Covid 19 Fact or Fiction with David Martin | TotalHealth TV (28 May 2020)


TINP posted the following comment under this same video, at YouTube:

Listen very carefully, Dr. Martin, concerning your concluding remarks about terminating the Government of the United States.  NO.  You are wrong.  The PRIMARY responsibility of the PEOPLE is t0 PROTECT and ENFORCE the Constitution, and this, the American people have not done, they are derelict in that duty.  Now, to hide that dereliction, you would like the American people to pretend that they are victims of their government, instead of victims of their own nonchalance and lethargy.  You would like to say it is a God-given right to destroy the Constitution in order to dispose of corrupt government.  NO.  It is your constitutional duty to enforce your Constitution; which is NOT synonymous with corrupt government.  It is your primary duty to PROTECT your Constitution FROM corrupt government.

Furthermore, David Martin, your “solution” of destroying the American Constitution is treason.  It moreover plays directly into the hands of the very people you blame for the scamdemic situation, who are using the fake pandemic to achieve a world government.  It plays into their hands by eliminating officially a major “sovereign” nation notwithstanding your assertion that nations are no longer sovereign.  In other productions online, you have said that national borders are nothing but lines drawn on a map and are a “stupid idea”.

No, they are not a stupid idea.  These lines on maps actually protect fundamental rights, notably of the founding peoples of different nations to exist on their own terms within their own borders, and to repel invasion.  Your “solution” actually paves the way for the very world government the Covid-19 peddlers are working to bring in, by sweeping the U.S. Constitution conveniently out of their way; because at the present, it’s a major obstruction to their goals, as Canada’s Constitution is a major obstruction to these sheisters.

Furthermore, if you will listen to Catherine Austin Fitts, the people you believe are getting the big “bail-out” disguised as pandemic measures, have already previously robbed the American people of trillions of dollars.  As long as the US Constitution exists, the laws of the country exist, the laws of the States exist, and legal rights exist to recover the money if the people wake up.  You would like to neutralize all those Constitutions, State and Federal, all those laws, all those legal rights to recover that money.  Who is that helping?  You want to sweep it all away and clear the path for crooks who have robbed Americans for trillions to make away with it all.

Then there is another problem.  Your attitude toward lines on maps as being a “stupid idea” actually reflects provisions of the 33rd-degree Freemasonic oath which requires Freemasons to work to sweep those lines away.  So, frankly, who are you, really, and what the heck are you up to?  Freemasons pursue world government.  Your recommendations facilitate world government and treat TREASON as a virtue; whereas the real virtue would be defending your country and its Constitution to prevent its destruction and impoverishment.

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