Warning: Covid Home Self-Tests Contain Toxic Substance that can be Harmful (Video)

TINP:  Grabbing this from the RAIR Foundation, but it’s all over the Internet, if you know about it and look for it.  Check out Bitchute, in particular.

Earlier this year, the U.S. government sent 60 million tax-payer-funded Covid self-tests to Americans. There’s just one problem: they can be dangerous to public health.

Ohio poison control centers are sounding the alarm surrounding a colorless and odorless liquid substance called sodium azides. According to poison control, many of the covid “test kit’s” extraction tubes contain this substance that can be harmful and even deadly to children and adults.

Many are questioning why the government would use such a deadly and controversial substance in the test kits. The chemical is often used in pest control agents and airbags.

The acute toxicity of sodium azide is high. According to NewsNation, If you ingest the substance, you can become dizzy and suffer from headaches and palpitations. In severe cases, people can have a stroke, lose consciousness or even die. Sodium azide has also garnered attention after being used to commit suicide.

Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center’s Drug and Poison Information Center has seen a surge in calls about exposures to the chemical since more people started self-testing for Covid at home. Also, several poison centers throughout Ohio and the United States in general have reported sodium azide exposures from the test kits.

Meanwhile, Yahoo! News is promoting the kits for the 2022-23 fake Covid season:

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