system linked to your smartphone, and also the basis of non-stop, 24-hour, 7-day-a-week, 365-days-a-year hypersurveillance of your mental and physical status and of your physical location.

In other words, with your Covid-19 shot, your dog owners have total control of you.  And keep in mind, signals go both ways.  They can not only “upload” your biomedical data, they can probably download new data into you, as they please.  Let’s not allow it to get that far.

Graphene oxide is of no possible value in combating any alleged “virus”; it is highly toxic to humans, but its extraordinary physical and electro-magnetic properties make it ideal as an injected biosensor.  It is part of a “health” dictatorship that doesn’t really care about your health, but will always know who you are, where you are, whether you are frightened or sleeping, or physically exerting yourself, in real time, all the time.

Wearable electronics - graphene oxide grid in contact lens
Wearable electronics – graphene oxide grid in contact lens

Above:  with a graphene oxide antenna in a smart contact lens, your view of the world can be linked up with your smartphone or any wireless mobile device, and RFID reader and a database.  Read the article, if you haven’t done it yet.  Recent Progress in Radio-Frequency Sensing Platforms with Graphene/Graphene Oxide for Wireless Health Care System by Hee-Jo Lee for MDPI (March 2021)

I hope you will pay close attention, and that you will not hesitate to destroy your “vaccine passport” (if you have one), ditch your smart phone, get a non-smart phone quickly that does not feature “location”, then rush into the streets raising hell.  And preferably, spoil all your ballots at the next federal or provincial election and let these slave governments ROT.  Because there is no one to vote for.

Keep in mind, you need to get RID of the graphene oxide in your system.  This web site will be keeping an eye out for means to do that, and will let you know.  As of now, the method suggested by Ricardo Delgado Martin is a supplement of glutathione.  Glutathione is available over the counter, and is also a major element of some natural foods, notably Enjevita “good-tasting” yeast, you can add it to your cooking.

You are under full attack by the criminals in your government who are working for Big Pharma, Big Tech, and the UN as Big World Government to enslave you.


1.  Christianity requires private property.  The new system, called the Great Reset, removes all private property from the global slave class.  The motto of Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum and his Fourth Industrial Revolution with its “wearables” and “brain implants” is:  “You’ll own nothing and you’ll be happy”.

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